Open The Box (Part 4)

Stripped of all his belongings, Gary finds himself collared and caged. If you don’t know how the straight got here you need to go all the way back to part one. If you do know, then I know you’re hungry for more …

As the nine million people who call London home get on with their lives for one man time has stopped. He has had his clothes sold off, his hair removed, and his freedom taken away. In a barely lit shed at the bottom of a garden in north London he lies locked in a metal cage. Around his neck is a collar and in his straight arse is a large butt plug. He arrived at this house to do a quick decoration job and earn some beer money to allow him to watch the football down the pub with his mates. He had a weekend of shagging girls planned as his girlfriend is out of town on a work trip. All his plans have been put on hold as he’s now a prisoner. He has been kicked in the balls, spat on, pissed on and humiliated while a group of unseen men pay money to encourage his torturer as they watch over the internet. There is a threat that he will be castrated and sold into an Arab Prince’s harem to spend his days as a white slave in some faraway palace surrounded by desert sand. A threat he dismissed as ridiculous, but as time goes on he is forced to take it seriously. Some people would say Gary isn’t having a great day.

While being trapped in the cage Gary’s mind has been wandering over lots of random thoughts. His friend Little Willy regularly appears in these thoughts as he feels he is finally beginning to understand his submissive tendencies. Gary’s thoughts have also gone back to when he failed most of his school exams and his mother had to pull in a favour from a decorator she knew. He knew his mother didn’t like the older man but somehow the following Monday morning a young Gary was picked up in a white van and his apprenticeship started. The man was the rudest man Gary had ever met. He used to fart in the van and pull Gary down to sniff it. Despite how that sounds Gary loved the time he spent with his new boss. He would get shouted at all the time and do all the worst tasks. His boss used to use the toilet at the houses they worked in and spray his piss over the seat and floor. In no time Gary learnt to go the toilet after him and tidy up the piss to avoid a shouting match with the customer. His boss realised what Gary was doing and his aim got worse. Sometimes in the van, he would laugh at Gary and call him a piss lover. Gary laughed along. His mother had told him to be careful about idolising his boss and soon she encouraged her son to find someone else to work for, but Gary loved his boss’s carefree attitude and the politically incorrect things the man said. In the van, they would listen to right-wing radio phone-in presenters and his boss would rage against the woke agenda. Gary laughed along. Although there was never anything sexual Gary did start including his boss in his wanks. Sometimes Gary would be shagging a girl and then his boss would knock him out of the way and slide his bigger dick into the girl. Once his boss had taken over the fucking he would verbally insult Gary to the girl and tell her she was getting a real man’s cock now. Gary never told anyone about those wanks but his old boss still appears in his Wank Bank of fantasies.

Staring at the remote webcam he can’t help but wonder how many men were watching him at that very moment. He wonders if he is making the homeowner money. Shifting position, he puts his feet up on the bars and shows his arse to the camera. He then reaches around and starts to play with the butt-plug. The device refuses to come out and Gary is surprised at how quickly it has become part of him. As he pulls the movement inside and against his ringpiece causes his cock to stir, but he ignores it. He breathes deeply as he remembers the man catching him playing with the plug. The embarrassment of being caught but the secret excitement at what would happen next. He groans loudly as the plug comes out and the thickness part stretches his ring. He rocks the device gently so the girth of it sends pleasure waves around his body. He can’t believe he has literally been sat on this secret spot that could provide him with so much pleasure.

“Do you like seeing me do this?” he raises his head off the cage’s padded floor and looks at the camera. “You like a straight lad playing with his virgin arsehole?”

The lens unblinkingly stares at him and he imagines men around the world getting off on a captured English straight lad. He is shocked about how easily he was caught, but once the man had photos of him his opinions were drastically reduced. There was no way he could ever let his friends find out he got off on his arsehole being stretched.

He starts getting rougher with the butt toy and sees cum leaking out of his erection. The liquid pools up on his stomach but his cock remains ignored. He is being pretty noisy and he wonders if the neighbours ever wonder what is going on in the wooden shed at the end of the garden.

He looks up as the door creaks open and smiles as the man walks in. As well as the noise of the door, the shed fills with the sound of beeping from the iPad the man carries. He stands near the cage wearing black boots with rolled-down white socks, grey jogging shorts and a white vest. Gary stares at the closest boot.

“I wondered what the fuck was going on in here. My iPad started to explode as cash tips rolled in.”

