Straight Punishment: Switch’s Garage – Older Sub

This post is part two of a story inspired by the internet photo below. You can read part one by clicking here. You have decided that you want to read about the older man being used by his younger apprentice and letting the lad take full advantage. Enjoy ….

Older Sub

“OK. Well, you asked for this. Don’t blame me if I make you cry.”

It annoys Noah when his boss laughs at the idea that he could be a dominant man. Why older men always behave like they had some right to lord it over the next generation was beyond him. He didn’t think it fair that this guy was sat on a fortune and he had to live in a caravan on his parent’s driveway.

Before he knows what he was doing his hand flew at Andrew and slapped him hard across h to he face. The man stopped laughing and anger flashed across his face.

“Pull your arms out of your overalls. I don’t want your sleeves getting in the way of the tape. That’s better. Now, put your hands out.”

Noah keeps pushing the man as he seems in a state of confusion from the slap. Andrew’s chest is a lot hairier than his. Older people held no attraction to him but bossing his boss around seemed to be awakening a deep dark desire he never knew he had.

The tape seems to screech as he pulls it off the roll. Once he has a length detached he starts to wrap it around the outstretched wrists. He goes around several times to ensure there’s no chance of escape. As he does he feels a twitch within his overalls. He is used to hardons from lust but this blood rush comes from a sense of control.

“I’m going to fucking teach you to respect me.”

He decides he wants to start by humiliating Andrew and so pulls at the overalls. He is surprised at how quickly the oversized clothing falls to Andrew’s boots. Slowly he walks behind the bound man and kicks him in the back of his knee. Andrew falls to a kneeling position and now the blue overalls can be pulled off completely. The man is left in just black work boots with black socks poking out of the top.

Noah continues his slowly circling of his captive and inspects the older naked man.

“Your days as my boss are over. I’m planning a hostile take over, old man.”

He grabs the kneeling man by the hair and pulls his head back. The move opens Andrew’s mouth and Noah spits into it. He keeps spitting and covers the old man’s face.

“Oh, I think it is time for another tea.”

Noah walks to the workbench where Andrew’s favourite mug sits and he fishes his hardening cock out of his overalls. Almost immediately a steady stream of piss shoots out of him and into the mug. He also drenches the outside of the cup. He wants Andrew to see him mark his property.

“From now on you make the drinks, grandad. If you are lucky I’ll let you have my piss occasionally.”

Noah walks back over with the mug now full of his golden liquid.

“Do you want your special tea?”

Andrew does not reply so he gets another hard slap across the face.

“We aren’t going anywhere till this is drunk, boomer, so make this easy on yourself, eh?”

Andrew wants to explain that he isn’t a baby boomer but he has seen the insult more and more on social media recently. He realises that Noah doesn’t care that’s he’s actually Generation X. This whole practice of bondage has taken a very strange turn, but he has to admit it has his interest. Noah had asked if he had tied a woman up and he had answered truthfully when he said once. What he hadn’t mentioned was women had tied him up and he really enjoyed being submissive to them. He opens his mouth as a sign he’s ready for the mug.

“Oh, no. You need to tell me. I wanna hear it from you.”

“I want my tea.”

The face slap echoes around the garage.

“You call me boss and use your manners.”

“Please may I have my tea, boss?”

“That’s better. You need to learn to respect me, grandad.”

Noah moves the mug full of his warm piss to Andrew’s mouth and begins to tip it. He laughs as the man drinks it down. Sometimes Andrew looks at the mug and sometimes straight up into Noah’s eyes. Noah’s cock is now full of blood and straining to take more power away from the pathetic cunt kneeling before him.

He tips the mug quicker and Andrew can’t cope with the flow. Piss spills out over his face and then runs down his chest. Noah takes the mug away before it is empty and pours the remaining liquid out over Andrew’s head. He laughs as it flows through the loser’s hair and down his face.

“There you go you little bitch. Now you are marked as my property. I don’t want you to wash this mug. I want it stained with my piss forever.”

“Yes, boss, I understand.”

Noah puts the mug down as he heads over to the garage doors to pull them shut. He is enjoying himself and doesn’t want to be interrupted. As he returns he changes the radio from a station playing hits from the 90s to one playing modern music.

