Happy New Queer (Part 4)

I think there is more fun to be had with Dom David and sub john, but it is time to call an end to this session. The story is set at New Year and January is done. Therefore part 4 will be the last part of this free blog web serials. You should read part one first. As the fun continues David decides it is time to get further into John’s head …

John cannot believe he is bringing in the New Year with his face buried in another man’s arse. Yet here he is greedily licking David’s shit hole.

He definitely cannot believe how much he is getting off on the sweaty ring and the musky smell. He has already licked this man’s feet, balls and cock. That, plus he has drunk David’s piss in front of all his friends.

Even in this state of shock about the things he has done, he has to accept he has been filmed and this man now owns him. It is like a powerful spell has been cast. He wonders how deeply this need to serve has been buried and how David managed to release his inner fag.

David moves away and at first, John follows as he does not want to be separated from the arse he has to worship, but soon David is out of his reach.

“I knew you would love licking my arse, you little cunt. Imagine going back a few hours and telling yourself what you would be doing as Big Ben chimed in the new year.”

David laughs as he sits back down. His arse feels nice and clean from the licking out. He sees his sub’s eyes are laser-focused on his cock and it gets him horny to see how well his breaking of this dumb straight lad is going. He thinks the good looking lad will make a great little bitch.

As he glances down he sees John’s phone is lit up after a missed call. The screen displays 4 missed calls and 18 messages. David reaches down and picks the phone up. He shows the lad all his missed items and then unlocks the phone so he can review them.

“While I look at these messages you do your job, cocksucker.”

David loves that the lad doesn’t even care about him going through his phone. As he looks through WhatsApp he turns all the ticks blue so the sender knows they have been read. Most of the messages are from family, but there are some drunk photos from John’s mates. All the calls are from John’s fiancée. She is clearly keen to speak to him at the start of the year that will mark their marriage.

David calls her.

“I’m phoning your girl, fag. I’ll put it on speaker and hold it here. You can speak to her or keep giving my cock attention.”

During a session, David liked to give a sub a choice to make. If he just ordered John to do something he wouldn’t realise just how far he had gone. How much he now needs cock in his life. He wants John in a position where he has to pick between daddy dick and fiancée.

John looks up with cock in his mouth as the dialling tone rings out. The boi looks at the phone and then back to David. He keeps sucking.

“Finally! Happy new year, bunny!! I love you.”

Reluctantly John withdraws the cock from his mouth. He shifts position so it is up against his face and he moves up and down so the saliva covered shaft rubs his cheeks. He hungrily stares at David.

“Happy new year. Love you, too.”

“How’s the party? Why didn’t you answer at midnight? You better not have been kissing all the girls there!”

John moves up the cock so it is at his nostril. David smiles as the sub tries to stick the manhood up his nose. It is too big, but he enjoys how desperate John is to have cock inside him.

“I promise I’ve not kissed any girls. We were just watching the fireworks.”

David is loving the eye contact with his new boi as the sub continues to happily lick his new toy. He notes how easily John lies to his fiancée.

“I heard you left the party. I tried to get your cousin to pass you the phone. Where are you?

“Did they not say? There was a guy at the party from a higher floor, so some of us headed higher up to his apartment for the full experience.”

As John says that he swallows the cock. He reapplies a layer of saliva so he can give his man a wet hand job.

“How is it up there. Is Scotland putting on a good Hogmanay?”

“I’m not seeing much of it. Just the TV coverage. I’m not allowed out. I miss you.”

“I miss you,” John stares at the wet daddy dick as he speaks.

“I’ll head to Leeds once I’m out of COVID quarantine and we can have our own New Year party. You should go back to the party.”

“OK, will do. I’ll call you tomorrow. Happy New Year and I love you.”

As his fiancée says her farewell John rubs his nose on David’s balls. The lad is desperate for his Master’s scent. David ends the call. Before putting John’s phone down he enters his number under the name Sir. He then WhatsApps all the photos of their activities to himself.

“Bet you never thought you would speak to her with a cock in your mouth!”

“No, sir, I didn’t, but it was really horny. I’m glad you didn’t do a video call by accident!”

“That would have revealed why you weren’t kissing any girls.”

“Can I have your cock and stay with her, sir?”

“Of course, when guys go the heath and toilets it’s usually straight men having a break from women. There’s a saying that women are for babies and men for fun. I’ll look after your needs, boi.”

“Thank you, sir. I can’t believe what I have done for you. I’m finding it all very horny. I’m just not sure if I can continue. I can’t keep betraying her like this.”

“Don’t think about it until tomorrow. You are mine now, so obey.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Tell me you love me.”

David sees a slight hesitation again. He knows given time he will remove it, but it is horny knowing this straight is battling his instinct to please him.

“I love you, daddy.”

“Good boi,” David pushes John back down on his cock and the sucking continues.

David puts his hands behind his head and enjoys a stretch as his new sub sucks him off. There’s nothing better than having a mouth available for pleasure whenever a man needs it.

“Sir, I usually come to London once a month for work. Do you think you will use me regularly?”