“I like earning you money, Sir.”

Gary leaves the plug in him and crawls over to the boot. He doesn’t understand why but he knows he needs to show respect to this man. His tongue rolls out and he starts to lick the footwear.

“A little time in the cage usually helps a fag accept its place in life. Your training is coming along well, boy.”

“Everything becomes clearer through bars, Sir.”

Gary has tried fighting his way out so now he will try charming his way to freedom. At least that is what he tells the rational part of his brain. There is a nagging feeling inside him that he is enjoying submitting to this man.

A metal dog bowl clatters on the floor as the man drops it next to the cage.

Gary looks up to see the man hook his shorts down and release his beast of a cock. Immediately piss starts to flow and hits the bowl. Most of the warm liquid stays in the bowl but some splashes onto Gary’s face. He loves the feeling.

Once the bowl is half full he sticks his head through the bars and licks up his treat. He doesn’t know how long he’s been in the cage but he is very thirsty. As he drinks he feels the stream of pleasure hitting the back of his head and he feels completely emerged in the man’s urine.

In no time the bowl is empty and as the man is still pissing Gary looks at him with his mouth wide open. The noise of piss flooding a mouth manages to drown out the constant beeps from the iPad. The man no longer needs the funnel gag as the sub has learnt its love of everything that comes from him. It is strange to Gary that being drenched in a man’s piss should make him horny. He can’t help but wonder what other secrets this man will unlock.

As the piss ends Gary stays in position. He stares at the large cock floating above.

“You want cock don’t you?”

Gary nods.

“Say it if you want it.”

Gary talks a gulp as he never thought he would say these words.

“I want to suck your cock, Sir.”

The man laughs.

“Not until you have eaten, boi.”

Just the mention of eating makes his stomach growl and he tries to work out how long he has been here. He thinks about his clothes and stuff being boxed up and sent to Japan and his van being driven off to an unknown destination.

The man opens a cupboard and grabs a tin. As he uses an old-fashioned tin opener Gary sees it is a tin of dog food. The man shakes the tin above the piss-wet dog bowl and a cylinder-shaped glob of processed meat plops out. The strange object looks like a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the strong smell hits Gary’s nostrils. The man takes a dirty fork to the meat and once it is broken up he drops a few pills into the food. Gary sees a diamond-shaped purple pill but he has no idea what the other pills are. The man uses his boot to push the bowl closer to the cage and Gary immediately sticks his face in and devours everything. He knows the man will look after him.

The dog food tastes disgusting but he eats it all. They once made Little Willy buy them all a pub lunch and then got him to eat dog food. They had sat there with pies and fish & chips while Little Willy used his fork to eat Pedigree Chum. There was talk of taking the fork away but they thought they might get banned from the pub if Little Willy was eating off the plate with his mouth. They had put the opened tin next to the plate and took a lot of photos for their socials.

The man bends next to the cage and looks at Gary who stares back and feels utter love for this man. The shed has vanished and bright colours engulf them. Gary feels they are floating and this man is his guide to this strange new world.

“Look at your willy, boy. Watch as it shrinks and vanishes.”

Gary giggles at his hairless willy and then his mouth drops open as he sees it getting smaller. His balls seem to vanish inside him and he gasps as between his legs looks like a toy action figure with no genitalia.

“You a now a sexless toy for me to play with. You are here to please me and forget about yourself.”

Gary can only nod as his voice seems to have vanished. He holds onto a bar near the man but has to let go as he feels it bend. Things are so confusing but he feels so happy. This man is his world. He can feel happiness flowing from the man and he wants to be part of that. All this as the swirling colours mesmerised him.

The shorts the man is wearing vanish into thin air and Gary can’t understand what happened. He giggles as the giant cock floats above him. He can hear it calling him to taste it. He needs to lick it. The balls bounce and tempt him to come closer.

The man moves to the end of the cage where there is a large gap between the bars. Gary eagerly sticks his head out and strains to reach his manly goal. There is a gravity-like pull on him and he needs the man inside him. The man stands just out of reach and a pleading noise escapes Gary’s throat. He has never made a noise like that before. The man pushes his hard cock in Gary’s direction and the foreskin seems to open and close in order to call him. Gary shakes his head and for a brief moment wonders what the pills were that the man put in the dog food. That moment of clarity dissipates and he is back listening to the foreskin with a light feeling in his head.

