Straight Punishment: Switch’s Garage – Dom Daddy

This post is part two of a story inspired by the internet photo below. You can read part one by clicking here. You have decided that you want to read about the older man tying up his younger apprentice and showing the lad the ropes. Enjoy ….

Daddy Dom

Andrew steps forward to take the tape off the boi and then slaps his across the face. The noise echoes around the concrete floor. Noah rubs the side of his face in shock.

“It’s time for you to step up, boi. This girl wants a real man to take her in the bedroom and make her submit.”

Andrew wraps tape around Noah’s left wrist and then grabs his right hand and binds them tightly together. Noah says nothing as he is pulled into the centre of the garage. Once there Andrew grabs the hook which hangs down on a thick metal chain. He secures the chain between Noah’s bound hands and then reaches for the control which hangs down. The hook is there to help them when they take engines out of cars.

Noisily the heavy chain slowly lifts Noah’s arms up and once he is balanced on his toes Andrew hits the button marked STOP.

“There you are, boi. Look at you hanging up like a piece of meat,” Andrew circles the boi as he speaks. “I just hired you to keep those old women coming here. They love your muscles and young, fresh body.”

Andrew reaches up and feels the exposed biceps. He had always admired the lad’s arms and how wearing vests made his muscles stand out. Now he’s stood this close he gets a smell of Noah’s armpits. The sweaty pits have a strong smell to them and the black hair nestled in there is damp from a day’s work.

As his hands explore something digs into his hip and when he looks down he sees Noah’s hardon trapped in the overalls.

“Well, what have we here? Our little straight boi is getting excited by a man tying him up.”

Andrew pulls at the overalls sleeves which are tied around Noah’s waist. The overalls are designed to go over clothing and so they drop away when untied. Clearly, the boi has followed Andrew’s lead and wears no clothes underneath. At first, the overalls get stuck on Noah’s thighs but drop to his feet as the boi moves to stay on his toes. His long, thin hardon points firmly upwards.

“Look at how excited you are. It’s only right I get to see you naked. After all, you perv’ed on me naked the day we met.”

As Noah silently watches, Andrew goes over to the garage doors and pulls them shut. He isn’t sure where this is going but he doesn’t want anyone seeing a naked lad hanging up in the middle of his business. As he walks back he picks up some scissors off a workbench. When he reaches the boi he places the cold metal on the exposed skin and smiles as the helpless boi squirms. He then reaches up and snips the straps of the vest that go over the shoulders. The fast-fashion quickly falls off the boi. It ends up on top of the overalls at Noah’s feet. Andrew reaches down to lift the boi’s boots one at a time so he can pull away the unnecessary clothing.

Finally, Andrew steps back and inspects his prize. Noah hangs fully exposed from the chain. He only wears his black work boots with pushed down grey socks poking out of the top. Andrew runs his hands over the smooth, firm skin. He has seen the muscular body on Instagram photos but never touched it like this. Something grows deep in Andrew’s mind, a desire is triggered and he knows he has to enjoy this body. He needs to take pleasure from it. Instinctively his hand reaches around to grope the firm arse cheeks and then he slaps one. The noise causes his hardon to rage.

“What are you going to do to me, sir.”

Hearing the boi’s voice is a shock. Up until now the lad has said nothing and allowed Andrew to do whatever he wants.

“You need to learn there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.”

Andrew walks to the hook with his clothes on and pulls his belt away from his trousers. As he returns to Noah he snaps the black leather belt and the boi reacts to the sharp noise. Noah nervously watches as he knows what is going to happen.

Standing to one side and behind the hanging sub, Andrew places both ends of the belt in his right hand. He then lifts the looped belt and brings it down across Noah white arse cheeks. The whoosh of the belt is enough to make the arse cheeks tighten. The actual impact makes Noah yelp out in pain.

Andrew raises the belt another four-time before inspecting the red lines that are glowing across the arse cheeks.

“There’s a good, boi. You took that well. A boi needs to learn its place in life.”

He puts the belt down and picks the scissors back up. When he walks back around Noah he sees the hardon is still pulsating with blood. He noticed before the lad’s pubic hair was very unkempt. He grabs it by the handful and clips away at the 70s style bush.

