Open The Box (Part 2)

Straight lad Gary had finished his painting job and decided to see how it felt to slide some butt plugs into himself. Things went very well for him until the man who hired him walked in on him. That was all part one of the post in the latest story for my Straight Punishment web serial. I could have left the story there, but of course you all wanted more!

Gary recovers from the initial shock of seeing the homeowner and starts to act. Everything he has been doing seems like a dream or more a nightmare. He can’t understand how he allowed himself to go as far as he did with the butt plugs. It is like a spell has been broken and he immediately knows how stupid he has been behaving.

As stands up he pulls the medium-sized butt plug out of his arse. Its removal has a seismic reaction within his body, but he forces himself not to show that.

Quickly he pulls on his Calvin Kelvin white underwear. As he does, he sees his spunk is still dripping out of his cock. He avoids looking at the floor as he feels this will only draw the attention of the homeowner to his leaking.

Once he is dressed, he knows he has to get out of the building as quickly as possible. If the man decides not to pay him then so be it. He knows it is best to forego the money of the small decorating job if that means he avoids talking about what just happened. The first issue with that discussion would be he has no idea what just happened. He can’t believe he went as far as he did with the butt plugs and how much pleasure his arse gave him. He knows this isn’t how a real man’s body is supposed to react to having his arse penetrated.

“Right, that’s me done. the paint will be dry by the end of the day. Keep the windows open as long as you can to get rid of the smell. Bye.”

Gary is pleased when the man says nothing. He is quickly out of the bedroom and down the corridor. All his equipment is in the building’s shared entrance so once he grabs his Nikes he can close the door on this mistake and get the fuck out of here. All this will never be spoken of or thought about again. He wants to get out as quickly as possible and never return.

“What has that queer done with my Nikes?” Gary asks aloud but is questioning only himself.

The Nikes which he pulled off when he arrived are no longer there. He knows only one person could have moved them and he ponders for a moment leaving with just his white socks on his feet despite those being his favourite trainers. That’s how desperate he is to get the fuck away from this place.

“What have you been doing in my home?”

“Listen, it’s none of your business. I went a little crazy and did something I shouldn’t and now I want out of here.”

“You haven’t said sorry yet.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you put something in the drink that made me do that. You’re the one that likes men, not me. I’m normal and like pussy. So let’s forget this whole morning and move on, right?”

As they speak the homeowner has been walking closer to Gary. Once again, without his Nikes on, Gary can feel the intimidation of the taller man over him. He knows this man is used to bossing around other guys and using his equipment on them so he has to be careful.

“You come into my home, look into my box, play with my toys and spray your sperm all over my bedroom and you think that’s normal?”

“You like cum, so lick it up. I’m sure straight cum from a young lad like me tastes great,” as he speaks he nervously runs his hand through his thick black hair.

“That’s not how this works. You crossed a line and got off on sticking my property up your arsehole. What would your friends say if they knew?”

“Listen, mate, no one is going to know about this. I’m going to walk away and you can have your painting done for free. No one is going to talk about it and my friends are none of your fucking business. Alright?”

“Don’t swear at me, boy.”

“I don’t know how you are used to treating others but don’t call me boy. Plus you never denied you put something in my drink. Now give me my fucking Nikes and we are done here,” his demand gets no response. “Are you deaf or something, queer?”

“You can stop with your accusations of me spiking your drink and stop with your homophobic language. I have been patience and only asked for an apology. I don’t have an issue with your love for anal, I just think you should have asked before using my stuff.”

“Oh, fuck off. I’m out of here, fag. Give me my Nikes. Have you been sniffing them and wanking off to my straight man smell?”

Gary realises that he has gone too far when he gets a death stare. He wishes now he had just apologised and got out. Trying to play the big man was not working today.

“You have crossed a line. I won’t have you use that word. You now have to do more than say sorry or you will seriously regret what you have done today.”

“Ha! What have you got in mind?”

“You will agree to let me use an item from the box on you. You get to pick which one, but I get to use it fully on you.”

“Not fucking likely. What are you going to do if I don’t? Cry like a baby!”

Gary is taken by surprise as he is spun around and his face is pushed up against the wall. The man stands right up against him and has one of Gary’s arms twisted up his back. The strength of the guy means Gary has no choice but to watch the phone being held in front of his face. Before he has time to protest the man speaks. His mouth is right up in his ear and Gary feels the warm air ticking him.

“Whenever I have a worker in my home I set up cameras to ensure nothing gets stolen. Just look at yourself in full technicolour shoving a butt plug up yourself as you suck on the other.”

Gary watches himself in high definition as he wanks and plays with his arse. He also sees himself checking the coast is clear which proves he was in full control of his senses. At one point the camera angle switches so there must have been at least two in the room. He knows with this proof it makes it harder to deny this all happened. He has to fight, though.

