Happy New Queer (Part 2)

This is part two of the New Year story. It best you read part one first. As quite a few of you begged for more the story of John’s New Year continues, but the action moves up to David’s apartment ….


David sits on his leather Barcelona chair looking out over London. His giant flat screen is showing the television build-up to midnight, but it is muted. His Smart Speaker is playing Sam Fender loudly. He is enjoying a gin and tonic and thinking about how the new year will be better. He is also happy to be away from the dull party. He has had some fun with John and now has no issue bringing in the New Year alone.

His thoughts are disturbed by a knocking at the door. He sighs and walks over to his hallway ready for a lively discussion with a neighbour about the volume of his music, but he is taken by surprise when he looks through the spyhole in the door. He lets the knocking continue as he smiles to himself.

It is not until the knocking stops that he goes to open the door. He decided it was best to let this little fish get properly hooked before reeling him in.

“What do you want?”

“You were right, sir. The party is boring. It’s even worse without you there.”

John stands in his socks in the corridor. David is pleased to see he has made no effort to button his shirt and his bulge is returning.

“There’s no party up here. I think you will get bored.”

John moves closer to David, whether to stop the door from being closed or to jump into the apartment is unclear.

“I think I still need some punishment for what I did. You seem to be the sort of man who can hand out punishment fairly, sir.”

“You think I treated you fairly, cunt?”

David can see John looking beyond him and into the apartment, but he still doesn’t invite him in. He is enjoying hearing the little straight boy beg for punishment.

“Yes, sir. I want to be punished enough so I never try to meet another woman.”

David picks up on John limiting his adultery to females. It makes him smile. He looks the younger man up and down. He sees him pushing his toes nervously into the carpet.

“Give me your shirt.”

There are only two buttons left fastened on the short-sleeved shirt, so it comes off quickly and without hesitation. John hands it over and David throws it on the floor behind his door.

“Turn around, boi.”

John obeys and David takes in the view of the firm arse. He knows the lad is totally out of his comfort zone but he wants to take him further. He wants to know how far he can push the little bitch.

“Take your jeans off.”

John brings his hands up to the front of his jeans but goes no further. Both men wait in silence.

“Did you hear me? I’ll close the door and you can return to the party like that, or give me your jeans and your punishment continues. Your choice, slut.”

David smiles as John’s lily-white arse appears and the skintight jeans are pulled off. John turns and hands them over. David fishes the phone out of the jean’s pocket and then throws them on the discarded shirt. He holds up the phone to take photos.

“Put your hands behind your head so you’re fully exposed. That’s a great photo. Now turn around so I get an arse pic. Good boy.”

John returns to facing David and his hairless cock points to the ceiling. It is a good length but a little thin. David is happy to use John’s phone as he can send the photos over afterwards.

“Sir, can I come in, please. Someone might see me.”

“You didn’t put your underwear back on?”

“I went to the bathroom and they were gone, sir.”

David thinks of the white CKs folded on his table. Both men know where they are and that David took them when he pissed in John’s beer bottle.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl in here, boi.”

John drops to the floor and does as he is told. The shared corridor is carpeted but David’s apartment has wooden floors.

Once the door is shut David grabs John by the back of the neck and pulls him up. He drags him to the chair he was sitting on and dumps him in front of it.

“Kneel in front of the window with your hands behind your head. I want you exposed as the slut you are to the whole of London.”

John positions himself and can feel the coldness of the glass against his naked body. David then vanishes into his bedroom and makes the boi wait on his knees. As he waits John looks out of the window and wonders if London can see him naked and hard.

“So, you have come to give yourself up to a real man, eh?”

“Yes, sir.”

“We should record the event. You will want to remember this.”

John silently watches as David sets up a camera on a tripod next to the chair. He has never had sex filmed before and although the idea excites him he worries where it will end up. He doesn’t say anything though as he’s too scared to argue. After all, David already has nudes of him. He has to accept what he is now.

David sits on his chair and as he plays with one of the items he brought from the bedroom he calls his visitor over. John wonders what the short black leather belt is that he has in his hands.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity with a woman and a man?”

“17 with a girl. I’ve never been with a man, sir.”

“Not even a shared wank session?”

“No, sir.”

“Well, you are mine now and I can do what the fuck I want with you. You came up here of your own free will and presented yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

David unrolls the leather strap and moves towards John’s neck. It is only now that John realises it is a collar with metal D-rings on. He assumed human collars no longer existed so to be fitted with one is quite a shock. He is beginning to realise just how deep he has got himself in. This started with him offering himself up and he felt in control of the situation, but David has quickly taken control and now John has to obey the man.

