Begging Letter

It’s always good to see the power I have over a sub after a session. Quite often I hear from lads I have used long after our session is over. This is especially the case for lads who have had the honour of being posted about in this blog. I recently received an email from one such lad and I know you would enjoy reading it …

Subject: Cleaning the streets of London off your shoes

Hi Sir

I feel ashamed writing this email because it is evidence of how worthless I am. I have tried really hard to forget my meets with you but even with an upcoming engagement the truth still is that each night I go to sleep remembering the weight of your feet resting on my head. Remembering your hand squeezing the back of my neck. Remembering your spit in my beard. 

The truth is you live rent free in my mind. I have never met a man as superior and masculine as you. I keep relapsing into thoughts of how you humiliated me. What makes you stand out is how you’re genuine raw and strict but I felt cared for as your docile dog. A rare balance few men only you can strike. When you stood on me and called me your property I knew I found my place. 

I can still picture you in a crisp white shirt with me grovelling in your hallway begging to kiss your leather shoe as you trod on my small hands under your heel. Your domination is unmatched Sir and you radiate power especially in your business wear. 

I am confused and struggling about a lot of things since the day you stripped me naked by force and wiped your dirty size 11s on my cock. I will never forget that day. But one thing I am not confused about is my desire to kiss my Sir’s hand and be at your feet. 

I sleep each night looking up at the ceiling remembering the time you had me laying on the floor by your bedside and pressed your dress shoe on my neck as I looked at you. I consider that the first time being ‘collared’ ever by a man. You pressed your foot on my neck and literally made me feel who is the Boss. You stamped me under your power Sir and it feels like your shoe is still there like a collar as I type all day everyday.  

Please may I meet you Sir? 

You once dragged me by the hair and showed me your wardrobe and footwear that I will be cleaning one day. In my culture we wash the feet of someone we deeply honour. I would like to give you that respect Sir. Can I fulfil my duties to you as your Pakistani boot polisher? 

Your faithful Pakistani boy,

The shy straight sub from Straight for Feet

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