Happy New Queer (Part 1)

As a New Year treat I thought I’d write a story starting in a New Year Party. The story starts with a bored gay man who finds a straight lad to have some fun with. The story starts in Flat 19F … enjoy and have a Happy New Year.


“So, this is my cousin John. He’s down for the party from Leeds.”

“Hey, John, good to meet you. I’m David. Are you the cousin getting married?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“It’s been mentioned as it’s on Valentines Day. Where is the bride-to-be?”

“In Edinburgh, I’m sorry to say. She tested positive when she went there for Christmas and has stayed with her parents.”

“Oh, god. Sorry to hear that. Hope she’s OK. So, you’re alone in London for New Year!”

David Smith is already hating the party and wished he hadn’t bothered travelling down the two floors to his neighbour’s flat. As he lives on the 21st floor his views over the capital are better and this party is full of couples. Even the gay couples seem so into each other they aren’t giving him the eye.

He has checked Grindr, Scuff and Recon and all the apps are quiet as people concentrate on bringing in the new year. He just hopes no one else says they hope this new year is better than the last two just gone. It’s an annoying cliche!

This new guy, John, looks OK but of course, he is coupled up. David doubts a guy who arranges a wedding on February 14th is a naughty boy, and if it was it would be with a girl.

This is the third party his neighbour Nithu has thrown, they clearly love showing off the apartment’s views over London. To be fair, it is a great view and will be an excellent vantage point to see the New Year fireworks. Of course, David’s flat will have better views as it is higher.

As David doesn’t really know anyone here he drifts around and pops in and out of conversations. He bumps into John a few more times, but always finds he is talking about the wedding. David can’t imagine anything duller. He is very happy fucking every bottom in London and turning some of the sweet ones into kinky fuckers. As a man in his mid-forties, he’s always surprised at how willing the younger generation is to sleep with older guys and explore kinks. When he was in his twenties he would block anyone over thirty on gay.com and gaydar.co.uk. Back then he was also perfectly happy with kissing, sucking and fucking. Today’s young folk are a lot more open-minded. Maybe because they grew up with easy access to sex, whereas he had to look for hedge-porn or the underwear section of his mum’s clothing catalogue.

After completing another lap of the apartment he places his champagne glass down and heads to the bathroom. His timing is perfect as the annoying twat from next door is about to come over and bore him. All he talks about is the attitude of the concierge. David doesn’t care about the attitude when the guy’s arse looks so good in those tight grey trousers!

As he walks up to the bathroom the door pulls open and out steps John. They share a smile and John says the room is all his. David is pleased to have one good looking guy at the party. John is 23-years-old and has sandy hair. He must be under six feet as he’s slightly shorter than David. The lad is clean-shaven and has the boy-next-door look about him. He’s slim and would definitely get a Tap from David on Grindr.

Once locked in the room David flops out his uncut cock and piss starts to flow. He is blessed with a hung cock and doesn’t need to hold it to aim it. Like his apartment, this one also has a mirror behind the toilet so he can watch himself piss. He always wondered why this was a common feature of bathrooms nowadays. Still, he loved to see himself piss, but he preferred a lad drinking it down.

With a devil may care attitude he shakes himself off and as he does he spots a phone next to the sink. Once he is tucked away he picks the phone up and sees it is open on some straight dating site and the screen is full of photos of women. He would have loved to have seen it with Grindr open. The profile of the phone’s owner is just a bare, hairless chest, but with nice pecs. Clearly, one of the men in a couple at the party is misbehaving and seeing what else is on offer.

As he steps out of the bathroom he is almost knocked over by John.

“Sorry, mate. I left my phone in there. I need it back.”

“You mean this phone?” David waves the phone in the air. “The one with the hookup app open on it.”

David loves seeing the younger man turn bright red. He would never cause him trouble, but he gets a rush of blood as he feels some power over the lad.

“Oh, god. Shit. Please don’t wave it about,” John grabs the phone and David lets him take it back. “I was just looking, honest. You can’t tell anyone. It’s David, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and don’t worry. I won’t cause you problems.”

“No, I’m serious. Loads of people here are coming to the wedding and if this gets out I’m a dead man. Really, I’ll do anything to keep it secret.”

“I don’t want to cause you trouble. Relax.”

