Open The Box (Part 5)

Our little dumb straight lad has come along way since he arrived at the man’s house. He’s now a hairless, caged sub boi who is no longer an anal virgin. Even though he didn’t believe it would happen it looks like his time in England is running out, but can he keep his balls? This has been a 5 part story and you need to start at the beginning.

“Evening, Doctor, everything OK?”

“Yes, all’s good. You?”

“Yeah, how’s the family?”

“They are fine. You got the key for the side gate for them?”

The doctor nods to indicate the men waiting next to the van. The homeowner throws the key to the driver and invites the doctor inside. It has been a couple of hours since his top friends left, and the straight boy is ready to go. The man had watched him lick up the last of the cum and piss and then hosed him down with cold water. He had laughed at the girly screams as the cold water hit the naked prisoner.

The two men walk through the house with the doctor carrying his bulky black bag.

“Can I see the bedroom?”

“Sure, take a look.”

“Hmm, he did a good job. Shame is he off tonight as I could do with my place painting. The wife keeps moaning and I don’t want to do it.”

“Yeah, painting is a pain in the arse and he was a good decorator. You sure the Arab won’t let you keep the lad a couple of nights?”

“He said he’d sort out another one for me. He wants this one for the start of the World Cup.”

“He did seem keen on a fast delivery. Maybe I’ll get contacted about finding one for you. Anyway, this one is in the shed.”

The men walk through the garden and into the shed where they find the sub still towelling off the cold water.

“It was dirty, so I gave it a wash.”

“Probably best. No one would appreciate the smell in an airplane for 6-hours.”

The doctor knees on a cushion next to the cage and opens his bag. Inside are metal instruments and pill bottles. He hums to himself as he arranges his tools.

“You need to move to this side of the cage so your balls are here. Stick your legs out of the bars so you can get really close.”

As the sub obeys the instructions the homeowner is surprised there is no argument from the idiot. It has accepted its fate and passively obeys. Even if the cage wasn’t there the fool would obey and not run off.

“So will he fly out of Biggin Hill directly over to the Middle East?”

“Yeah, it’s about 6-hours on a private heavy jet from there. Quite a common flight. I’ve done it a couple of times when the prince wanted my expertise.”

The doctor pulls on rubber gloves and swipes the underside of the scrotum with disinfectant. He follows that with a local anaesthetic. The man moves the camera so the remote watchers see everything. He has muted the iPad so the doctor is not disturbed.

“I’m surprised there isn’t more of a fuss when someone goes missing, Doctor.”

“It is strange. Around 200,000 people go missing in the UK annually. Most are found quite quickly, but some never reappear. That reminds me that we need to sign some papers. I won’t file them but they cover us just in case.”

There is a quick flash as the scalpel cuts across the ball sack, but at this point the man looks away. He sees the straight lad is craning his head but there’s no where he can see what is going on. The man thinks he should be grateful he can’t see.

The doctor continues with his humming as he works.

“A couple of stitches and we are good here. There will be an aching for a few days but nothing long term.”

The homeowner shakes his head at how quickly the neutering happened.

“I’ll take some of the scrotum so the empty bag doesn’t hang down. In real life we would put in plastic replacements but the Prince wouldn’t want them in one of his eunuchs. He wants the servant to know it is ball-less.”

The doctor picks up a syringe and injects a clear liquid into the base of the penis.

“What’s that?”

“It helps with the shrinking of the penis. Removing the balls will cause some shrinkage but the Prince enjoys seeing his ex-men with tiny members.”

The doctor holds up a jar with two pink oval-shaped objects floating in a clear substance. The man raises an eyebrow at the idea that there’s no longer term damage. There’s no way he would let his balls be taken away so easily. He bends down with the camera to inspect the work. The line of stitching is at the back of the scrotum and any scar will be out of sight.


The doctor puts away his equipment and stands back. As he does the man turns the iPad around and shows the sub a number of photos.

“That’s it? It didn’t take long. Do you need to give him some pills?”

