collared and ball-gag

This blog highlights some of the experiences I have had as a dominant gay man in London. My introduction to the BDSM scene started with a boyfriend who was into football kit and bondage. Soon I found that having a sub at my feet was an incredibly horny experience. I even found a hot sub who loved worshipping me after I had played football with my mates.

This blog will give any subs I am planning on meeting an insight into what to expect. Some of the equipment I own, or have used, also get reviewed on here. As well as some of the ways I use to find subs, and they find me.

As a result of this blog some people asked if I could write longer stories about Master/slave, and that is how the ebook series Boy Band Slave came to be written.


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sir, came across your blog and it made for fascinating reading. I’m a 22 year old inferior who is relatively new to the scene but do have a fair amount of conventional sexual experience. I am in London from time to time and would be privileged to serve you.


  2. Dear Sir,

    I saw your advert on craiglist half an hour ago and have been reading your blog every since. I’m 23 with some experience of the scene but looking to be taken in hand, used and taught my inferiority by a proper master.

    Would you ever let me serve you like the sub I am? Your blog has been enlightening reading so far.

    I’m on recon as AboutABoi but the choice in whether it’s over email or Recon is very much up to you, Sir.


  3. Wow, master your blog leaves me mesmerised. I don’t live in London but visit often for work, could I contact you next time I’m up? Would love to serve you and be treated like you treat your bois in your posts.

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  4. Hello Sir, I thank you for writing such a wonderful blog, Im so horny reading it, been edging for a whole time while reading it, so sad Im not from London and can’t have an oportunity to be your toy.


  5. Hello sir

    I visit London often and I would love to have a Mater that could teach me how to be a submissive slave.

    I hope you could contact me

    Thank you


  6. Hi sir
    Ive just come across your advert on craigslist. I’m a 26 year old submissive guy looking to get used by a master/dom. I would love to submit to you and worship your feet and cock. Is there any chance i could contact you to possibly arrange something?


  7. Hello SIR! I’ve been following Your blog for a while now but as I don’t live in London haven’t been able to offer myself for service.

    I’m now coming to London a bit more regularly for work and would love to come and serve You sometime. Do You have a Recon profile I can contact You on SIR?


  8. Your blog is a perfect description of how subs like me should serve men like you, Sir. It is a pleasure reading, knowing that you are getting the service you enjoy. Please let me know anytime I could serve you, Sir. Thank you. Cdarrenj3@gmail.com


  9. Sir,

    I’m a gym fit handsome bi 34yo. In every other way I’m an alpha male but I’m hugely turned on by submission to another powerful man. Ive devoured your blog sir. I’ve done this once recently and want more. I’m not in London but visit often. I’d be honoured to put my toned body at your disposal sir, and serve you however you desire.


  10. I am on Recon as Zcftdr7 – you can see my profile and photos there sir.

    I’m looking for a new master to train me up well.

    Get in touch please sir

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  11. Hello Sir. I came across your blog by accident having searched for ‘domination london’ hoping to find a dominatrix for strap-on worship. Being a straight guy, I should’ve moved on past your blog but curiosity got the better of me. Now I’m hooked and can’t stop thinking about all the dirty things you’d have me do if we were to meet. If you’d like to turn a straight guy into your cock hungry fag boi I’m at your disposal.

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    1. Every straight sub is heading toward serving a man. Worshipping the sex they don’t fancy is the ultimate submission and humiliation. I’ll email you on the address you put on here.


  12. 26 year old “straight” Scottish guy living in Clapham. Loved, loved, loved reading your blog! I was hoping I might be able to apply to service you?

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  13. 25 year old smooth fem sub here. My body is yours to use and treat your cock. Contacted you few weeks ago but didn’t get reply.


  14. Hello sir,
    I’m a longtime fan of your blog. I have no experience of submitting to a master but would to make it happen and give myself to you.
    I’m based in London


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