“This would destroy me. I really would do anything to keep it quiet.”

David suddenly gets the feeling John is a bit too keen to do anything to keep this quiet. It crosses his mind that he may have a closet-case begging to do anything. He pushes the thought away, though. Straight lads offering themselves is the stuff of porn and not real. All the straights on the likes of Czech Hunter and Bait Bus are a little too willing to turn gay for pay.

But still, maybe he could have some non-sexual fun. He doesn’t want to be attacked by the #MeToo movement after all.

“OK, to keep me quiet you have to give me your phone and code for the evening. I get to read all your messages and look at your pics.”

“But my phone has everything on it. You could do anything!”

“Well, if you want me to keep quiet you will have to trust me, won’t you?”

John looks down at the phone and then reluctantly hands it over to the older man.

“The code is 1998.”

“Your year of birth? That’s original!”

David taps in the code and once inside opens the gallery. The last group of photos include John’s bare chest photo, some in his tight-white CK underwear and some with his cock out. He raises an eyebrow as he views them. There is even one that is full-frontal. As his cock stiffens he selects them all and emails them to himself.

“Well, I’m definitely taking all those nudes. You have a nice cock, boy. Are you totally hairless?”

“Yeah, my fiancée like me like that. I just took the pics for fun. You can’t share them. What did you do?”

“I just emailed them to myself. I’ll have a wank over them later.”

“Oh god, you have a full frontal of me. My face and cock. I’ll do anything to keep that from going public. Please don’t share it.”

“Let’s get back to the party. I’ll think of some things you can do to entertain me. And call me sir when I talk to you.”

John nervously returns to a group of friends, but his mind cannot settle on their conversation. He had only joined the app for a bit of sexting as he hasn’t seen his fiancée for almost two weeks. She is a bit dull when it came to sex and so they has been no cam fun. Now he is worried some gay guy in London could ruin everything for him. There are enough shared friends in this room that news of his misdemeanour could reach her instantly thanks to modern communications. Whatever happens, he has to keep David happy.

After a while David, walks over to John with an empty glass. The circle of friends around John are in full conversation, but David talks over them.

“Take this glass away and get me a full one. Oh, and take your shoes off, boy. Understand?”

All the conversations stop and people wonder if John is going to let himself be spoken to in that manner. The silence stretches out until John finally breaks it.

“Yes, sir. Straight away.”

As John takes the empty glass he can see eyebrows being raised as people wonder why John has accepted the rude behaviour. Once the glass is in the kitchen he heads over to the front door and kicks his Nikes off. No one else has removed their footwear and he will stand out in his white socks. He also picks his footwear to give him a few inches in height, so now everyone will notice he’s shorter than he appears. He picks up a glass of champagne and takes it to David.

“Here you go, sir.”

David takes the glass without acknowledging John. He is busy talking to one of John’s best friends. Now John has returned to the circle he can feel his height loss and can sense people not being willing to talk to him. It seems like their confusion about John’s submission is making them nervous. He realises how much impact David can have on his life with barely a word spoken. What surprises him more than the revelation is the hardon it causes.

The conversation flows until David decides to move groups. Before he goes he beckons John over and shows him his phone.

“This is your Twitter account, boi. You can see I have a post ready with your full-frontal photo on. If you don’t want me to post it go to the bathroom and remove your underwear. Also, undo another two buttons on your shirt.”

“Yes, sir.”

John doesn’t even think about the task because he knows he has no choice. When he reaches the bathroom he is pleased to see it is empty. Once the door is locked he pulls off his skintight jeans and then the white CKs he is wearing. Once his cock is free it bounces around hard till his jeans are back on. The tight jeans leave nothing to the imagination and the outline of his erection is clear for all to see. He hides his underwear in the wash basket as he can’t fit them in his pockets. He then looks at himself in the mirror and unfastens two buttons. The white shirt does look pretty smart, but with more buttons open he looks like a slut. He cock pushes against his jeans at that thought.

After staring in the mirror for a few minutes he accepts his fate and heads back into the apartment to socialise and await his next instructions.

Walking out into the main room John is very conscious of his bulge and he is not helped by David taking a photo while he laughs. After that, someone he doesn’t even know walks by and comments on how open his shirt is. As tempted as he is to go back and undo the changes he knows David has power over him and he has no choice in the matter.

