Christmas Puta

You will remember my little Spanish lad from the post Locker Room Sex. The pair of us are still having plenty of sex and he’s showing his daddy what a naughty boy he is. He keeps telling me how much he loves being a good little bitch for his man. He has begged me to call him my puta, a Spanish derogatory term for prostitute or slut.

At the start of a recent visit, I stripped him naked in the shared hallway and took photos of him as he sucked on daddy dick. The slut was not bothered about my neighbours finding him naked. He loved looking up with his sexy brown eyes and making sure he was pleasing his man. We have even started to experiment with watersports. Basically, he’s a dirty little puta.

As he is proving to be such a good boy I decided he deserved a Christmas present. Now, what does daddy buy such a deviant boy?

We were messaging each other as we looked at and he was like a kid in a candy shop. He already has a large dildo, but he has taken a special interest in my butt plugs. When he arrived for one session he said he needed the toilet, but he stripped to his white socks and slid a butt plug up him. He then found me in the living room to show his daddy what he had done. As a side story, the slut has sent me a video of his dildo strapped to his bedpost and him fucking it hard. As I said, he’s a naughty boy – just how I like them.

So, in no time Regulation got the Oxballs red cock-shaped butt-plug to me and I then ordered the boi over. He seemed particularly on heat and in the mood to please my cock.

There’s one particular thing my boi likes to do and that’s to turn up by surprise. He will message away to get me horny and then randomly say “I’m at the door 🚪”. A risky tactic but one he seems to enjoy.

This time when he appeared unannounced I was watching the Liverpool game. I wasn’t convinced but he insisted he was waiting outside my building. I opened the door expecting an empty space, but there he was – stood waiting with a cheeky grin and looking sexy. Of course, I let him in.

I sat down and he lay down with his feet hanging over the arm of the sofa and his head on my lap. We chatted for a while and caught up. I gently ran my hand through his thick dark hair as we talked about what we had been up to. It was nice to have a conversation and find out what was going on, but our hormones soon begun to take over.

He pushed himself up and we started to kiss. My hands explored him as his clothes begun to fall off and in no time he was just in his socks. He’s not into socks but he knows how to please his man. He also likes to be naked when I’m dressed. It’s known as CMNM – Clothed male, Naked male.

I played with his willy and called it Little Willy. He doesn’t actually have a little willy but he gets off on the verbal insult. Lockdown has suited him and his twenty-one-year-old body is looking great. I pushed him down to his knees and lifted his chin so he’s looking up at me.

“You want some daddy dick?”

I felt him begin to look down as if he’s embarrassed to say it so I pushed his chin back up and held him in position.

“Say it.”

“Yes, daddy. I want to suck your cock.”

“Dirty little puta.”

Turning his head to the side I spat on his cheek. After that I pulled out my hardening cock, the greedy boi swallowed it down and started to suck it. He has never been able to hide his love for sucking. He looked up with his big brown eyes to make sure I was happy. As he kept sucking I sat down and allowed him to continue. As I was serviced I glanced over at the football game on my TV, you know how I love watching sport as a boi sorts me out.

The keenness of the boi suggested he has not had cock for a while and he was grateful to get his lips wrapped around my meat again. He likes to vary his speed and also work my saliva covered cock with his hand.

I pulled him up onto the sofa with his legs spread on either side of me and we kissed deeply. In this new position, the boi gyrated his arse so my wet dick rubbed against his boipussy. He was sending out every signal he could that he needed my cock in him urgently.

“Get up, boi. I’m taking you to bed.”

With my hand wrapped around the back of his neck, I pushed the naked lad to the back of my flat and my bedroom. At the start of our sessions, we had sex in lots of different places – hotels, saunas, changing rooms – but lately, we are mostly having sex on my bed.

I pushed the lad onto the bed and he positioned himself on all fours with his arse pointing at me. Seeing his cunt on display was too much for me to resist. I dropped to my knees and started to tongue his sweaty hole. The boi groaned as I licked his sweet spot and waves of pleasure spread over him. His Spanish blood means he is passionate in bed and vocal in his pleasure. His noise drove me on to eat his arse. I wanted him to have a wet-ass pussy for me to slide into, this slut loves a saliva only hard fucking.

