Happy New Queer (Part 3)

This is part three of the New Year story. It best you read part one first. John has never been with a man before and has accidentally found himself with a dominant man who gets off in using sweet innocent virgins. The abuse now continues and John is still rock hard …


John kneels in front of David who is completely naked. The straight lad can’t believe the cock before him has been in his mouth, but the need to suck on it again grows within him like a fire. He glances out of the window as New Year fireworks loudly explode over the London skyline. People around the world will be witnessing this display, yet he kneels in collar and socks more interested in the hairy older man standing over him.

John has only ever been interested in women his age and younger, but this older man currently has his full interest. There are two decades between them, but that thought only excites him. In his life so far older people have guided and looked after him, now this one is using him as a sex toy and guiding him in how to satisfy his gay desires. John’s ignored penis twitches in excitement at that thought. He stares at the thick, long and erect cock in front of him at eye level.

He had started the night with his friends and talking about his approaching wedding, but now he is a cock sucker. He doesn’t care if his friends wondered where he is or if his Fiancé is calling to say Happy New Year. He cares about David and satisfying a real man.

“You are quiet, boi. Time to kick you out I guess.”

“Please don’t do that, sir. You haven’t finished with me yet.”

“Haven’t I? I’ve turned you into my bitch. You will remember this cock for the rest of your life. The first cock you suckled on like a newborn baby on a tit. I’m in your head forever now.”

“Yes, sir. You turned me into a cocksucker. I worship your cock and you can’t take it away from me.”

“Can’t I?” David laughs. “I can do what the fuck I want. I own you. Don’t forget you’re on film serving cock.”

“I haven’t forgotten. I want a copy.”

“Typical straight. You resist for so long and then when you experience it you realise how badly you needed it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me! Convince me you deserve more.”

“Please, sir.”

“One more try and then you’re out on your arse, boi. Put some effort into it.”

David watched as the lad’s chest expands. He allows for a moments pause before this fortunate little straight boi begs to suck cock.

“Sir, I never knew what it was like until I met a real man – till I met you. The moment you started to instruct me I got hard and knew I’d been missing something important in my life. Stripping in the corridor was both the scariest and most rewarding moment in my worthless life. I got horny just from you looking at me like an object. I’m here to do as you instruct. Guide me, sir. Having your cock inside my mouth is an honour I need. My purpose. Please can I suck you, my god?”

David reaches down and pushes John hair out of his eyes. He wants to see those pathetic eyes looking up at him. He then holds John’s chin to pull open the lad’s mouth. David positions himself and then spits. The saliva falls straight into John’s mouth and vanishes.

“Whatever I put inside you must be accepted. Anything that comes out of me is worth more than you.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for giving me your piss and spit already.”

“Stand up and dance for me, maggot.”

John wants to get back to cock sucking, but he knows he has to please his man first.

“Make an effort. Excite me.”

As David sits John reaches his hands over his head and starts to dance in the most provocative ways he knows. He thinks of women dancing in movies for guys and copies their style. He is getting used to having the older man’s gaze on him. Beginning to enjoy it. Knowing this man is getting off on his nudity and submission.

“Go and dance to London. Dance in the window and show the capital your body.”

David watches as the young man slowly moves and rhythmically shows off to the unseen eyes outside. His body is lit in many colours as the fireworks continue to explode. The man sips his drink and takes in the smooth skin.

John watches as David picks up an item from beside the chair. He must have brought it from the bedroom but John didn’t notice at the time. He’s not sure how he could have missed the long black dildo.

“Put this in your mouth and dance as you suck on it, straight boi.”

John has never even touched a dildo before but this is a night for firsts. His nipples are pert and hard because of the cold glass. He watches his blurred reflection as he sucks on the phallic object. He doubts it has ever been inside David but it has definitely been inside some lads John’s age. He has talked about anal with his mates in the pub, but that was about girls taking it. He never imagined it would be his hole in danger. His mates always joked Exit Only.

“That’s it, little piggy. Show daddy how greedy you are. You are going to be my little bitch.”