He sticks out his tongue and it looks to roll out further than it ever has before. Finally, it touches cock. Gary’s tastebuds explode in joy as he embraces his love of cock. As the cock enters him deeper the delicious scent of the man fills the cocksucker’s world. Gary is grateful to have this cock now that his cock has vanished. He knows that this cock, his first cock, will change him for life. He can hear the cries of millions of sperms that want to flood into him and alter his DNA. Their job is to make a new life and once they are released they will give him a new life as a servant of cock.

Gary’s lips slide greedily up and down cock while he stares thankfully at the man. He is no longer aware of the rest of his body. Only the parts that touch this God’s manhood exist. As the man pushes his whole length in Gary feels the cock is a key which is unlocking him. This sacred object is releasing his truth. He knows now what he is for.

Saliva leaks from his mouth as he learns how to suck cock. He strains his neck so he can see the man. Desperate for eye contact so he can see if he’s pleasing him. He has watched many girls suck him off and seen some friends getting blown, but man-on-man sucking seems more intense. It is more of a power exchange as the cock pulls out any manly essence and leaves a fag behind. Gary knows he will now submit to any real man. He can’t help but submit to the base need to satisfy. He is jealous that Little Willy discovered this truth long before him.

“You are turning into a good cock sucker, bitch.”

The voice comes to Gary like God talking from a burning bush. The fact that this awesome man had lowered himself to acknowledge Gary’s presence causes his entire body to turn red and heat up. Suddenly he is aware of his arsehole and he imagines another cock in there so he can be rotated on a spit roast. His purpose is to serve men now. He has had his life, his clothing and his hair removed to free him of everything but cock. Not his worthless worm-like willy, but the cocks of real men.

“Turn around and push your arse through this gap now. I’m going to take your virgin pussy.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Gary spins around and pushes his arse up. He finds with his feet outside the cage and his hands bracing him he can easily offer the man his arse through the gap. He never thought he would lose his arse virginity and if he did it wouldn’t be in a cage in a shed.

The metal bars feel cold on his lily-white arse but that just excites him more. He even uses the bars to push aside his cheeks so his hole is better exposed. He imagines the view from behind as if he was a car with a reversing camera fitted at the back.

“Since spending some time caged you really have become a fag. Just think, all this started with you playing with butt plugs from my Toy Box and now you are completely submitting yourself to me.”

Gary can see the man typing on his phone and filming the hole being offered to him. He loves that he has this man’s attention.

The man takes a firm grip on the butt plug and pulls against the gripping ring. He is pleased the ring is still tight. The pop of the plug coming out makes him smile. The man steps closer and rests his well-hung cock on the straight boy’s arse.

“Please, Sir, put it in me. I need this so badly.”

The begging causes the man to laugh. He pulls back a little and his manhood slides down and naturally finds the hole it is going to vanish into. This man slowly pushes forward and his cock head begins its journey into the virgin hole.

“Feel that, bitch? That’s me taking you. You are going to spend the rest of your life taking cock.”

“It feels so big, Sir.”

The man slides himself inside. The preparation work of the butt plugs makes Gary’s first time easier. The flesh of a man feels a lot more intense than plastic, though. His eyes roll back as he welcomes his first cock. He can’t help but wonder how long till his second. He is already addicted to the fireworks going off in his head as this man shows him his purpose. He can’t believe he has never allowed himself to be used like this before. Sex with women is boring.

The man increases his pounding as he doesn’t care that it is the first use of the hole. This dumb straight needs to learn quickly. Looking down he can see the sub is taking to its new life like a duck to water.

After a few minutes of violating the hole, he pulls out and waits.

“Why did you stop, Sir?”

“Are you sure you’re into this?”

“Yes, Sir! Please get back inside me. I need this. Your cock feels so good. I want this.”

The man smiles and continues to wait. He likes that the idiot thinks he has a say. The man knows words are important and making the fag beg for cock imprints on his slut brain. The man wants the straight’s inner-fag completely released.

“Sir? Please use me. Get back in and treat me how you want. I’m here for you.”

The iPad is buzzing again as the watchers get off on hearing the straight getting rewired. The man decides to continue and slams his hung cock back into the pussy. He has broken in many a straight and he always enjoys it when they start begging him to fuck them. It’s a true sign that their dumb brain has been switched over.