“Look at you, straight boy. Stripped and collared. On your knees in front of a real man. Ready to serve.”

As David speaks he sits back in the chair and rubs his hardon through his clothes. John stares at it and begins to accept that this is going to happen. He never thought he would go with a guy, but he knows he cannot say no to this man. There is an authority the eludes from him and brings out submission in John. He has broken him and he will do as instructed.

“You have the right to punish me, sir. By serving you I’ll never want a woman again.”

“That’s right, boi. You will realise serving real men is your purpose in life.”

David stands up and pushes the lad’s head to the floor. He then walks behind and inspects the arse that is on display. John watches what is happening via the blurred reflection in the window. He sees David tug his belt free.

“Bad boys learn most from some pain, and you need to learn quickly.”

David doesn’t give the boi time to respond with his opinion as he doesn’t care. A whooshing noise fills the room and then a slap as the belt finds its mark. John lurches forward as sharp pain rockets through his body. He was occasionally spanked as a child but never with a belt. David smiles at the red line across the white arse.

“You need to have your behaviour corrected. You should thank me for doing this.”

Once again there is no time for a response. A whoosh and a crack as the belt strikes its target.

John shudders again but immediately repositions himself as David wants. His balls hang exposed between his spread legs.

“Thank you, sir. I’m a piece of shit for what I’ve done. Please teach me how to behave correctly.”

David can’t help but tap the balls with his socked foot. The seemingly exaggerated leap from such a gentle touch makes David laugh. It encourages him to try again, but harder.

As John squirms in pain David laughs and then spits on the sub.

“Back into position, slut. Three more lashes of the belt to go.”

John pushes himself back up and points his arse up. His aching balls have moved closer to his body in an attempt to protect themselves. As he takes the belt three more times his eyes begin to water. He tries to blink the tears away as he knows David will laugh at him crying like a baby.

Finished with belting, David sits down and brings his foot up to rest on his knee. The size 11 foot seems monster big to John and he can already smell the man’s scent on the black sock that covers it. David enjoys seeing the boi eyeing it up and smiles as he takes a sip of his drink.

“Rub your face on it. I want you to smell of me.”

John follows the instructions given. He knows the whole thing is being filmed, but it hardly matters now as more humiliation is piled on.

The sock feels warm and soft on his face. The smell is also a turn on. Women so often smell of perfume, but this is the horny scent of another human being. He reaches up to hold the foot and notices he is grinding his arse on the floor. Whatever is going on is getting him really horny.

“Pull the sock off. I want my foot clean.”

Something has taken over John and he has never been driven like this before. He is used to his mind controlling his body, but it feels like there has been a switch. He has never been interested in feet before yet all he wants is to please his man. What turns him on is unimportant now as a primaeval instinct takes over him. He knows he will let this god do whatever he wants.

David switches his feet around and John starts again with the other sock. In no time that sock is off and his tongue is between his man’s toes. John can see the television and the excitement building up as midnight approaches. It drives him forward. He started with his eyes shut but now he stares up at David. He is desperate to keep his man happy.

“You end the year as your life will continue, bitch.”

The countdown to midnight starts.


David pushes John away so he can stand up.


David pulls at his trousers and John gets the first glimpse of black underwear.


With the trousers open, David pulls his underwear down to show the base of his cock.


John stares greedily at the base of the thick cock surrounded by a thick dark bush.


David reveals more of his daddy dick and John shuffles forward.


The cock is completely free and bouncing around.


John is mesmerised.


David slaps John face with his hardon. John has never been so close to another man’s cock and loves the sound of the slapping.


“You want to start the New Year with my cock inside you, fag?”


David drops his manhood into John’s open mouth and the slut immediately starts to suck. He looks up at the man and silently accepts his new position in life.

Happy New Year!

As the bongs of Big Ben sound out David’s balls bounce on John’s chin. In his peripheral vision, he can see through the window and all the fireworks going off in the capital city. In his mind he knows sucking on this cock is the best way to bring in the New Year. He has never felt so lucky. He knows he is honoured to have this man’s penis in his mouth. He will remember this year for what happens in this apartment tonight and not some dull wedding on February 14th.

“There you go, straight boy. Suck on that cock and show me how much you love daddy dick. You look very happy.”