John is loving all the names. Each put down makes the dildo slide into his mouth further. There is still a nagging voice telling him to stop this before it goes too far, but he plans to gag that voice. He needs this and he has only just found out how badly he wants to please his man. He keeps looking at David’s hardon to make sure he’s doing a good job. He wonders how he went from never caring about another guy’s cock to it being his single focus. He considers whether his drink was spiked, but he dismisses it as an excuse to hide behind. He knows what he is doing. He almost laughs at the idea of drinking spiked piss.

“You really are enjoying this, slut. Get back on your knees and show me what your mouth is for.”

John drops to his knees and crawls back to his man. He doesn’t want to speak as it may give the impression his mouth is for talking.

As the hard warm cock slips past his lips he feels endorphins spread around his body. He’s over the moon to have cock inside him again.

David gives the sub plenty of time to suck. He thinks it’s important for the lad to build up a relationship with the object he worships. At times he puts his hand on John’s head to remind him to service the entire length. The gagging noises bring him great satisfaction.

“Go and get your wallet, faggot.”

John looks up but does not move. David slaps him hard across the face and the lad goes. He wants to remove that pause between instruction and action. It clearly shows John is considering or questioning his command, and that cannot be allowed to continue.

The boi returns and hands over the wallet. He then goes back to sucking, but David places a firm hand on his forehead to stop him from reaching his treat.

“Let’s have a look in here before you continue, boi,” David opens the bulky black leather wallet. “So, many receipts! You need to tidy this up. Why is there £100 in here?”

David pulls out the five £20 notes. They are the shiny plastic ones that last longer and are harder to forge. It doesn’t feel like real money, though. It’s like they are trying to speed up the Cashless Society with this toy money.

“I keep it for emergencies, sir.”

“Fine. Sucking my cock will cost you £100. Willing to pay?”

“Of course, sir.”

David smiles and drops the money beside the chair. He begins to wonder what treat he will let John’s tribute buy him. He didn’t look in the wallet for cash, so he continues to look through the plastic cards till he finally pulls out what he wants.

David stands and his cock is right in front of John. The boi has to use every muscle in his body to stop himself from swallowing it. Like a dog ordered to Stay, John knows he has to wait.

“It’s important you accept you can’t hide what you are, cunt. You have to know that I am the one who decides things for you now. That’s why we are filming this.”

“Yes, sir. I know you are in charge.”

David placed a card on John’s forehead as the boi looks up at his Master.

“I’m going to take some photos with the phone as you suck on my cock, boi. This time with the card on display.”

“May I ask which card it is, sir?”

John wishes he had watched closer but he was too busy staring at the cock he needs so badly. He doesn’t want his bank details all over the place, but there isn’t much can he do about it. He thinks about moving his head a lot to shake it off, but he knows David will just slap him.

“You may?”

“Which card is it, sir?”

“It’s your driving license, boi. The one with your photo on and all your details. Your name, birthday and address. If I put that on Twitter there will be no hiding what you are.”

John’ worries about bank details seem tiny now. His driving license will remove any deniability and tell the world his identity. He is surprised when his body’s first reaction is for his penis to twitch with excitement. John has to assume if he keeps his man happy the photo will never see the light of day. He’s convinced David will look after him and do what is best for him.

He opens his mouth and David laughs.

“Hold still. I want crystal clear photos of my cock in your gob with the photo ID. The text must be visible. I’ll get some with the collar so everyone knows you identify as a slave.”

As David takes the photos John runs his tongue along the cock in his mouth. If he’s not allowed to move his head at least he can bring some pleasure to his man. His man is enjoying taking the photos, though. John can no longer fight or deny he’s a cocksucker. He doubts he would want to. Having this man own him actually feels totally right. John is beginning to wish they had met sooner. In his mind, he is planning to ask work about monthly trips to London so he can continue to serve David regularly.

“Maybe I’ll make a wedding card with some of these pics and send it on your happy day.”

John pulls away to speak.

“You could come to my wedding, sir. Imagine me sucking you in the toilets in my wedding suit.”

This gets a laugh from David which pleases John.

“Imagine your first kiss with your wife and she’s wondering why you have cock-breath!”

