I’ve had plenty of lads worship my trainers and I love seeing a sub at my feet. I was discussing going to a fetish night and I thought a pair of boots would be good for the occasion. Looking on eBay I found a supplier called UrbanDreamz who were selling some black leather army boots. I picked size 12 with 10 eyes. The boots arrived … Continue reading Boots


The BDSM community has always had an interest in the world of medicals. There are many pieces of equipment that have been borrowed and used to sexually excite. The Wartenberg Pinwheel is one of these things. Designed by Robert Wartenberg it purpose is to test for nerve reactions. The wheel has pins along the rim which causes a sensation when rolled over skin. The pins do not puncture the … Continue reading Pinwheel



Do you love poppers or not? I’m not a big fan but I find lots of sub lads do love them. They seem to make them more submissive and willing to serve a man. Therefore I’m happy to popper a boi up to get him horny and needing cock. Though it is always a bit strange when a lad takes too much and his lips go … Continue reading Poppers

Nipples Pegs


I have mentioned clamps on nipples before, but a cheaper option is the humble peg. If you are just starting your collection then pegs are an easy and cheap item, with no embarrassment factor to buying. Colourful plastics or classic wooden, it’s up to you! Usually peg play goes hand in hand with bondage. It is always nice to have a bound boi squirming on … Continue reading Pegs