“No more old people music. I control the radio now. Understand?

“Yes, boss.”

As Andrew replies Noah pulls off his overalls and vest. His cock is crying out to be free and he wants to give it some air. He wears his black work boots with pushed down grey socks poking out of the top.

Once he is back in front of the old man he pulls back his foreskin and runs his finger under the rim of his cock head. The smeg he collects he rubs under Andrew’s nose.

“There you go. You can smell my cock all the time now. Aren’t you lucky?”

“Yes, boss.”

Noah puts his finger into Andrew’s mouth and it gets sucked clean. Andrew looks up at Noah as he does so and that almost makes his young cock explode.

“I think you want to suck my cock, don’t you?”

“If you want me to, boss.”

“Don’t hide behind that, cunt. Once you accidentally liked one of my beach photos on Instagram. One from a long time ago. Admit that you have been scrolling through my socials looking for shirtless photos of me.”

To Noah’s surprise, Andrew admits it straight away. He had made up the accidental like but he had always suspected Andrew was looking. There have been several times he had caught the older man staring at his body.

“It’s good to admit it you spinster. You never managed to find the right woman because you never accepted you wanted a man. Now you’re old and alone. Do you want to suck my cock?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Tell me what you want to do.”

“I want to suck your cock, boss.”

“Ask politely, cunt.”

“Please can I suck your cock?”

“Address me properly.”

“Please can I suck your cock, boss?”

“You learning. This is your apprenticeship to me, grandad.”

“Yes, boss. Thank you, boss.”

Noah had been walking around the kneeling man. He watches Andrew’s eyes when he can and they are staring intently at the younger man’s cock. He is clearly desperate to taste Noah’s manhood. Noah stops in front of Andrew. His cock stands up straight but out of reach, for now.

“It’s time things changed around here, cunt. I’m taking a pay increase. If I arrive a little late in the morning you don’t say anything and my friends get their cars fixed for free.”

“Yes, boss, if that’s what you want.”

“Plus, as you are alone we are going to change your Will. You are going to give everything to me, old man.”

“If that’s what you want, boss.”

Noah cannot believe how easily this worthless piece of shit was rolling over for him. He knows he has to find a way to make this permanent and not allow Andrew to back out. He walks over to Andrew’s clothes on the wall hook and grabs his wallet.

“I’m going to film you sucking my cock. While you suck I’m going to put your driving license on your forehead. If you piss me off ever again the video goes online and everyone will know you’re a cock sucking fag. Understand?”

“Yes, boss, that’s fair. I won’t go back on my word, though. I promise, boss.”

Noah looks through the wallet and shakes his head at how stupid the old fool is. He was enjoying this job but it was about to get a whole lot sweeter.

“You got £200 sat in here doing nothing! I’m going to take it. I will enjoy it rather than letting it gather dust.”

Noah pulls out the wad of twenty-pound notes and the driving license. He then chucks the wallet away.

“Yes, boss, you can buy yourself a beer with it.”

Noah tucks the money into his boot so he doesn’t forget it. As he does he sees the old man watch his money vanish. It almost looks like he gets off on being robbed. Noah finds it weird but is happy to benefit finally. Old people have great cars and no money worries it was time to pass it down.

“Your driving license goes on your forehead and then it is clear for the video.”

Andrew is memorised by the change in his young apprentice and is loving the transfer of power. With his hands bound he can’t do much but he is getting off on the attitude Noah is giving him. He is surprised his cock isn’t hard but it looks like it knows it isn’t required.

“Yes, boss, please film me humiliating myself by sucking you off. I beg you to,”

A British driving licence is the size of a credit card. It has a photo, name, date of birth and address displayed. Once it is balanced on Andrew’s forehead, Noah turns his camera to landscape and starts the video with a clear close up on the official document. He then makes Andrew repeat all the details and confirm he has relinquished all control of the video. Noah smiles as the bitch frees him to post the video on any website he wants.

“Now beg to suck on cock, old man. Make sure you look into the camera.”

“Boss, I need to have your cock in my mouth. I want to pleasure you and embarrass myself by giving you what a real, superior man such as yourself deserves from a lowlife such as myself.”