“You don’t know anything about me, so there’s nothing you can do with this.”

“Wrong again, dumbass. You use your email for work and social so a quick search has given me your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I can reach out to your mates and share this video with them now. Within ten minutes they will be laughing their heads off at you butt fucking yourself. Do you think they will ever let you forget this?”

There is a moment of silence as everything sinks in.


“They will go on about this for years. Telling all the girls that you love to stick things up your bum hole. Imagine that, boi.”

The man steps back and releases his grip, but Gary remains in against the wall. He slowly considers his predicament and his best exit option.

“You can’t share it. It’s revenge porn.”

“I’ll share it as Builders From Hell and complain about you abusing my trust. Even if it gets taken down your mates will have seen it and got copies. The authorities take ages to deal with these minor offences.”

Gary rests his head on the wall. He knows the man is right. Once his friends see this it will never get forgotten. He got himself into this situation and he has to decide how to get out. Walk away and deal with the consequences or obey the man.

“I can paint your whole apartment or give you some money. I don’t want you to touch me.”

“You got hard from seeing my toy box. Now you owe me. Give me your body to play with or fuck off and I’ll make your arse go viral. They are the options.”

Gary knows the abuse his mates can give and he does not want to be at the wrong end of their comments. He cannot replace Little Willy as the group’s bitch. He is sure there were some small toys he could cope with and then this will all be done. He just wishes he understood why his cock is rock hard again.

“I don’t want to do anything but if you are blackmailing me I’ll look in the box for a toy you can use. You are forcing me, though.”

“I’ll force you and use you how I want, straight boy. You either accept it or get outted to your mates.”

Gary sighs and thinks about running once more, but accepts he is in a trap of his own making. He reluctantly walks back to the bedroom and the waiting toy box. All the time he’s is weighing up ten minutes of physical abuse by this older man against a lifetime of verbal abuse from his friends.

“If this happens then that’s the end of it. I never want to hear from you again. You understand, mate?”

“Say that again, but call me Sir.”

Gary is beginning to realise this won’t be an easy debt to repay. He sighs and accepts it.

“This is a one-time, never to be repeated or talked about again, Sir.”

“If that’s what you decide afterwards, boy. Now pick your toy.”

Gary stares down into the box and weighs up which item is least gay. He doesn’t want this man anywhere near his arse. He still feels partly in control as he gets to limit where the action will happen.

“Hurry up, boy. I don’t have all day.”

Gary accepts the title of boy now without argument. He knows the man is in control and it is his game they are playing. It is difficult to choose but he sighs once again and bites the bullet.

“The nipple things, Sir.”

“Interesting choice, boy. You know I’ll have to tie your hands to use them. I don’t want you just pulling them away.”

Gary hasn’t been tied up since playing cops and robbers when he was a kid. He doesn’t have an issue with it as he doubts this guy is a serial killer. He tied up a girl once for sex but didn’t get much out of it. It just gave her an excuse to lie there and do nothing, which sounds good to him right now.

“Sure … Sir.”

“Take your tee-shirt off, boy.”

Gary gives a look of defiance but the man just stares at him. The lad realises to access his nipples he can’t be wearing a tee-shirt so he pulls it off and throws it on the bed. Once he is shirtless the man grabs a rope and expertly wraps it around Gary’s wrists. As the firm knot brings his hands together Gary wonders why there’s a long length of rope remaining. The man answers the unasked question when he pushes Gary to the corner of the room and reaches up to thread the rope through a metal ring in the ceiling. Gary had removed a hanging basket from there before he started to paint. Back then he had no idea the plant holder had a double use.

Gary gives a tug on the rope and for the first time, he realises just how trapped he is. Any sense of being in control of the situation evaporates and it dawns on him what he has allowed to happen to him.

“Don’t forget the limits we agreed, Sir. I don’t want anything more.”

The man pulls off his shirt and puts on a leather waistcoat. He then pulls off his trousers to reveal long black socks and a well-worn jockstrap. Reaching into the toy box he pulls out a leather mask. The mask has eyeholes and leaves the lower part of the man’s face visible.

“I don’t want my face on your coming out video, dumb jock.”

“We said just nipples. You can’t do anything else, Sir.”

“Shh, straight boy. You are mine now.”

The man pulls out the ball-gag and forces it into Gary’s mouth. The lad tries to protest but that just makes it easier for the man to gag him. Roughly the clasp of the gag is secured and the lad’s ability to talk is removed.

The lad’s shorts and underwear are now firmly pulled down and then away from his socked feet. The man tugs the rope and the lad is lifted onto his toes. Gary hangs from the ceiling like a piece of meat in the butcher’s window.