“Hey, cousin, this isn’t Ibiza. Why have you got you pecs out?”

“I was feeling hot and thought I’d cool off.”

“You will be getting the girls even hotter at this rate!”

John looks over at David laughing at him from over by the window. He hates how much this is entertaining the older man. Having said that, his cock has shown no signs of softening. He picks up a beer and fresh glass of champagne before walking over to David.

“I brought you another drink, sir.”

“Good boy. Judging by your hardon drink is not the only thing on your mind. Why are you hard?”

“I’m not fully sure, sir. I don’t want to obey you but have no choice if I want my wedding to go ahead. I’m not sure why that would be making me hard, though.”

“Sounds like you get off on a bit of humiliation. Have you ever had a girl control you? Maybe a dominatrix?”

“No, sir. Nothing like that. I’m not sure doing this would be a turn on if it was a girl ordering me about.”

“That’s pretty normal for you straight lads. Having to obey a guy you can’t fancy is a lot more humiliating than a woman.”

“I don’t think there’s much more we can do, sir. Shall we end it here?”

David laughs and shakes his head. He tells John to hold his champagne and then takes the lad’s green beer bottle to the toilet. James is pretty annoyed as this is a new bottle. He does not want David banning him from drinking. That would be an awful New Year’s Eve.

James waits next to the window and as he does he notices more people looking over. He wants to check how much his cock is sticking out but can’t without making it even more obvious. Usually, he would check his phone to distract from the issue, but of course, he has no phone. Judging by the stares and giggles the bulge is pretty clear to everyone. Unfortunately, this attention just makes more blood run to his groin and makes the problem more visible.

He lets out a sigh of relief when he sees David returning with his beer.

“Drink up, boy.”

“Yes, sir.”

The moment they swap drinks John realises something is not right. The bottle is full to the brim and feels wetter. Also, it doesn’t smell like beer.

“What is this?”

“What did you call me!”

“Sorry, sir. What is this, sir?”

“It’s your next challenge. Drink it all down or spend Valentines Day alone. I have a text ready for your fiancée.”

John didn’t realise the tasks were going to go this far. He just thought it would be some silly little challenges. David is humiliating him in front of his friends. He even hates standing next to him as it makes him look shorter. He is being dominated and turned into a little bitch.

“I’m not sure about this, sir. I didn’t think it would go this far.”

“This is your last challenge. I’m going to make an excuse and go to my apartment. This party is dull. I’d prefer to bring in the New Year alone.”

“You can’t leave, sir.”

“I can do what I want, boy. Now drink the bottle of my piss down and then you can have your phone back. Be a good bitch.”

The confirmation that he’s holding a bottle of piss makes the whole thing worse. He looks at everyone talking and enjoying them, totally oblivious to the fact that he’s drinking a guy’s piss.

He raises the bottle to his mouth and the warm liquid floods onto his tongue. As he does David takes a photo with both their phones and laughs. John keeps drinking in the hope it ends the tasks as quickly as possible.

“That’s it, boy, drink it down. I’ve taken a photo on both phones so you will have a happy reminder of the time you drank my piss. How do you feel?”

“I realise you are treating me like a cunt because I behaved like one tonight. I shouldn’t have gone on that hookup app and drinking your piss is a fair punishment, sir.”

“That’s the attitude, cunt,” as he speaks David undoes another of John’s buttons. “Accept your punishment and thank me for saving your wedding.”

John takes another swig and looks around the room. His cock is now fully hard and raising his arm to drink fully reveals his bulge. He sees men and women looking and then talking in shocked whispers. If he’s honest with himself it is the horniest thing he has experienced away from the bedroom.

“Thank you, sir. I really owe you.”

“And don’t forget I have all those photos you took, so if we meet up again in the future you still obey me, little boy.”

“Yes, sir.”

David looks at the bottle and sees it is empty. Without a word, he hands John back his phone and walks over to their host. John watches as the man makes his excuses and then walks out. David doesn’t even look back at him and John feels like a used slut. The man has had his fun and left. John is left in socks, no underwear, hard, shirt open and piss in his belly.

After submitting to a man can John really end it there? Will he spend midnight at the dull party or ask which apartment David lives in? Find out in Part Two of Happy New Queer.

Ever wanted to use mind-control on a crush? This is the book for you.

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