Noah moves closer and slaps his cock around the sub’s face. It feels good to beat up the loser with his manhood.

“Open your mouth and roll out your tongue like a welcome mat, grandad.”

Noah spits into the wide-open gob. He never thought he would have such control over another man.

“Start at the base and lick your way up to my dick head. Do it nice and slowly and look at the camera. I want the world to know what you are for.”

Andrew slowly moves along the cock. He even does extra strokes with the tip of his tongue to truly worship the object. He takes in the strong musky smell of man and feels very lucky to be so close to this sacred object. His eyes never leave the camera. He has never been filmed during sex but he loves the added shame it brings. Knowing this lad with have evidence of his submission forever. He hopes he can have a copy of the film and any photos that are taken. He convinces himself if he offers Noah money he will be allowed.

“Do you like that?”

“It’s amazing, boss. Thank you for letting me pleasure you. Please can I swallow your cock now?”

Noah gives a nod and then watches on his phone screen as his cock vanishes into his sub. Andrew is keen to have it all in him. He pushes right down so his face is buried in the tangled hair on Noah’s big bush of pubes. Andrew can feel himself choking but he remains in place. Looking up through watery eyes and pubes he keeps an eye on the camera.

He pulls back to regain his breath and then happily starts sliding up and down Noah’s cock. He lifts his bound hands and rubs the low hanging balls. As he feels them he desperately wants the man’s seed inside him. He has no control, it is up to the man to decide when he wants to cum.

As he keeps sucking Noah slaps his face but Andrew does allow that to distract him from cock. He realises he never wants to be separated from dick again.

After a good long sucking Noah grabs Andrew’s hair and pulls him off. He naturally spits when he sees the loser looking up at him. He thinks older men are supposed to have a bit of dignity but this one is a right cunt.

“Did you enjoy being my cocksucker?”

“I love it, boss. Thank you for giving me this honour.”

Noah walks around the loser and when he gets behind he kicks him in the back, Andrew falls on to his bound hands. As he remains in this position Noah ponders the arse he is being presented with. Andrew looks back and stares at the man, wondering what is next.

“I always got so bored of you nagging me to clean this place up. It’s a garage, not my bedroom.”

“Sorry, boss.”

“Well, I won’t be cleaning up again. Will I?”

Noah walks to the corner well the wooden broom is stored. He then heads over to the tub of cleaning gel they use to clean oil off their hands. He stares at the loser as he unscrews the tub and smears gel on the broom handle.

Andrew watches everything.

“You are in charge, boss. What you want happens.”

Noah drags the broom back to where he was stood inspecting Andrew’s arse. He lowers the handle and rests it in between the arse cheeks.

“You know the saying don’t you, cunt?”

“Yes, boss. Stick a broom up my arse and I’ll sweep up, too.”

Noah holds the handle with one hand and pulls Andrew’s arse cheek to the side. He gets the first glimpse of another man’s hole. It doesn’t turn him on and he has no desire to fuck the old man. He does get excited at lining the tip of the handle up with the exposed hole. To his surprise, Andrew pushes back and the lubricated pole begins to vanish inside.

“You sick, bastard. You are pushing back on it.”

“My boss wants it in me so that’s what happens.”

Noah steps to the brush end of the long broom and puts his boot behind it. This means the broom can only move deeper into the old man. He watches as the pole vanishes and then remembers he should film this. He sees Andrew looking back so he makes sure to get his face in the shot.

The moment Andrew sees the camera he starts to rock backwards and forwards. The broom feels hard inside his inexperienced pussy but he keeps going for his boss’s sake. He feels he might as well get used to this as it looks like his whole life is about to change.

“Look at you disgracing yourself. You aren’t even embarrassed about being on film. You are fucking useless.”

“You give me purpose, boss. I’m here for you.”

“That’s right you, bitch. You now only exist to make my life the best it can be.”

Noah stares at the broom vanishing and reappearing. His hand with gel on finds his hardon and he wanks as he watches. He is sure the broom is going deeper inside the loser.