“You have gone from 100% straight and worried about betrayal to wanting a wife and Master!”

“Yes, sir, you have shown this slut what it is for. I have to say I’m pretty confused.”

“Don’t think, just obey,” David runs his hand through the sub’s hair. “Turn around and put your head on the floor. Stick your arse up. Good, boi. Now, reach back and show me your pussy.”

Without any hesitation, John assumes this new humiliating position. David notes that his arse is also hairless. It looks so fucking horny.

He lifts a foot and uses the sub as a footrest. It’s important the fag gets used to being an object for its Master.

“You ever presented your pussy to anyone before?”

“No, sir. Are you going to fuck me now?”

“I’m thinking of leaving fucking till our next session, or your wedding day. I want to leave you desperate for more.”

“OK, sir. I’m nervous about anal, but I know you can take from me what you want. Please break me in gently.”

“Don’t worry, boi. Fucking you will open you up to a hole new level of pleasure for your dumb little straight mind.”

“Thank you, sir. You could do it tonight if you wanted.”

“I know I could. I have chosen not to. Listen to you pleading to be fucked, slut. I thought your hole was exit only?”

“You are teaching me a lot today. I’m worried if I leave I won’t have the courage to return. That this might be my only night I’m brave enough to serve you.”

“You probably will say tomorrow that this was a one-off never to be repeated. That you were a little drunk and lonely and you will swear never to return to me, but you know what?”

“What?” David kicks the sub and John corrects himself. “Sorry. What, sir?”

“After a week or so my cock will be more and more on your mind. You will realise that you really do miss the feeling of serving me and you will end up begging to return.”

David clicks his fingers and the sub returns to facing him. He waves his cock and John is transfixed by the phallic object. David almost feels he’s hypnotising the sub.

“I’m sure you’re right, sir. You always seem to be right. Can I get back to sucking you off, daddy? Please!”

“As you asked nicely you may, boi.”

John dives back in the hardon that now seems to own him. David smiles as the lad shows his commitment to being his toy.

“That’s it, boi. Show me you can suck cock better than your fiancée. Next time she’s sorting you out I want you to remember this. I want you to be jealous that she has a cock in her mouth and not you.”

John speeds up his sucking as a sign he wants all this, too. He doesn’t want to detach from the cock to talk. He’s very happy having a mouth full.

“That’s it, boi. You are doing well. I’ll soon have you trained up and serving cock like a good puta. Hmm, that’s good. I’m doing the men of Leeds a favour by turning you into a cock sucking whore.”

David stands up and repositions John. The lad is looking up at his Master with his mouth wide open. David’s hand slides up and down his wet cock which is pointing at John’s face.

“You want my cum, slut?”

“Yes, daddy. Give your boi your milk. Please, I need it inside me!”

David begins to grunt as his balls finally get the release they have been waiting for. The first shots of cum land on John’s forehead and eyebrows. He continues to squirt across the greedy lad’s cheeks and nose. John reaches up to rub David’s balls and the next load lands in his mouth. His eyes shine as he finally gets another man’s spunk in his gob. John forms a smile as David continues to paint the lad’s face white on his first orgasm of the year.

David looks to the ceiling as he pumps out his juices. When he looks down he has to laugh as John’s face is covered in cum. It looks like the lad has been part of a bukkake with six guys!


“Look at you drenched in my cum. Bet you are happy,” David takes some photos of the lad.”

“It feels heavy and warm, sir. I love the idea your seed is worming its way into my skin. Tastes great, sir!”

David wipes the larger drops of spunk up with his cock and then feeds it back to John. The lad happily sucks the sperm off the cock. He is surprised about him much he loves the spunk. As he swallows he keeps eye contact with his man.

“So, there you have it. You have started the new year serving a man and accepting your position in life.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you. You have shown me what I’m for. Can I cum, sir?”

“No,” David laughs. “You can return to your party with blue balls and accept my orgasm is what matters. Now, get up and let’s go to the door.”

David enjoys the wince of pain on John’s face as permission to wank off is denied. The pair of them walk past the folded white underwear on the table. They both see the item of clothing but neither say anything. David enjoys the idea that he will get to keep the trophy from the straight boy. Of course, he values the film and photos more.

“Can I wash my face, sir?”

David stares silently at the sub and John accepts the unspoken answer. He starts to pull his clothing on and realises he will have to use the mirror in the lift to clean off any more cum. This will mean eating it, as he has nothing to wipe it upon.

“You are a lucky little bitch and you need to realise that. You will find my number in your phone. You can message me once you accept my ownership of you. Until you do, I have plenty of visual reminders of how you bowed your knee to worship me, fag.”

Once he is done speaking he opens the door and John moves ready to leave. As he does he starts to respond but David pushes him into the corridor and the door bangs shut. David watches through the door’s spy-hole as the confused dumb jock tries to process what just happened. He has probably treated plenty of girls just as badly, so it is good to get a taste of his own medicine.

And so session one ends. John has had his first taste of cock, but will he be back for more? It looks like David might get an invite to the wedding, but it’s up to you if you hear about what happens on that day!

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