Gary’s hands grip the bars in an attempt to keep himself in the uncomfortable position. He doesn’t mind the discomfort as the feeling of being fucked is so mind-blowing. He knows it’s up to him to present his hole correctly for his man. He has managed to twist his head so he can see the man’s face. He is so pleased to see the pleasure he is giving. The slaps of their two bodies colliding echo throughout the shed. Gary has a big smile on his face. When he and his then-girlfriend lost their virginity he wore a condom, he is so glad the man isn’t now. He loves knowing he’s being used properly: skin-on-skin. As he watches he sees the door open and two men come in. He can’t see them completely but he watches their feet move closer. One is wearing Reeboks and the other black boots.

“Alright, mate?”

“Yeah, all good. Just got another one I’m breaking in before shipping it out.”

“He looks alright. What happened to that black lad you had last time?”

“He got brought by that American guy in Texas. The one who runs the Lone Star Slave Ranch. I made a lot of money off him.”

“Nice. He took cock like a pro, well by the end he did.”

Gary listens as the men share their news. The newcomers have already begun to slide inquisitive hands over him. One has spat on him. He loves that they talk without acknowledging him. He is an object and they don’t feel any need to communicate with him. He groans as the man slides in and out of him. His need to be fucked is overpowering. He would be one hell of a slut for cock if he was released from this cage.

“Glad you could come over. I just want to cum in here. I like to be the first to breed my new fags.”

The man seems to switch gears and Gary recognises the change as time to cum. He used to do it when he needed to leave or he was bored with a girl. It feels exciting to be on the other end of it and he expectedly waits for his treat. The man has reached into the cage and firmly grips Gary’s hips as he brings the two bodies together hard. Gary listens excitedly as he hears the man grunting and knows it is getting close. He feels the cock inside get even harder and then the man starts to twitch as he thrusts deep into the arse. Gary actually laughs as he is sure he can feel the cum landing inside him. The warm liquid seems to fill him up and he squeezes his ring as much as he can to milk the cock. He wants all of the man’s seed in him. The noise from the man as he enjoys his orgasm turns on Gary so much. He loves pleasing his man.

As the spent tool slides out of him Gary tries to grip it despite the abuse his ring has taken. He is desperate for his man to remember taking his virginity.

“There you go, mate, you have a go. It was a virgin hole but it’s a bit used now.”

“Cheers. You know how I love using your cum as lube for pounding a bitch.”

Gary watches as the Reebok footwear moves behind him. The guy must just pull his cock out of his tracksuit bottoms because there is no noise as the new cock pushes inside. This second cock is not as thick but is really long. Gary feels like a snake is slithering through his hole and into his guts. He can’t believe he can take this length. He thinks the cock must be at his stomach by now.

“Cor, you have broken it in well. It can take all my length.”

“I gave it some pills when I gave it the dog food.”

Gary’s face is squashed against the padded floor smiling as the men talk. The cock’s length is causing him to blink rapidly and breathe weirdly, but he knows not to say anything. If he’s supposed to speak they will order it. His job is to get used to having this pole impale his arse.

“The balls are pretty big. I always like seeing them hanging uselessly as a sub gets fucked.”

“They will be in a jar soon.”

“Oh, is he off to the Arab?”

“Yeah, he wants a new English eunuch for the World Cup.”

“Ha! It will be a very different tournament for this piece of meat. I bet it was expecting to spend it in a pub with mates getting drunk!”

“Yeah, stupid fucker.”

The two men watch as the third man pounds Gary’s arse. They happily chat and catch up. Gary watches their feet as he is used. He thinks about how to get them closer so he can get a cock in his mouth. He has no idea where this desperate need for cock has come from. He wonders if there was a fag pill in the dog food m or whether the man just unlocked it from some dark unexplored corner of his brain.

“Give me a go now. You have length and I have girth.”

As the cock retreats out of him Gary lifts his head and sees the thickness of his third cock. It looks thicker than the larger butt plug and he is worried his bottom is about to drop out of his world, literally. He decides it is time to try a new position and spins around. He places his legs through the bars at the top of the cage so he can hang down to the gap in the bars. Once his legs are spread and secured he finds his hole is in the exact spot it should be. He reaches his arms up so he can hang entirely from the upper bars. In this new position, he stretches out and finds his head in the gap at the other end of the cage.

“This bitch is keen, eh?” The man with the snake-like penis speaks as he walks around to Gary’s open mouth.

