Open The Box (Part 3)

Straight lad Gary had finished his painting job and decided to see what it was like to slide some butt plugs into himself. Things went very well for him until the man who hired him walked in on him. That was all part one of the post in the latest story for my Straight Punishment web serial. In part 2 Gary was used to make the man some money by being humiliated on the internet. I could have left the story there, but of course you all wanted more!

After what seems like an eternity the man comes back into the room. The man is still dressed in a leather waistcoat, dirty jockstrap, black socks and a leather mask. He is humming to himself and carrying a cardboard box. Gary’s hands are still bound with a rope attached to a metal ring in the ceiling. He is still hard despite his arms aching and his thirst. He would shout and makes his feelings known but he still has a ball gag silencing him. The large butt plug in his arse is now feeling like it belongs there and the clamps are squeezing his nipples. The condom on his raging hardon is still collecting his seed. He has stopped struggling as he knows he can’t escape his bonds.

As the man inspects the contents of the box Gary’s mind wanders to his friend Little Willy. The guy seemed to accept his submissive position once everyone knew about his tiny appendage. Little Willy saw the order of the hierarchy and knew he was at the bottom of the pile. He didn’t try to protect himself from the barrage of jokes about him not being a real man. He just went to the bar and bought his superiors their drinks. Gary remembers a time at a house party when they had stripped Little Willy of his clothes. The lad had struggled a bit but that just made pulling off his clothes more fun. His tee shirt and underwear got ripped badly but they all just laughed at the pile of rags. The girls at the party had cheered them on and then laughed at the micropenis on display. Little Willy was naked for the rest of the party and just had to deal with the abuse as he served people their drinks. At one point a marker pen appeared and people had written all over him. It was the girls who wrote some of the cruelest things on him. Later in the evening Gary had gone to the toilet and met two of his mates coming out of a bedroom laughing together. The lads were very boisterous and slapped Gary on the back as they went by him. Then, from out of the same bedroom, a red-faced Little Willy appeared. He wiped his mouth and silently went downstairs without making eye contact. Gary had always wondered what his mates had done to Little Willy in that room, but he never asked them. He was worried about knowing just how far Little Willy was submitting to real men.

Gary is brought back to his situation when the man approaches him and removes the ball gag. Gary doesn’t speak straight away as his jaw is aching and he can barely move it. It takes over a minute before he can finally speak.

“Listen you fucking queer you need to let me go or … “

The sentence isn’t finished as the punch to his nose is swiftly followed by a kick in the nuts. Gary instinctively pulls up his legs and is in agony as he swings on the rope. He is sure there’s dampness on his face which might be blood. As he tries to recover there is a crescendo of pinging from the iPad. It reminds him that he is still being streamed live and that he is earning this man money as he suffers.

“I have photos of you enjoying your arse and access to all your Socials. If you don’t start behaving yourself your love of anal is going public.”

“You already have me live on the internet.”

“This is a specialist website and the men here will not share your performance on the public internet. But if you keep upsetting me I will. Plus I’ll add a photo of your driving license, so every search of you will bring up these photos.”

“I need a drink.”

“Say please and address me as Sir, then.”

“Fuck off.”

The man returns to the box and then types something on his iPad. Gary watches in silence and begins to wonder if he can keep the man happy will it increase his chances of being released sooner. So far he has fought everything and ended up naked on a rope.

“Please can I have a drink, Sir?”

The last word was really difficult to get out. Gary hated giving this man a title and respect, but he needs to drink. He tells himself he doesn’t mean it and it was a means to an end. When he sees the man’s smile he knows he has handed over some power to him.

“Good boy.”

Before the straight can say anything the man quickly releases the other end of the rope and pulls it through the metal ring on the ceiling. He then kicks the back of Gary’s right knee and the lad drops to a kneeling position. With no hesitation, the rope is then tied to another metal ring in the floor. Gary’s arms and legs take a few minutes to recover from hanging, but once they do he finds himself just as trapped as before only in a different position.

“This isn’t funny anymore. Just let me go and I’ll not say anything. I won’t call the police.”

“You aren’t getting out of here my begging, idiot. Either accept what is happening or expect more pain. Your girlfriend is away and my friends on the darkweb are dealing with messages from your mates. You need to stop thinking about leaving and start thinking about how to make this as painless as possible.”