I stood up and saw the lad had a tight grip on my bedding as he took pleasure from the rimming. I decided it was time to give him a real reason to grip, and once stood up my wet cock was perfectly lined up with his wet hole. I pulled the cheeks apart to see the hidden treat and then pushed my cock-head against him. After a moment he opened up and I slid inside my puta. His tight ring gripped my hard, thick cock and I started to pound the little bitch.

His quiet little comments like ‘oh daddy’ just encouraged me to fuck harder and I knew the boi could take it. I reached over to his head and pulled it back with a fistful of his hair. The boi made more noise with his mouth forced open and he was starting to let himself go. It was horny to see him get into the right headspace and accept the reason he had come round.

Sometimes a boi can be a little shy about what he wants, but once a cock is in him he turns into a greedy slut.

I withdrew my meat to change position and he looked back angrily to see why I had stopped. I pushed him further onto the bed so I could kneel behind him and in no time I was thrusting inside him again. In this new position I firmly held his waist and pulled him back on my forward thrust so the boi took my full length deep inside.

I reached forward and covered the bitch’s mouth to stop him making noise and breathing.

“I’m keeping you quiet so you don’t wake the whole house.”

We were alone, but role play is fun.

I felt his tongue on the palm of my hand in a sign of encouragement. I looked down and saw my cock appearing and vanishing. I love seeing my cock fucking a boi, especially when I see the ring trying to keep its grip on my shaft.

Releasing his mouth I flipped him onto his back. I grabbed his socked feet and held them in the air as my cock slid back home. The boi barely had time to settle in the new position before his pounding continued.

The puta loves being fucked on his back and his hands wrapped around the back of my head. He pulled me down and we shared a long kiss as I fucked him. After the kiss, he continued to encourage me to take his boipussy and make it mine.

Gift Time

After a good long fuck I pulled out and lay next to him to catch my breath. As my hands moved over his smooth chest I whispered into his ear.

“You have been a good boy. Time for your gift, baby.”

I reached under the bed and handed over the wrapped gift to the eager slut. The wrapping paper came off quickly and the boi thoughtfully weighted the gift up in his hands. He was clearly intrigued about the new, bright red butt plug and knew where it was going.

“Will you put it in me, daddy?”

I took the sex toy off the boi and rubbed it against his hole. He groaned in response. To help him take it I covered the toy in lube and then pressed it firmly against him. The tapered design of normal butt plugs help them inside but this one was slightly harder due to the cock-head design. The more rounded head needed a little more of a push but then it was through his ring. It was definitely better to do this after a fucking to warm the boi up. He took a little time to get used to the object but soon it was fully inside him and his ring was gripping the thinner section. It looked like a great fit and the lad was clearly enjoying having it inside him.

I leant forward and kissed the boi and his hand rubbed the back of my head as I did. I have seen butt plugs slip out easily but this one was going nowhere.

“Come and kneel here, daddy. I want to suck you.”

Once I was knelt near his head the boi happily started sucking me and I played with the plug as he did. I turned it inside him and his groaning vibrated through my cock in his gob. I began to pull at it and it did not want to come out. Finally, it did and I saw the lad’s eyes roll back as it did.

“That was great, daddy. Put it back in and let me feel that again.”

Of course, I was never going to refuse that request and in no time the toy has firmly back inside him. The BOSS label looked great.

After he had recovered he immediately reattached his mouth to my cock and I pushed the toy back inside him. This lad loved both his holes being filled at the same time. He also loved letting his man get full pleasure from his body.

I played with the toy inside him and spat on the side of his face as he sucked on my cock. The lad was in 7th heaven and we were both enjoying our pre-Christmas horny session. He looked up and begged me to pull it out of him again. As the toy popped out he began to squirm around again and then told me he was going to cum. I moved back between his legs and wanked over him – telling him what a dirty little puta he was.

Soon he was spraying cum over his hairless chest and I joined him by giving him a load of daddy milk. He loved looking down at his cum cover chest and smiled at the sight. This boi loved being covered in spunk.

A horny session was over and soon a very strange year for the entire world will be put behind us. Thanks for some record number of visitors as we have wanked off during the various lockdowns and restrictions. My two weekends of dropping posts title Straight Punishment seemed especially popular. Enjoy the festival period as much as you can, stay safe and here’s to a cum-soaked 2021.

Escape to sun soaked Gran Canaria for some naughty daddy sex …

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