“Yeah, he was pretty easy to break in. His inner-fag was gagging to get out and get cock. I’ve had straights take a few days to accept their new position in life, but this one quickly rolled over for me.”

This is the first time Gary has seen the two men who are now using him. He is disappointed that they don’t have the strong dominant presence of his man, but his base need to have cock has now been released. He can feel his inner-fag re-wiring his brain. These men have cocks and he wants them.

“I love it when a slut takes cock in the arse and then lets you slide it into its mouth. Really shows submission.”

“Yeah, especially when you film it!”

The men laugh as the fat cock is working its way through Gary’s ring and the snake-penis is slithering down his throat. Gary can’t believe how broken his arse must be to allow the girthy cock inside it. The long cock is already causing saliva to drip out of his mouth and his gag reflex is going into overdrive. The men don’t care about how he is feeling, it is all about their needs. He knows they rightfully just want to use him. He clings to the top of the cage and allows the rough spit roast to happen. If he strains to look right he can see his man standing and watching his latest straight convert. Gary hopes he is doing his man proud.

“You guys are doing a great job of using both ends of this idiot. The guys online are loving watching you take him.”

“You definitely picked a good one here. For a straight he loves cock.”

“Yeah, totally agree. His arse is taking my thick daddy dick so well. I think you have done him a favour by showing him his purpose.”

“Best we sort him out now to make the Arab’s job easier. He doesn’t want trouble in his palace from some English boy.”

As the straight is shown his new life the men watching online are loving the show. They get off on the English accents as they ignore the fag and happily talk amongst themselves. The guy chatting up Gary’s girlfriend has posted photos of her sucking his cock. The whole event is an emasculating experience for the so-called straight guy and the online men are loving spending their money to be part of it. They are begging the host to show the dumb straight the photos of his girlfriend as he hangs from the top of the cage servicing two impressive cocks.

“I’m ready to come in his pussy.”

“Cool, let me film it. You can buy more products for your dungeon with your share.”

The man moves the iPod camera so the online men can cheer on the orgasm. The incredibly thick cock is removed from the hole and the first spray of sperm is seen as it splashes over the arse cheeks and into the gagging hole. The man then shoves his cock deep into the lad to ensure he will be leaking cum all the way to the Middle East.

As the man is still recovering from an amazing orgasm he pulls his fat cock out and immediately starts to piss. The two men watch as the golden liquid gurgles into the broken arse.

“I always like to piss after cumming.”

“Yeah, get a full service off the slut. He’s going to have to accept anything that comes out of a man.”

As the beeping of financial rewards gets louder the man moves the iPad to the other end of the sub.

“You ready to cum in the other end now?”

The snake-like penis is half down the throat and half being wanked.

“Yeah, I’m ready to explode.”

“Paint the face first with cum and then pump it deep inside.”

Almost the moment the cock is removed the first sprays of cum hit the straight’s face. He hangs upside down with his mouth wide open as white, thick lines of cum cover his face. The glops of cum land around his eyes and in his mouth and the sub’s eyes light up in delight. As spunk continues to flow the cock is shoved back inside and the lad’s throat can be seen swallowing down the seed. The iPad is buzzing as the audience lap up the abuse the idiot is taking. This is the reason they get alerts when this man starts a session, they are never disappointed.

Once the cock has slithered out the three men adjust themselves as the sub stops clinging to the roof of the cage and drops down on the padded cage floor. As he does a mixture of cum and piss leaks from his gapping hole and he burps up some cum. The men laugh.

“Don’t worry, he’ll lick that up before he leaves.”

“When is he off?”


“Cool. I need to get off, but thanks for letting us use him before he goes off to his new life.”

“No worries, but don’t forget I want to use that lad you have on the go. He looks really hot. I saw him playing on Saturday.”

“Yeah, he’s a regular in the Spurs’ first team now, so he’s getting plenty of exercise in the English Premier League.”

“I’ve not fucked a celebrity for a while, especially not one so deep in the closet!”

Once the two men are ready they say their goodbyes and leave the shed. The man looks at the exhausted sub still collapsed at the bottom of the cage and smiles. It is will soon be time for the package to be picked up.

“Like a said, I want that licked up before the doctor gets here.”

Gary raises his head enough to see the man close the shed door. His throat and arse have never felt like this before but he hopes they will do it again soon. He is now convinced the man has sold him and he’s about to leave the country. His mind is as blown as his holes.

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