Switching the phone off he stares jealously at the broom. There is a feeling growing inside him. A feeling he is finding hard to resist. Despite not wanting to fuck the old man something is raging inside him and it is telling him to get inside the arse. He needs to completely claim the ex-man as his property. He needs Andrew to know this is their new relationship. The boss title has swapped over and Noah is now in charge of Andrew’s life.

Noah moves forward and as he grabs the scruff of Andrew’s neck he tells him to get up. He walks him over to the Volkswagen Beetle and pushes him onto the car. The broom is left discarded on the floor.

Once sprawled out over the car Andrew’s acts like this is what he has been waiting for. He spreads his legs wide and looks back at the man approaching.

Noah moves up to Andrew and pulls apart the arse cheeks. The hole has been opened by the broom and it encourages Noah. Standing right up close Noah pushes himself into the cunt. As he does do Andrew groans and flattens himself on to the car. He positions himself to be taken by the man.

Noah loves how tight the hole feels and begins to shove himself inside deep and hard. It feels a lot more animalistic than sex with his girlfriend. Andrew is there to be taken.

Reaching up he pulls Andrew’s head back by the hair. This causes his back to arch and the fuck feels even better.

“Take me, boss. Claim ownership of me while I lie on my favourite car.”

Noah keeps pounding hard. He allows his actions to do the talking. It is sending a clear message.

It is a couple of days since he has had sex and his balls are heavy. He is desperate to empty them. Andrew can sense the urgency in his man.

“Cum as quick as you want, boss. This is just about your pleasure.”

Noah feels no pressure to impress the loser by taking his time and he is concentrating on his orgasm. The two of them in just their work boots. Moving beyond work and into Ownership.

Noah needs to cum and breed the sub.

He can feel his orgasm building and Andrew can sense his reward will arrive soon.

“You give me purpose, boss. You are superior.”

Noah doesn’t try to hold back the orgasm. Once it arrives he lets it fly. He can feel the spunk explode out of him and into his slut. His body shakes as his milk sprays inside Andrew. He loves the feeling of taking his former boss. He is in charge now. They both know what has happened here.

Noah thrusts a few more times to make sure his seed is planted deep. When he steps back his cock slides out of Andrew.

Andrew slides off the car and gets on his knees. In seconds after cumming Noah finds his cock being carefully cleaned up by an attentive sub. He lets the sub works as he takes deep breaths to recover. His entire body felt that amazing orgasm.

“Uncover the pit, grandad.”

The pit is the thin rectangular hole in the garage floor which is used for under-car inspections. If you stand in it your shoulders will almost touch the sides but it is deep enough to almost swallow up Noah. It is usually covered with two thick wooden planks so no one falls in.

Despite his willingness, Andrew struggles to pull the planks away with his hands bound, but he manages it in the end.

“Get in there.”

One end of the pit has steps built in and Andrew uses these to descend. Once in the pit he turns to face Noah and looks up. Noah stands astride the hole and his cock raises as he starts to piss again. He doesn’t bother holding his cock. The liquid flows and Andrew moves into position to swallow the treat.

Noah laughs as he rains a golden shower on the old man. When the stream dies down he shakes his hips to get rid of the last drops. Below him Andrew, has swallowed and been drenched in piss.

“Right, I’m off to the pub to spend your money. You are going to spend the night in the pit. Covered in my piss and with my cum dripping out of you.”

“Yes, boss. Thank you, boss.”

Noah begins to pull the planks back over the hole. He spits at the loser as he does. Andrew’s hands are still bound and it almost looks like he is praying down there.

“Tomorrow we are going to implement our changes. You will spend the night coming up with a plan to make my life better.”

“Yes, boss.”

Andrew’s words are muffled as the pit is now covered. Noah gets in a car and moves it so the front wheels will keep the planks in place. He doesn’t want his property going anywhere tonight.

He whistles as he washes and gets dressed in his normal clothes. The radio begins to play one of his favourite tunes but he switches it off. The garage is then thrown into darkness as he turns off the lights. He is sure he hears Andrew wish him a good night as he pulls the doors close. He shakes his head in disbelief.

“Things are going to be a lot different from now on, old man.”

He padlocks the doors together and walks off to the pub to spend Andrew’s money.

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