“You need to keep these trimmed, boi.”

Noah says nothing as the sign of manhood is clipped away from him. It is the loss of power he feels more smartly than his sore ass checks. He is confused about why he is allowing this man to strip and treat him like this. He isn’t even sure if this is part of an introduction to bondage or something a lot more serious. He senses that the man’s attitude has changed, and control is entirely in Andrew’s hands. The man has gone from his work boss to his total Boss.

“That’s better. You can tell that girlfriend of yours that you want to shave completely. Now, let’s give you a little pleasure to train you up.”

Andrew walks back to the workbench and picks up a tub of gel they use to clean their hands. He also pockets two crocodile clips. The desire running through his veins seems to be intensifying and he’s not sure where it is coming from. Having complete control over his young mechanic has awoken a deep primaeval need inside him, and he loves it.

Once he is back in front of Noah he slowly runs a finger up the length of the hardon. Andrew is barely touching the lad, but the tip of his finger is like electricity to the boi. He hears the younger man gasp as that tiny point of contact sends pleasure waves throughout his bound body. To Noah the fact that he can do nothing makes the touch feel like the only contact with the world. He feels he could cum right now from it.

After dipping his hand in the tub Andrew takes a grip on the long cock and firmly begins to stroke it. Noah’s foreskin easily pulls back and exposes his cock’s head. Andrew can smell the boi’s scent. The pheromones are sending the message that the bitch is on heat and his toy to play with.

“That’s it, boi. You like me touching you. You love being helpless in front of a real man.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me how much you like being tied up and played with.”

“I love it, sir.”

“Don’t say ‘it’, tell me what ‘it’ is.”

Andrew had been in charge of training in his old career and he knows there is power in words. Making Noah says what he enjoys will reprogram him and make him accept his new position.

“I love being helpless in front of you, sir. I love that you can punish and pleasure me as you see fit. That you are my boss and I’m your property.”

Andrew leans in and starts to kiss the little slut. They are about the same height now and with his free hand, he grabs Noah’s hair and positions him where he wants. His other hand slips down the cock and cups Noah’s balls. The two big testicles feel like precious gems and he begins to squeeze them. He can feel the boi trying to escape the kiss to say be gentle but Andrew holds him tight. He switched between his tongue explores the boi’s mouth and biting Noah’s lower lip.

Before he stops the kiss his hand moves away from the ballsack and deeper between Noah’s legs. He slides into this unexplored valley and feels Noah move his feet further apart. The signal is clear to the man: it’s all yours.

“Good boi. My swinging toy is here to please me.”

“Yes, sir, I like you being in control.”

“I don’t think we need to hear from you anymore, boi.”

Andrew pulls out another length of the tape. He places it across Noah’s open mouth and then wraps it around the lad’s head. The boi looks with pleading eyes but there’s nothing he can no now. Andrew has removed his ability to move and speak. It is going to be a fun evening.

Andrew reaches into his pocket and pulls out one crocodile clip. The clip has a black rubber tip. He decided not to use bare metal, this time anyway. He opens the clip wide and pushes it onto Noah’s nipple. Once he is confident he has a good position he releases his grip. He smiles as the boi’s breathing becomes shallow and raspy through the tape. Noah’s eyes almost seem to pop out in a state of confusion. Lots of men never really discover their nipples and that they can be control knobs to their sexual fulfilment. Without speaking Andrew clips the other nipple for balanced tit torture.

While Noah deals with his nipples Andrew’s index finger has found the boi’s secret place. The gel on his hand helps him to begin the slide into his property. The tight Spektork allows the lubed finger into it but Andrew knows getting more inside is going to require work.

“Look at you squirm, boi. This is probably the first time you have felt your nipples like this. I’m going to teach you what your sex organs are, and the list doesn’t include your willy.”

The boi does not speak but pleads silently through his eyes. What he is pleading for is anyone’s guess. Andrew has his understanding, he pushes his finger deeper into the boi’s pussy.