Gary watches as the man goes to the toy box and looks for something. He wishes his curiosity hadn’t gotten the better of him when he saw that box under the bed a few hours ago.

“What’s that?”

The man has what looks like a gag but this one has a funnel attached to it rather than a ball.

“You said you wanted a drink.”

From the beeps coming from the iPad, Gary knows this can’t be good. Before he can do anything the pipe at the end of the funnel is forced into his mouth and he feels the gag being firmly secured to his head. The mouthpiece of this gag is like the apparatus from a scuba diving mask. It forms a tight seal on his mouth and his breathing sounds like Darth Vader as it comes out of the funnel.

The iPad is moved closer and the sound of beeping increases. He can now see next to the photos of his clothes the word SOLD is displayed with a large sum of US dollars displayed. He can’t understand why people would pay for those photos. He notices the photos of his underwear and Nikes made the most money. Below the area with photos, there’s a section of screen which is like a scene from the Matrix. He doesn’t understand it but he sees details flash by that look to be from his phone. Most of the right-hand side of the screen displays the cameras which are pointing at him. His eyes are drawn to the column on the far left, though. Scrolling at speed he sees again what these men are talking about him. It causes a shiver to go down his back and he begins to reconsider how he should be behaving towards the man.

Having read the messages Gary knows exactly what the funnel is for. As if to confirm that he looks up and sees the man flop his cock out of the jockstrap. Gary can’t help but stare as he never thought he would see a cock from this position. Suddenly he feels like he is worshipping this ultimate symbol of manliness. He can now understand why phallic objects have been so prominent in societies across history. The weapon is pointing straight at him and hovering over him godlike. He looks at it over the rim of the funnel and can’t take his eyes off it. He knew the man’s cock was big but from this position it looks massive. The man seems to have stopped to give Gary time to stare. The foreskin is gathered up at the end and points directly into the funnel attached to Gary’s head.

The noise of the beeping iPad is joined by the man spitting into the funnel. Gary’s immediate thought is he also likes to spit in a urinal before pissing. Before he has time to complete the thought that he is now this man’s urinal liquid bursts out from the penis.

The yellow piss rushes out and Gary feels and hears it hit the funnel. The spit never made it into Gary’s mouth but he knows it is now being pushed towards him by the flow of wee. He feels frozen to the spot and makes no effort to move. The rope limits him, but if he turned and twisted he might be able to avoid the surge of fluid heading his way. But he doesn’t move. He looks up at the stream and then finally at the man. They make eye contact and Gary feels lesser.

“Good boy. Here comes your treat.”

Inside his mouth, Gary’s tongue explores the pipe. He wonders if he could block it but decides against fighting. His mind has the chat room banter running through it. The derogatory phrases and the removal of his human status. Despite his worries his cock strains with the amount of blood in it as he kneels before the man with a group of men paying to watch. He is racking his memory to remember the man’s name. They talked and messaged about the decorating but Gary made no effort to remember his name. As the piss rushes down the funnel he can’t even remember the name of the man who is humiliating him. He wonders if the man knows or even cares what his name is.

And then the hot urine flows out of the black plastic pipe and into Gary’s mouth.

As his mouth fills up he realises that there is no way to eject the unwanted liquid. The man has now placed his firm hand on Gary’s head and his grip stops any movement. The mouthpiece makes spitting it out impossible. The bitter tasting liquid continues to flood into him. Gary realises he has the swallow or risk suffocation. It is against his instincts to swallow with his mouth open so he has to force himself and with a big gulp he accepts the first load of the man’s piss.

“Good boy. You’re my urinal now you have accepted that.”

Gary looks up at the man and takes his second gulp. The relief from the first one was so brief as the man continues to expel his waste liquid. Gary stares into the man’s eyes as the flow continues into him. It’s hard to argue with this man now he has such control over him. Gary is worried about just how far this will go.

As he swallows again his eyes turn to the noisy iPad next to him.

“Look at the little bitch!” “he’s loving it” “you can see he’s breaking” “I can’t wait to see him suck his first cock” “Send a photo of this to his girlfriend!” “Send it to his mummy!” “I’d love to be his daddy” “I think he mite b crying” “what a faggot!” “I think he has done this before.” “He’s a little old for my harem but I’d accept him.” “Only with his balls removed” “My London doctor has already been booked.” “He’ll spend the rest of his life sucking cock.”