“No, he will be fine. Well, as fine as a ball-less man going to be an Arab’s slave can be. Despite man’s attachment to our balls it is an easy procedure to remove our testes. Not one I would want to go through, but the prince has he ways and he pays so well.

“Now, you in the cage I need this signed.”

The two men watch as the paper is unquestioningly signed and returned.

“I’ll sign it and then you sign it as a legal representative. I’ll throw these papers in the back of my safe and they stay there. If the family gets the police involved they will just get told there’s no unusual circumstances or evidence to lead to an investigation. He’s over 18-years-old and can go missing if he wants. They will say his passport is still at home so he can’t be far.”

“It’s always pretty scary to be reminded how easy it is to vanish.”

“Yes, stay away from strange men and the internet. Right, I’m done. Have a good night,” before the doctor leaves he points at the caged sub. “You better look after that jar as the Prince will be very angry if it smashes. The stitches will drop out in a couple of days.”

Once the doctor is gone the two men with the van enter. They are both very well built and look Turkish.

“Is that everything?” the driver asks as he points at the cage.

“Yes, that’s the package. Oh, you need this, too. It’s a full England kit so the prince can entertain himself.”

The driver puts the bagged football kit under his arm and then the two men lift the cage with minimal effort. The sub inside acts like a nervous dog on the way to the vets. The man follows as they carry the cage to the van. They have reversed their vehicle through the gates and into the garden to hide their actions from the neighbours. The cage is noisily place in the van and locked into position. The back of the van is empty with no windows and separate from the driving area. As the doors are slammed shut the man gets a final glimpse of the straight fool clutching the jar and looking longing back at the shed. Once the men are sat in the front the van speeds off.

The man stands for a moment and stares at the space where the van was. The whole thing things like a dream now that everything is gone. He closes the gates and finds the key in the lock. The only proof it all happened is a freshly painted bedroom and a whole heap of money.

He sighs and walks back into his house.


Gary pushes his feet against the bars of the cage. The quick moving van is causing him to roll around and he needs to keep his position. He does not want the jar to smash. The doctor warned him and he doesn’t want to upset the prince.

He pulls his useless pecker to one side and looks at his flat ball-less sack. He can’t believe his crown-jewels are now in a jar rather than his scrotum. His thoughts are not about his lost bloodline but about how his manhood has so easily been taken from him. He thinks about how he didn’t even put up a fight but like a wimp allowed them to be taken. He thinks about the testosterone of the three men currently inside him and realises other men will be his only source of the male hormone going forward.

As he was leaving the man who changed his life, he still can’t remember the guy’s name, had shown him some photos. Some were of the operation but mostly they were of his girlfriend sucking on a big black cock. He felt no anger towards her and only wondered if he would ever get to suck on a black cock. He has quickly accepted he is being shipped off to the Middle East to be a servant to a real man.

Gary continues to stare at his empty sack but doesn’t dare touch it. He is scared about the stitching coming loose or breaking something. There’s no pain from his groin at the moment. He can only see his useless genitalia because there’s an internet wireless camera with a light hooked up and filming the back of the van. Even as he is driven away his remote watchers observe him. He knows what their chat will be like. He knows they will be laughing their heads off that his girlfriend has betrayed him and he is no longer a man.

As the bumpy journey continues, he thinks about the three cocks he has already served and wonders how quickly his cock count will go up in the Palace. He hopes he gets to serve move that just the prince. He assumes he will be offered to visitors. His sex life started with women but now his limp, sperm-less willy will stop being a sex organ and he will service men at the pleasure of an Arab Prince. He never saw that plot twist coming!

The van stops for longer than usual and Gary hears men speaking outside. They seem to be walking towards the rear doors. He assumes the van is at the airport and being checked at the main entrance by security. He gets up on his knees and moves to the end of the cage nearest the doors. His kidnappers probably never knew they were going to be searched and now he is going to be discovered. All his thoughts about life in the desert are put to one side as he has been rescued. He knew it was ridiculous to think a English man could be taken out of the country without any checks happening.

The van doors noisily squeak open and a bright torch begins to explore the far corners of the van. In no time it stops on Gary. He kneels naked with his balls in a jar and whispers the word ‘help’.

