Straight Punishment: Switch’s Garage

I posted the hot internet photo below on my socials, but I started to wonder what the story was behind it. Is he a sub being introduced to bondage or a young Dom getting ready for a session? As my Straight Punishment series is quite popular I decided to write a story that explored that route. I also decided to write two versions to see which I preferred. At the end of this post you can vote on the direction of the story you would prefer. Enjoy …

The Garage

Andrew Switch had always loved getting his hands dirty with his father, that usually meant taking apart cars. The pair used to spend hours together in their garage fixing any vehicle they could get their hands on. Now in his forties, the time spent in that garage has turned into cherished childhood memories for him, and his love of cars has remained with him throughout his life. Last year a lifelong dream had come true when he bought a small commercial garage in a quiet town in Essex. He called the place Switch’s Garage after his family name.

So far he is loving running the business. He is especially enjoying the control he has and being able to decide his working hours. His career change was a lot easier as he has no family of his own. Settling down had never really appealed to him and despite looking he had never found love.

As he pushes open the large doors the smell of the garage hits him. He loves the smell of oil and machinery. It is a fine April morning and the day feels more like summer. There are no clouds in the clear blue sky and birds are happily chirping away.

Two cars are sat in the garage already, as well as his own Volkswagen Beetle. That classic car is his project and he works on it when he has time. He is finding he has less and less of his own time, though. As word spreads about his skills more people were trusting him over the larger chain garages. He has another two cars scheduled to arrive today for maintenance checks.

Andrew didn’t mind being busy, though. He preferred it rather than hanging around doing nothing.

He whistles to himself as he heads to the back of the garage. The place is basically one big, square room with a high ceiling. The only extra part away from the room was a tiny toilet area. He had bought the place at a bankruptcy auction and it had come fully furnished. There was even a pit area to allow for under-car inspection.

In the far corner, he had made a screen from nailing a few old doors together to give himself a private area to change clothing. He had even fixed a few hooks into the wall. Behind the screen is a small wooden stool and a pile of plastic-wrapped unopened blue overalls. Hanging from a hook is his current pair of oil-covered overalls. He had lost so many good clothes by getting oil on them that he always got changed when working nowadays.

Andrew kicks off his shoes, pulls down his underwear along with his trousers and then pulls off his jumper. He stands for a moment naked but for his socks. For a man in his forties, he is still in fine shape. He has a little belly but that has started to decrease as his new vocation means he moves a lot more than when he was sat at a desk all day. He still has a full head of dark brown hair and his chest is covered in dark hair, too. He is blessed with thick legs and, at over six foot, he always stands out in a crowd.

He grabs his overalls and pulls the blue jumpsuit over his feet and up. The buttons start at groin level and once they are done up he turns to sit on the stool and pull on his size 12 boots. As he sits down he let out a gasp as there is a young man stood watching him.

“What are you doing?”

Andrew has no idea how long the lad has been there and he feels angry that he has been spied on. He picks up one of his shoes and throws it at the lad. That one misses so he grabs his other shoe.

“No, no, mister. It was a mistake. I didn’t know you were naked!”

The other shoe flies and the lad just about manages to dodge it. Andrew comes out from behind the screen and the lad moves quickly towards the exit.

“Sorry! I just came to ask you something. I need your help.”

“Get out of here you peeping Tom!”

Andrew watches as the lad vanishes back onto the high street and then he returns to put his boots on. As he calms down he realises that he probably overreacted but he was shocked at being watched. He smiles at the idea that a lad in his twenties would want to see a guy his dad’s age naked.

As the morning goes by the incident is forgotten as Andrew is even busier than he expected. It feels like every car in the neighbourhood is having issues. By the time lunchtime comes around he is pretty exhausted and wondering what he should do to handle the situation. He didn’t expect to be this busy so soon.

On one side of the garage, there are wooden picnic tables so customers can wait and look out over the town square. Most days there’s a small market and Andrew loves buying something different from the food stores and eating it on one of the picnic tables. The warm weather means the square is busy and there’s a friendly, small-town atmosphere.

As Andrew bites into his burrito the lad from this morning’s incident sits down opposite him. The old wooden bench creaks as the new arrival sits and looks over apologetically.

“I’m really sorry about this morning, sir. I didn’t realise you were getting changed.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you came back. I did overreact. I’m sorry for throwing my shoes at you.”

“Don’t worry about it. You weren’t a very good shot anyway!”

“What! That second one almost got you.”

“Yeah, almost.”

The two men laugh and both are grateful to put the episode behind them.

“What did you come to see me about?”

“I was after a favour so I thought it was best not to ask after I’d upset you, sir.”

“My name’s Andrew. You don’t have to call me sir. And you are?”

“Hi, Andrew. I’m Noah. Good to meet you.”

The two men shake hands as they introduce themselves. Noah is 22-years-old and has boyish good looks. The mass of dark brown hair is swept to one side as he continues to sweep his hand through the fringe. He has brown eyes, a long nose and dark red full lips. He is clean-shaven but his low cut V-neck tee-shirt reveals a little hair on his gym defined chest. He is slightly shorter than Andrew and speaks in a local, cheeky Essex accent.

“Well, Noah, now we know each other, what’s this favour you are after?”

Instinctively Andrew checks his watch. He is so busy lately that he doesn’t even get a full hour for lunch. When he looks back up he sees Noah is obviously nervous about talking to him. For a good looking lad he doesn’t have the confidence that people assume he would have.

“Well, sir – I mean Andrew. I’ve just finished college and I need a job. I’ve always enjoyed fixing things and I was wondering if there was a position going in your garage. I live with my parents just down the road, so I’m not far away. I don’t mind sweeping up and starting at the bottom.”