Gary can’t believe how much piss is coming out of this man. He can feel the weight of the funnel as it fills. He knows even after the man stops there’s enough liquid to keep him busy for a while. The strong smell of the piss has engulfed him and it reminds him of a men’s toilet. He imagines himself kneeling in a public lavatory as random strangers fill up his funnel. He would be totally humiliated as men used and laughed at him. Gary concentrates on that feeling as he tries to push away another feeling that has appeared. He is worried the chat room might be right and that something has broken inside him. He is worried he is beginning to accept that he should kneel before men.

“You are drinking that well, idiot. You will soon have a full belly of my piss.”

Gary looks up at the man and gulps down another mouth full. He knows he needs to fight for his right to be a man. The thought must flash something in Gary’s eyes as the man redirects his stream of pleasure.

“I’ll give you an extra treat as I’m almost finished.”

The man points his cock beyond the funnel and at Gary’s head. The hot liquid hits his thick black hair and begins to run down the straight’s face. The golden shower flows down his body and the reek of piss is everywhere. Gary feels marked by the waste liquid as it flows into him and over him. He wonders if he’ll ever get rid of the stink. Next to him the iPad almost hums with constant beeps. He keeps blinking to stop the piss from getting into his eyes.

“There you go, boi. I’m giving you a lot of good experiences today. You should be grateful.”

Once the last of the piss has gurgled out of the funnel the man goes to remove it. As he does Gary surprises himself by sticking his tongue into the pipe.

“That’s you done, idiot. Do you want me to sort out that wet hair?”

“Yes please, Sir.”

As the man leaves the room Gary looks at the iPad and instantly wishes he hadn’t. One of the watchers has seen his girlfriend is in Edinburgh and has made contact with her. The guy is showing off that she has replied and is being very flirty. The rest of the room is encouraging him and finds it hilarious that she’s hunting for cock while her boyfriend is being pissed on. He can’t believe what is being said is true, although his girlfriend is in Edinburgh with her work.

The man returns to the bedroom and Gary looks at the towel he is carrying, but he hasn’t got one. Once again he has brought the hair clippers that he previously used on Gary’s pubes.

“No, Sir. I don’t want my haircut. I meant for you to dry it.”

The man switches on the clippers as he laughs and calls Gary an idiot. Nothing else can be said as the clippers swipe over the top of Gary’s skull and remove a great sway of his hair. Gary tries to move out of the way but the man grabs him by the neck to hold him steady. The iPad is buzzing away as the man violently moves Gary around to shear him. The lad thinks back to when he watched The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe at school. Some of the girls cried as Aslan had his great mane clipped away. The White Witch had ordered him to be shaved and the baying crowd watching had howled with laughter as the once great cat had been humiliated. Gary loved his hair and seeing it being taken is soul-destroying. He can’t help but wonder just how far this man will go.

The shearing is over quicker than Gary thought possible and when he looks at the iPad he sees someone he no longer recognises. The chat over on the left is streaming up the screen faster than before. He sees them laughing at how sad he looks and more talk about Edinburgh. He still can’t believe his girlfriend would meet someone who has just slid into her DMs.

The man returns with a bowl of hot water, a razor and shaving cream. Gary doesn’t fight now as the man takes him from a cropped hairstyle to completely bald. As he watches on the iPad a tear finally rolls down his cheek. It is greeted by beeps and the chat fills with laugh-out-loud emojis. He started the day flirting with girls and looking forward to time without his girlfriend, he can barely believe how he has ended up. As his hair is removed a photo of his girlfriend in a bra he has never seen before pops into the chat room. He knows exactly what is happening in Edinburgh now.

“There we go you dumb fool. I’m removing all your old self so a new submissive you can be born and make me richer. Stand up.”

Gary only realises when he stands that he is no longer bound. He didn’t even notice the rope being removed, which clearly says a lot about where his mind is.

“Pull your socks off and put them in this bag.”

“Sweep up all your hair and put it into this bag.”

“Yes, Sir.”

In no time the naked cleaner has finished his take.

“Good, idiot. Now put the bags into the box. They will be here soon.”

“Sir, why is all my clothing in here?”

“Because a nice gentleman from Japan has bought it all. Take off that condom, knot it and bag that up too. The man wants as much of you as possible.”

Pulling off the condom the boi is quietly impressed at how much precum he has leaked out. It feels odd to be putting everything in this box, but he knows not to argue with the man.

“Now seal up the box.”

