Straight Punishment (Part 2 of 4)

Welcome back for the next part of our little-walk-on-the-gay-side story. As we are still kind of in Lockdown I thought I’d do a fiction story, free just for you. This is a special treat for the late May Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so I’m posting the story in four parts over the weekend. I’m putting the W into the Bank Holiday #WankHolidayWeekend. Of … Continue reading Straight Punishment (Part 2 of 4)

Red Sock Revolt: Rook Prison

The story of the Red Sock Revolt continues in the latest instalment. At the end of book one, a trap was sprung on the planners behind the revolt. How can they recover? Meanwhile, at the heart of the British Government, the Prime Minister continues to push his worldwide plan to reduce the planet’s population. Alan Brownman MP has been promoted to the Minister of Population … Continue reading Red Sock Revolt: Rook Prison