The lad tries to plead with his eyes as the noise from his gagged mouth is meaningless. As he does he is manhandled – his body is inspected by the man. The lad feels the hands of the first man to touch him in a way no other man has. He pulls at his muscles and balls. He runs his hands down his legs. He grabs the lad’s pecs as if they were breasts. All the lad can do is balance on his toes as he is inspected like a piece of cattle at the market.

“You can pretend all you want about being straight, you idiot, but your hard cock gives the game away.”

The boy is surprised that his cock is rock solid, especially as the man tugs and pulls at it. The black leather masks make him nervous. It removes the human element of the man and makes the boy more nervous. He wonders where the video is going if the man refuses to show his face to the cameras. Whatever is going on one thing is certain, the boy has no control of the situation now.

“As you like your arse filled let’s start there, cunt. This is for calling me a queer.”

The man picks up the large butt plug and after spitting on it walks behind the boy. The rope stops him from moving away and the butt is rammed inside him. He never thought he would take the large plug and is shocked at how it slides into his hole. The device fills him up. The boy hates to admit that it feels better when someone else puts it in him. His ring welcomes the object inside. Standing on his toes means the toy is in the perfect spot to massage his prostate and the lad starts to leak cum despite his recent ejaculation.

Butt Plug

“Even though you are stupid, you were right about the cum of straight lads. I know lots of subs who would love to have it inside them.”

The man grabs a silver foiled package and pulls out a condom. He rolls it onto the lad’s penis so it gathers the leaking seed. The straight jock hasn’t worn a condom for ages as he loves to release inside a woman. The tight rubber feels foreign to his skin and he worries about where his cum is going to end up. He doesn’t want guys getting off on his spunk, but he has no choice now.

“I thought your generation kept themselves trimmed, “as the man talks he stares at the boy’s large bush of pubic hair. “Manscaping and all that. We are going to have to sort that mess out.”

The man leaves and the boy feels strange hanging there alone. At least with the man in the room something was happening, but now he feels alone and it worries him. He can hear the noise of the man in the flat and he suddenly wonders how long he might be kept here. His girlfriend is away and he hasn’t confirmed his plans with his mates. If he was kept here for a few days no one would notice. They would just assume he was shagging behind his girlfriend’s back.

He takes the moment to look over and can see the two cameras on the shelves. Having seen the video he knows the positions and they are now easy to spot. He wonders how many more there are and if anyone is watching his abuse streaming live. He is exposed on the end of a rope with just socks, butt plug, condom and ball gag. The man hasn’t even started with the nipple clamps and that was the only thing he agreed to. He is worried about his pubes, too. He showers with his mates after 5-aside football, so they will notice his haircut.

The man returns to the room with a trimmer and a bowl. The trimmer immediately goes on and the shearing of his pubes begins. The fact that it is done without a word being spoken sends a clear message to the straight; his body is no longer his own and the man owns him. He is a pet for the owner to treat how they want. All the boy can do is watch as his fallen pubes gather by his socked feet.

Once the trimmer has done its job the man splashes some water over the groin and then applies shaving foam. The old-fashioned razor was in the bowl of water and the man hums to himself as he removes the rest of the hair. As he does the boy dares not breathe as the sharp blade moves over his most delicate areas. He is pleased the man seems to have expertise with the razor and he feels no cuts to his scrotum. The scrape off metal over his ball-sack is truly terrifying. In no time more water is being splashed on him to remove the leftover foam. The man then covers the area with a moisturiser and the boy enjoys the feeling of the cold cream being applied.

The man stands back to admire his work.

“That looks better. A sub boy is better hairless.”

The man’s eyes then settle on the little tuft of hair the boy has in the middle of his chest. Again, without a word, a swift flick on the razor removes it. The boy has always liked his chest hair and will miss it more than his pubes. He has no say in the matter, though.

The man takes away the shaving objects and briefly returns with a handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of the hair on the floor. The vacuum pulls at the white socks as it takes up all the discarded hair.

The boy feels like a new piece of furniture that the man is setting up how he wants. Looking down himself he sees his bald cock is filling up the condom. He squeezes his arse and feels the large butt plug milk his prostate. He feels like a traitor to the straights, but can’t help himself.

As the man returns a constant ringing noise comes with him and the boy sees he returns with an iPad in his hands.

“You are proving very popular, boy. Men from around the world are taking a real interest in you. A certain Arabian Prince wants to buy you and add you to his harem. He has a particular liking for westerners. The unfortunate thing for you is your balls will be removed before you arrive there.”

The boy has no idea if the man is joking or not. He tries to convince himself he couldn’t just be removed from the country against his will, but at the moment that argument seems pretty weak.

The man flashes the iPad in his direction and the sight the boy sees doesn’t fill him with confidence. A web browser called Tor is in dark mode and he sees a live shot of what is happening to him in the room. The constant beeping seems to be donations from the 7,326 viewers, so far £2,189 was been gifted. Also on the screen are photos of his clothing which seem to be up for sale, including his beloved Nikes. This convinces him this must be a joke. There’s no way this man has the right to sell his belongs. Even his underwear is on there. He struggles against the ball gag to protest but it just causes more saliva to drip out from around the ball. It’s at this point the boy sees the comments of the men watching and they worry him more than anything that has happened so far.