Gary follows the instructions and after he does the man puts Gary’s phone and keys on top of the box. The buzzing of the doorbell seems perfectly timed.

“Take it all and give it to the men at the door.”

Gary looks at the man, but the man just returns a determined stares back at him. Out of the corner of his eye, he even sees the chat room has gone silent. They all wait to see what Gary will do. He knows if he just obeys that it is over. He is sending a clear message of surrender. As he looks at himself in the live stream he realises that he has already given up. He has allowed this man to treat him like a toy and not fought back. He is now Little Willy. A new photo of his braless girlfriend is now in the chat and she silently stares at his failure with a wide smile.

Without speaking Gary picks up the box, phone and keys. As he walks out of the apartment he looks at the ground. Through the frosted glass in the front door, he can see the man impatiently waiting. A small part of his brain shouts he is free and can escape now, but he does not act on that thought. He opens the door and sees the pickup driver look him up and down. He hears the guy laugh and then tells the baseball cap wearing mate standing on the pavement to look at the state of Gary. He silently stands and allows himself to be the butt of their jokes. He thinks about when he arrived at this house and how he would have behaved not so long along ago. They continue to laugh at the collared sub-human.

The box is roughly taken off him and the man starts to walk down the steps still laughing with his mate. He stops his descent and comes back up to the door. Gary wonders what he is going to do but makes no effort to protect himself. The delivery driver spits in Gary’s face and then leaves as it drips down. The sub closes the door. Everything he had has been taken away from him. He returns to his Master.

“I knew you would come back, dumbass. The box is on its way to Japan and the baseball cap wearing driver will take your van out of London and abandon it in some quiet place with no CCTV. A false trail has already been created via GPS to ensure your last location isn’t here.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Without seeking permission the man clips a metal chain leash to Gary’s collar and then walks out of the bedroom. Gary is still processing what is happening when the leash tugs him and he is forced to follow his Owner. They go into the kitchen and out of the back door. Gary is completely naked and feels the white small stones dig into his feet as he goes along the garden path. The garden is full of plants and makes a nice little oasis in the city. They seem to be heading towards a wooden shed that is partially hidden by a tree and ivy.

Once inside Gary notices the temperature drops and the amount of spiderwebs amongst the garden tools. There is what looks like a table in the middle of the shed and the man pulls off the dirty looking cover. Gary’s mouth drops open when he sees what is underneath. The man smiles.

“What is that, Sir?”

“It’s a cage, boi.”

“Do you have a big dog?”

“Well,” he laughs as he replies. “That’s how I see you.”

The man pushes Gary down and then threads the leash through the cage’s open door and out through the bars on top. It is only as he is pulled towards the cage that it dawns on Gary what is going on. He wonders why he is being so slow today.

“No, Sir. I don’t want to go in there. Please let me stay in the house.”

Gary is already halfway into the cage before he starts to struggle. The man come up behind him and kicks him into the prison. The base is black padded leather and as Gary struggles to get up he hears the loud clang of the door shutting. It is followed by the click of a padlock.

“You can’t just leaves me in here like an animal. I shouldn’t have used your stuff, but you have punished me for that now. C’mon man! This is beyond a joke now.”

“You’re right and wrong, boi. This is beyond a joke but I can leave you in here like an animal.”

“Please don’t leave me here, Sir. I’ll let you do anything. I just want to stay in the house.”

Gary’s pleads are answered by the man walking out of the shed and closing the door. The plants growing outside the window block much of the sun and the dirty glass stops even more. He shakes the cold metal bars but they are as solid as they look. The padlock looks expensive and the cage seems to be secured to the floor.

Gary has to slow down his breathing as he accepts he is a prisoner. He’s never been locked up before and he can’t cope with his freedom being removed. He already misses being tied up in the bedroom. At least there he had the man’s attention and could try to talk his way out.

Slowly he removes the nipple clamps but that proves more painful than wearing them. He shouts a string of swear words as his nipples are finally freed. He has accepted the collar so he leaves that on. The cage is not big enough for him to stand and the only way he can fully stretch is with his feet out of the end of the cage. He lies in the fetal position and sighs.

“Well, at least I’m alone in here and not being watched.”

As he says that he see a red light over on the workbench and then makes out the shape of a remote camera.

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  1. Another horny update Sir, love imagining myself in these scenes, hope the cage is going to be shipped off to the highest bidder for lifelong slavery…


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