There doesn’t seem to be any shock from the guard at the discovery and then Gary sees the driver remove a bulging envelope from a coat pocket. The action is mostly hidden by the brightness of the torch, but he sees the envelope get passed to the security guard.

“Well, everything seems in order here. You gentlemen are free to enter the airport. Have a nice evening.”

Gary’s shock at the bribery is curtailed by a nagging in the back of his mind. There’s something about the guard’s voice that bothers him. He racks his brain but he cannot put his finger on it.

As the driver goes to shut the doors the guard moves the flashlight off Gary and points it up at his own face. Gary’s mouth drops open and he almost loses his grip on the jar. There, standing watching him as the doors close, is Little Willy. The man he and his friends have been tormenting has a huge smile on his face. Gary remembers Little Willy got a shitty job as a security guard and now he’s laughing and taking money at Gary’s expense. As Little Willy does a cheeky wave Gary goes to shout but realises that he can’t even remember Little Willy’s real name. He can hardly expect the guy to help him if he shouts a term of abuse at him. Gary slumps and the doors slam shut.

The van continues on at a slower speed and then stops. When the doors are flung open Gary can see a private jet sat on the tarmac of a runway. As he watches the men jump into the back of the van and release the cage from it holds. They push the cage to the door and a forklift appears and picks the cargo up. Gary finds himself naked on a cold English night and being moved towards an opening towards the rear of the plane. The air is filled with vehicle noises and warning lights are flashing everywhere. The forklift driver doesn’t make eye contact and Gary knows no one will help him now. He sees two young Arab men staring at him as he is driven by. They hold onto their keffiyehs due to the windy runway and laugh as the cargo passes them. One makes the symbol of scissors with two fingers and Gary hold up the jar with his detached balls in. This makes the men howl with laughter. He feels so stupid but knows he is no longer in charge of his life.

The forklift driver is skilled and in one move the cage is slotted into the plane. Gary is at the back of the cabin and sees staff running around preparing for take-off. No one looks at him. There are a couple women in burkas chatting quietly to each other in comfortable reclining leather chairs. The cockpit door is open and he can see the pilots completing their final checks.

After a couple of minutes the two Arab lads board and the doors are shuts. The atmosphere changes in the cabin suggesting these two are important. They barely acknowledge the women and head to the two leather chairs in front of Gary’s cage. As sit they change from speaking Arabic to English.

“So, this is father’s new pet. He’s going to enjoy this one!”

“He sure will. Show us your balls again.”

The two laugh as they look at the objects in the jar. Gary finds himself enjoying the sound of their laughter. He is proud to make them happy.

“No more infidels being made by you, whitey.”

“Gentlemen, here are your drinks. Do you require anything more from me before take-off?”

The skimpily dressed air hostess is the exact opposite of the covered women at the front of the plane. The lads take the whiskey from a golden tray. They can be no older than Gary and he thinks they maybe in their late teens.

“No, we are good. Whitey here will clean our feet and then we will show how what it means to be our left hand.”

The men kick off they scandals and use footrests to position their feet inside the cage. They sit back and take a drink. As they start speaking Arabic Gary knows they are done with him. He knows what he has to do and looks at the grimy feet which have been exposed in the scandals. Leaning forward he takes the closest foot in his mouth and reaches over to the other lad’s feet to massage them. He actions are greeted with more laughter.

The aircraft’s engines fire up and they begin to taxi towards take-off. Gary knows his old life is over and he’s just there to serve his new owners now. His knows his days of using apps to arrange shags behind his girlfriend’s back are long behind him. He is now the property of a prince and will spend the rest of his life serving.

As the plane takes off Gary doesn’t know it but Little Willy is on the tarmac watching. He is using his finger and thumb to wank himself off as one of his tormentors leaves forever. He is so jealous the prince picked Gary instead of him. One day he hopes to be a 24/7 servant for a real man, too.

And so as the prince’s new toy flies off our story ends. As ever you can support this site by buying an ebook or using the donation form below.


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