Stepping back Andrew pulls his arms out of his overalls and then pulls them off over his boots. He stands before his prize in just black work boots and socks. His large bull cock points towards its desires, so full of blood the thick meat doesn’t stand straight up.

“I knew you wanted to me from day one, boi. Silently watching me strip. You are always bending over to show me that arse.”

Moving behind the boi Andrew steps in close and his cock slides between Noah’s arse cheeks. Reaching around Andrew flicks at the clips and enjoys the muffled sound of groaning. His hands slide over the slightly hairy chest and follow the firm line of his pecs. He slides them over the flat stomach and then flicks at the hardon.

Noah squirms and moves around on his toes but there’s nothing he can do about the man’s rough hands exploring him. He knows that there is nothing he wants to do. Being bound and helpless is so horny. He is used to always taking the lead with women and experiencing being a sex object is really turning him on. His nipples are sending out so many messages he barely knows how to handle them. His boss is right though, pain and pleasure are separated by a fine line.

Andrew’s daddy dick keeps finding the boypussy entrance and teasing it. The boi isn’t quite at the right height to be entered. Andrew could reposition himself but instead, he grabs the controller and presses UP. Noah is lifted off his feet and Andrew keeps a firm grip so he doesn’t swing away. This boi is going nowhere.

Holding his cock so the head is waiting at the boicunt, Andrew presses DOWN. The machinery whirls and lowers Noah. At first, there is resistance but then physics takes over and Andrew entries the boi.

His cock popping into the tight hole feels amazing. It is a long time since he has had sex. As the boi slowly moves down his thick shaft pushes deeper inside. Andrew feels boots against his calf muscles and realises Noah isn’t even trying to stand up. The little bitch is loving being lowered onto man meat.

“That’s it slut. Feel me entering you. Claiming you as mine.”

The grinding of the machine becomes the noise of sex as Andrew vanishes into the boypussy.

Even as he feels himself completely inside Andrew doesn’t stop. He feels Noah squirm as he sits on the hardon and it pushes into his guts. Finally, Andrew hits STOP and for a moment lets the boi sit on his dick. He reaches around and twists the nipple clamps. Only after that does he press the UP button.

Noah tries to look back at his boss as he feels the magnificently thick cock begin to slide out of him. The feeling of being filled up is like nothing he has experienced before. He is desperate to keep the cock inside him. The clamps on his nipples are taking so much attention but he wants to concentrate on his arse. He knows he’s not in charge here, though. He accepts the man decides what is happening.

Andrew judges his cock is at the halfway point so he presses STOP again. The boi is at the perfect height now and Andrew starts to thrust at the hips. Noah keeps his feet off the ground. He is loving the feeling of swinging around and letting this man pound him. Andrew’s thrusting is causing his cock to massage the boi’s sweet spot.

“There you go. This is Daddy’s hole now. You better get used to me being in here.”

Noah leans his head back and rubs again the man behind him. He is loving being so close to a man and feeling his firm grip on his hips. Sex feels so different than with his girlfriend and he is realising he has been missing out.

Andrew thrusts hard and deep. The lad seems to be encouraging him to go for it. Andrew is loving the release. He keeps going and spends lots of time inside his new toy.

Sweaty from enjoying the long, hard fuck Andrew steps away from the boi. As his dick slides out of the stretched hole it sends a tingle throughout the man’s body.

Noah swings around and once he’s facing his Boss he gives a confused look. He needs his hole filled and he wants to know why there’s not a cock inside his boypussy.

Stepping forward Andrew grabs the control and lowers his prize. Noah is lowered down so he ends up on his knees with his arms above him. Andrew has no plans of letting this fish off the hook, not yet anyway.

Picking up the scissors he snips a hole in the masking tape which has been covering Noah’s mouth. The hole immediately becomes a new temptation for the man. He sticks two fingers through and into the warm wet mouth behind it.

“You got two holes, boi. I might as well try them both.”

The man doesn’t wait for a response but removes his fingers and rams in his cock. He gets a thrill from pulling his cock out of Noah’s arse and into his mouth. It’s a clear sign this boi will do anything for his daddy.

“That’s it, son. Take that daddy dick like you’re meant to.”