“I like smelling of you, sir.”

Maybe I’ll fuck your wife and you can raise my child.”

“Yes, sir, that would truly be an honour. Seeing the child every day and knowing I was serving you.”

After speaking John leans towards the cock he is growing to love, but David turns around. It is a surprise to have a man’s arse in his face.

“Kiss it, slut.”

John kisses the middle of one of the arse cheeks. It feels a little weird kissing a man’s arse, but the experience wasn’t that bad.

“No, boi, I mean slide your tongue down the middle of my arse cheeks. Kiss and lick all the way.”

“Isn’t that unhygienic, sir?”

David turns around and John receives a hard slap to the side of his face. David then repeatedly spits over his face till the sub is drenched.

“You have drunk my piss and swallowed my spit. I don’t give a shit what you think is unhygienic. You are my fag and you will lick and worship every inch of my body and obey me. When you arrived here you didn’t want to suck my cock and now you love having my manhood inside you. I don’t want you to question me, I want you to obey me. Now get that face between my arse cheeks and kiss my fucking arse!”

John is once again reminded that he is in deep and this man has full control over him. David doesn’t even have to mention the photos with his driving license or the camera recording his conversion. What John finds strange is they aren’t his main worries. His main worry is disappointing his man.

John kneels as high as he can and finds he’s on a level with the small of David’s back. He thinks David actually has quite a hot arse. When he places his hands on the rounded cheeks he finds they are good and firm. He moves his hands over the arse as he starts to kiss. He licks downwards and allows his tongue to slide into the valley formed by David’s arse cheeks. He finds the skin has a salty taste from sweat which he really likes. As he goes further into the unknown he gently pulls the cheeks apart with his hands. The spit on his face helps him slide into this new territory. Soon hair is rubbing against him and a musky man smell is becoming overpowering. The firm cheeks pressing on him remind him of sliding between a woman’s breast. The smell and taste are getting him so horny and he finds himself vigorously licking deeper into the valley. Once again he grinds his arse on the floor as this new experience drives him wild in a way he never thought possible.

“That’s it, fag. Get right in there.”

John no longer needs telling. He has to accept David was once again correct. Licking arse is something he would never have done, but this God is pushing back his barriers and showing him his purpose. He wonders how he can ever go back to boring straight sex with his Finaee.

As he slides deeper into the musky man valley he notices the feeling of skin changes on his tongue. This new area has more ridges and he knows he has reached his man’s hole. The pucked up muscle is raised and is hairless. David leans forward more and John takes that as a welcome invitation. His tongue excitedly investigates the firmest and probes the entrance of the hole.

John’s face is trapped between arse cheeks and his eyes are closed as they are useless to him. His nose is full of the horny musky smell of man. His tongue slides over David’s hole and he is surprised that his tastebuds delight in this forbidden area. His hands slide over the firm cheeks while he listens to his man taking in deep breathes. He can hear how much pleasure he is giving and it makes everything worthwhile. He needs to satisfy his man.

“That’s it, slut. Get right in there and lick daddy squeaky clean. I want to sit on your face.”

John feels like he is somehow breaking in two. There is part of him that is horrified about what he is doing and humiliated about getting off on these acts. He imagines his friends finding out and their reactions. They all think of him as quite boring and never stepping out of his comfort zone. He can only imagine them staring at him as he pushes his face into this older man’s arse. Then there’s the other part of him which is loving breaking all the rules. This part of him would get off on seeing his friends staring at him. Especially their amazement that he isn’t doing this somewhere private but in a window overlooking London.

He is totally confused, but for now, he is going to serve his man. He knows he simply must obey his instructions.

With his mouth wide open his tongue licks and probes the crack that leads into this man. At that very moment, he feels the sphincter vibrate and the man farts into him. John can’t believe what has happened and his mind tells him it is time to call it a day. He cannot allow himself to be used in this way. He is a human who deserves a level of respect. This total stranger can’t do these things to him and expect John not to protest.

As John considers this he continues to lick David’s arse.

Will John stand up and walk away from the session? Do you think David knows he can push the straight lad more? Will there be a part four or is it time to leave John alone?

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