Andrew has a detailed business plan for his project and hiring staff was part of Year 3. However, with trade going so well it might be a good idea to revisit his schedule. This lad was not an experienced mechanic so there would be a lower salary. The idea of having an apprentice to complete the smaller tasks was definitely appealing.

“Well, Noah, I do like your attitude. It’s good to come and see people face to face. I’m not sure I can offer you a properly organised apprenticeship, but I could certainly do with a helping hand.”

“I know how you can apply for a government grant to take me on as your apprentice. As long as you do some basic training each week they will give you money as part of the scheme. I’ll do all the paperwork. I just want some experience for a year or two. I’ll be no hassle. I promise you, sir – Andrew.”

Andrew can’t help but smile. Noah’s willingness makes him just the kind of employee that businesses look for and he feels it would be to his advantage to hire him. He reaches out his hand again and welcomes him on board.

“OK, you got yourself a month’s trial. If it works you can stay. We can agree on terms after I’m done eating.”


“Well, Noah, that’s a month of you being here. I’m pleased to say you are more than welcome to stay if you want to.”

Silently Andrew prays the younger man says he wants to stay working at the garage. When he took Noah on he wasn’t sure there was enough work for the lad, but things have worked out really well. Andrew hardly knows how he coped without the extra hands if the truth be known. Although Noah has remained a little shy he is certainly a bit more outgoing now.

Andrew has even met the lad’s parents and girlfriend just over the square in the local pub. It turns out Noah lives in a caravan on their property so he has some privacy. They all got on really well and Noah’s parents thanked him for taking their lad under his wing. They said they were seeing him gaining in confidence and are so proud of their boy. Noah’s girlfriend is just as beautiful as him and they make a lovely couple. Andrew found them on Instagram and they had a joint account with 35k followers.

“Of course I want to stay. I’d forgot I was on probation, I’ve been enjoying myself so much.”

“Well, I just want to keep all the official paperwork inline. You have proved yourself a really good employee. And you make great tea!”

“OK, I can take a hint!”

Noah stands and walks over to the kettle. He has taken to wearing his overalls just to the waist and then tying the arms around himself. He then wears a white vest which always gets black marks on it. The lad says he doesn’t mind as they don’t cost much, fast fashion apparently!

Since hiring him Andrew has noticed an increase in women bringing their cars in. Especially women of a certain age. They all ignore him and head straight over to the younger man. In their presence, Noah seems to forget his shyness and flirts so well. They always leave with a smile on their faces. Andrew wonders if he finds himself single because women his age all want a younger toy boy! He can see why the ladies are so interested, though. Noah has a cheeky sparkle in his eye and he looks great.

Considering the pair spend all day together there has been no issues. The two get along well and Noah is a very touchy/feely young man. Andrew has got used to having Noah’s arm resting on his shoulder as they talk to customer. He just assumes it is how young men behave now a-days.

Now they have almost reached June the days are much longer and it has been a warm summer so far. Andrew always lets Noah go around 5 o’clock. He thinks young people should enjoy their time and not work into the evenings. He checks his watch and sees it is just after 5 pm.

“Don’t make yourself a tea if you want to get off, Noah.”

“If you are staying I don’t mind. I’ve nothing planned tonight.”

The tea is really refreshing and after working for a while Andrew senses Noah wants to talk about some but seems nervous. He finds it quite cute how the lad can get so worked up about nothing.

“What’s up, mate? You seem to have something on your mind.”

“Err, yeah, it’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest. Nothing about work.”

“Just say it. We are both grown men.”

“Err, OK,” there’s another long pause from Noah. “My girlfriend says she wants to spice things up in the bedroom, but I’ve no experience. I don’t want to make an idiot of myself.”

“Oh, right. Well, that could be fun. Did she say what she was thinking about?”

Andrew immediately wishes he hadn’t got involved. He barely likes to think about his own sex life, never mind someone else’s. Although, his sex life sex was dead.

“I think she saw that Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix so she got the book on her Kindle. She now wants me to tie her up and be a bit rough with her. I’m not sure it’s my thing.”

“Well, I think should give it a go. Bondage isn’t about really hurting someone. It’s about losing control and having someone else in charge.”

“Have you ever done it? If you don’t mind me asking. I don’t want to talk with my dad about this stuff!”

“I tied a girl up once. It was pretty horny but it wasn’t particularly my thing. I think you should explore and see how you feel.”

“But what if I tie her up wrong or don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose her.”

“I’m sure she knows you are new to this. She will give you some leeway. Sometimes you worry too much, Noah.”

“I wasn’t even in the scouts. I don’t know any knots!”

Andrew laughs but he knows exactly how Noah feels. There’s always pressure on guys to know what they are doing in bed and sometimes guys just feel totally lost.

“Well, maybe you could get around the knot issue. You could use some masking tape. Like we have on the garage.”

“Won’t that pull at her skin?”

“No, it’s fine. Look, there’s a roll of tape. Try on me.”

Noah picks up the silvery tape and pulls a short length out. He then nervously approaches Andrew. The older man stands with his hands held out ready. In the end, he drops them as Noah’s slow approach is just annoying.

“See, this is what you need to work on, Noah. Being in charge means having that attitude. You need to convince the person that you are in control and they have to obey.”

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Noah looks at the tape and then back at Andrew.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get that attitude, but I’ll give it a go.” – So, you want a young Dom? Click here for a sub daddy.

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“I’m not sure I’ll ever have that attitude. Would you do it on me? Just so I can see what you mean.” – You want Daddy to Dom his boy! Well, best you click here.

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