Grabbing a fistful of hair Andrew holds the boi in place as he skull fucks hard. He feels so dominant having hammered his manhood into both ends of the younger man. He isn’t a total brute, he does pull out and listens as the lad tries to regain his breath. The noise that is made is almost a whistle as it comes through the hole in the tape.

“What do you prefer, slut. Taking in air or daddy’s dick?”

Of course, there’s only one correct answer to that and by shoving himself back inside Andrew makes that clear to the cocksucker.

The whole situation has Andrew so close to cumming. He loves having sex in his business. He loves that the lad asked him to use him. He loves the smell of machinery and sex mixing. He loves that this is going to be repeated.

As he face fucks he feels his orgasm coming and he knows his balls are going to empty a huge load. Even the gagging noise coming from Noah is bringing him closer to orgasm.

And then it arrives.

His orgasm is powerful. It seems to vibrate around his body. His balls pulse as they pump out his seed. The release is amazing. Looking down he sees Noah take it at first but then spit and cum starts leaking out of the tape. Andrew pulls his cock out but squirts of spunk are still coming out of him. His cum lands on the boi’s face and mark him. Andrew smiles as Noah’s tongue flicks out of the hole in the tape. The boi is trying to collect as much Daddy milk as possible. Noah looks up and pleads for more with his eyes. Andrew thinks the lad has never looked sexier. The lines of cum over his face show him to truly be a cheap bitch.

Andrew flicks his cock on the greedy tongue, making sure he gets all his cum out. He then steps back and holds his click pointing at Noah. Within seconds a stream of yellow liquid appears and hits the lad straight in the face. Andrew takes great proud in getting his piss straight in the hole in the masking tape. The noise of running liquid echoes around the garage.

“There you go. You are a lucky sub, you get everything that comes from your boss’s cock.”

Andrew raises his stream to soak the lad’s hair and then moves it across the rest of the sub’s body. As the flow of piss slows he walks closer so he can finish off by shaking off into Noah’s mouth.

“There you go, boi. You are marked as mine by spit, piss and cum. You now know what it feels like to submit to a real man.”

Andrew takes Noah off the hook and then pulls the tape around his head away. He then grabs Noah’s phone and holds it up to the lad’s face to unlock it. Noah’s hands are still taped together.

“I could update your socials with some pics of your new found love for daddy dick, but I’m not. I’m just letting your parents know you’re not coming home tonight.”

“Are you taking me back to yours, boss? For more use.”

“No, you are spending the night thinking about your new position in life. Uncover the pit, bitch.”

“OK, boss.”

The pit is the thin rectangular hole in the garage floor which is used for under-car inspections. If you stand in it your shoulders will almost touch the sides but it is deep enough to almost swallow up Noah. It is usually covered with two thick wooden planks so no one falls in. 

Noah struggles to pull the planks away with his hands bound, but he manages it in the end.

“Get in there.”

One end of the pit has steps built in and the boi uses these to descend. Once in he turns around and looks up. Andrew stands astride the hole staring down at the nervous-looking boi.

“Right, I’m off to the pub for a few beers after emptying my balls in you. You are going to spend the night in the pit. Covered in my piss and with my cum swimming around inside you.”

“Yes, boss. Thank you, boss.”

Andrew begins to pull the planks back over the hole. He spits at Noah as he does. As the lad’s hands are still bound it almost looks like he is praying down there.

“Tomorrow we are going to implement some changes. You will spend the night in here pondering what you have done tonight, and how much more you will do in the future.”

“Yes, boss.”

Noah’s words are muffled as the pit is now covered. Andrew gets in a car and moves it so the front wheels will keep the planks in place. He doesn’t want his property going anywhere tonight.

He whistles as he washes and gets dressed into his normal clothes. The radio begins to play one of his favourite tunes but he switches it off. The garage is then thrown into darkness as he turns off the lights. He is sure he hears Noah wish him a good night as he pulls the doors close. He shakes his head in disbelief.

“Things are going to be a lot different from now on, son.”

He padlocks the doors together and walks off to the pub. He feels a lot happier with his balls empty.

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