“They love it when you struggle. It really gets them excited.”

To re-enforce the man’s point the beeping from the website increases as more money is sent over.

“Your fans are keen to get the clamps on you, boy. It is what you agreed to after all. Don’t worry, I’ll start them lightly.”

The metal clamps are joined by a silver chain and have black rubber on the tips. The man holds them up for the boy and viewers to see. They catch the light from the sunshine coming through the windows and the boy wonders when he will get out of this flat.

The man adjusts each clamp and the boy hopes he is going to be broken in easily. He has never had anything like this attached to his nipples before. He sometimes tugs at them as he wanks and a few women have squeezed them as he’s spunked into them. He picked the objects to be used on him in the hope they were an easy option, but he knows now there are no easy options with this man.

The clamps are open wide and moved towards the boy’s nipples at the same time. He feels the cold of the rubber touch him gently and then the pressure increases as the crocodile-like devices take a firm grip on his sensitive nipples.

The boy lets out a groan and the iPad happily beeps rapidly. He can’t believe this man is making more money from this than he charged for the painting. A lot more money. The boy wonders if he gets a cut of the profits. That thought is pushed out of his mind as the firm grip of the clamps forces him to screw up his face in an attempt to deal with the pain. If the man did adjust the clamps to a looser setting then he is in real trouble. He lets out a muffled scream of agony which is greeted by a cascade of beeps. If the man brought in the iPad to add to his humiliation it is certainly working.

The boy squirms on the end of the rope like a captured fish being pulled out of the water. The pain from his nipples is constant and feels worse than the butt plugs stretching his ring. He can’t understand how anyone can get pleasure from torturing their nipples.

The man steps back and smiles. He watches the boy for a while until the lad finally calms down and accepts his predicament.

“There you go, boy. These are what you selected so you can’t moan about them. This is why I had to gag and bound you. I knew you were going to squirm and squeal like a bitch. You dumb straight lads think you can take pain but you never can. Well, not to start with, eh?”

To prove his point the man takes a swing with his black-socked right foot and kicks the boy in his balls. The shock knocks the lad off his feet and he swings on the rope with his knees pulled up to protect his wounded balls. The agony shoots through his body like lightning and the boy can’t believe what just happened. The last time he was hit in the balls was by a football and he had to stop playing for ten minutes to recover. No man should hurt another’s balls. He shouts angrily but his words are mangled by the gag and the sound of rapid beeping from the iPad.

“I’m not really into ball busting, boy, but as you can hear your fans love it.”

The boy manages to get back on his toes but the aching between his legs is not going away. The nipple clamps are no longer an issue, though. The dull constant pain from his balls has really taken his breath away. He can feel tears running down his face but can’t wipe them away. The man moves one of the wireless cameras closer so the watchers can see he is crying. The close-up is followed by beeps and the boy begins to understand the type of men watching.

“Don’t worry, boy. If you end up in Saudi Arabia you can keep your balls out of harm’s way in a jar next to your bed.”

Suddenly that comment doesn’t sound so unbelievably. He seems to have fallen into a situation where he can be used and abused without consequence. He wonders how many have been treated like this before him.

“Look up.”

The lad lifts his head off his chest and is surprised to see his phone pointing at him. His face immediately unlocks the iPhone and it dawns on him with dread that the man now has full access to everything.

“Gentlemen, here are the dumb straight boy’s social media details. His Instagram was locked but is now open. You can see from his photos that he has a girlfriend. I’m also sharing the details of his Hinge account so you can see how he talks to women and his private photos.”

The boy struggles against the rope but stops when the man gives him a stare.

“You either stop that or you get another kick in the nuts, idiot. It causes me no pain and I actually get money for doing it.”

Again, the man hums to himself and taps through the boy’s phone. He is enjoying having full access to another man’s phone.

“Gentlemen, in good news the girlfriend is away for a couple of days, so we have the boi all to ourselves. I’ll cancel his jobs for the rest of the week and if his friends send any messages we’ll reply that he’s too busy shagging to see them.”

The man looks up and smiles at what he has access to on the phone. It is at this point the boy knows he’s in too deep and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Do you really want Gary to end up an eunuch for Arabian royalty? If you are getting off on the the story let me know. You also need to donate using the form below or buy one of my hot ebooks. Unsurprisingly you all voted to continue, so here’s part three!


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  1. This is such a good series Sir, I hope there are more parts in the works. Would love to be treated the same way as this lucky slave in training, hope he’s in for a lot more degrading play at the mercy of the live stream viewers…

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