“Thank you, sir,” John reluctantly stops sucking to thank his man.

“Look at London celebrating you becoming a cock sucker.”

It was true that John felt mostly happy. He had girls moan about sucking his cock but he can’t understand their attitude. Now he has a cock to suck on it is one of the most joyous feelings ever. Having a man inside him and looking up as he pleasures him. John is also getting off on the filming. Knowing for the rest of his life there would be a film of the first time he took cock. He already knows it will not be the last time either.

Part of him can’t believe he is submitting to another man. That he allowed a penis to be put into his mouth. That the lips wrapped around this daddy dick would be kissing his blushing bride in just 45 days. that part of his brain fought against him being on his knees and humiliating himself like this. That part of his brain was losing, though. John can feel his need to resist shutting down as lust, submission and acceptance takes over him.

“That’s it, boi. You worship my manhood.”

David places a hand over John’s head and the sucker naturally knows to keep still.

“Say you are sorry for opening that app.”

John moves back to speak but David holds him in position. The long thick cock makes itself at home in the warm wet hole.

“No, boi, keep my cock in your mouth and say it.”

John goes to speak but cannot get the words out with the cock in him. He stretches his mouth open and tries again, but the words fail.

“Keep trying, slut.”

Finally, John gets the cock in a position where has can speak and gets the words out. Speaking like that makes him sound so dumb. He gets a hard slap to the side of his face.

“Never forget to address me property, boi. Again.”

John manages to get the whole phrase out and attach the word ‘sir’ to the end. As he does saliva drips out of his mouth onto his legs and floor.

“You are coming along well,” David sits as he speaks. “You will get used to having me inside you.”

John is face down in David’s lap and has no plans to respond. He realises he only has to respond if his man wishes him to. David views him as a wet hole for his cock. John has quickly accepted that. As he sucks and licks he makes no effort to touch himself. There is only one cock in the room and that’s the one inside his gob. John is getting his pleasure from serving his man.

David rubs the back of John’s head and then pushes him further down. The lad has taken to cock sucking well but needs to serve his full length. He shifts position to ensure the camera can catch everything.

John begins to make gagging noises as David pushes deeper inside and that excites him. He starts to thrust into the skull. He loves fucking a cute face, especially a straight lad. John continues to gag so David holds the head allowing him to properly skull fuck his new toy. He laughs as saliva runs out of John’s mouth as the lad can no longer swallow. His eyes are watering up and his face is going red. David continues to take his pleasure.

“That’s it, hole. Learn that pleasuring cock is more important than your comfort.”

John has never experienced a rough blowjob before but he knows what is happening to him is right. He is here to please this fat daddy dick and that’s what he must do. When the skull fucking stops John assumes he will sit back and recover, but he doesn’t. When the thrusting ceases and his head is released instead of moving back he moves forward. He kisses and licks the mighty weapon and then he sucks it back inside him. All he desires is to have cock inside him. He can’t understand the switch David has thrown inside him but he is forever grateful he has been shown his purpose.

“That’s it, boi. You know what you are for now.”

David gives the sub some time with his cock. It is clear the lad is processing why he loves sucking cock so much. Having broken in a couple of straight lads before it always makes him smile when they realise how much they love cock sucking. An act they thought they would never do suddenly becomes a complete fixation on their dumb brains. One of the straights was a work colleague that he had to share a hotel room. The lad had started a game of Truth or Dare which David had taken as a sign of his inability to say what he actually wanted. The game had soon been abandoned, as was the lad’s virginity. The next morning David woke up to find himself being sucked off. By the end of the work trip, the lad had more cum in his belly than his balls. Especially after David shared him out to anyone who wanted a blowjob on Grindr.

“Look at you sucking another man off and enjoying it so much. You little faggot.”

“Yes, sir, I do love it. I didn’t think it would be like this.”

David stands to free himself of all his clothes as John kneels taking in the manly hairy body. His animal instinct is driving him to lust after this man so badly.

John is almost jealous that David is totally naked whereas he still has his socks on. Keeping them on makes him feel dressed even though he is naked. He accepts it is what David wants, so who is he to say anything. When he put on the white socks with red lines at the top this morning he never imagined the day would end like this.

“I’m deciding if I’ve punished you enough, boi. Maybe it is time to release you and send you off.”

What do you think? Do we leave John’s punishment there or continue breaking him into his new submissive life? Continue to read Part 3 to find out if David leaves it there …

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