Oxballs Butt Plug

When I was looking through the Regulation site with a boi it was the bright red butt plugs which caught his eye. The boi had already experienced my butt plugs but he wanted to have a different shape for a Christmas treat.

The silicone device is described as a “flared dick head [which] holds itself comfortably in your ass”. It can also be used in conjunction with the Boss Slider Harness, to ensure the device stays firmly in place.

As the boi is most comfortable with my small and medium sized butt plugs I decided to go with the smaller of the two sizes. I’d prefer to let my cock destroy his tight hole than silicone to do it for me.

The package arrived swiftly through the post, despite the Lockdown and Christmas post, and looked exactly as expected from the photographs on the website. The black packaging from Oxballs looked really good with the red of the sex toy and I was reassured by the promise that the product had only been “tested on Free-Range employees“.

The toy felt good and not as hard as some products I have used. It was good to see the word BOSS on the toy and it made a good focus for some naughty photos I took during the session with the device. Plus the red definitely stood out in my toy box of mostly black and silver.

I wrapped the gift in Christmas paper and even had Regulation add the photo to their Instagram account. Once the boi saw it he was keen to unwrap it and get it inside him. I used it after fucking him and the device slid into him easy enough. Once inside, it fitted well and was secure. The boi seemed to enjoy the experience of the device being removed a lot. As I pulled it out he was squirming and groaning all over my bed. You will soon be able to read the full post of our session, so make sure to come back for that!

I would say a good purchase which looks good and touched my sub in the right places. The cock-head shape is a nice twist from the usual designs of butt plugs. It’s a Ho Ho Ho from Daddy Claus and his naughty little elf.

The device came through the post and it was in discreet packaging.

4 thoughts on “Oxballs Butt Plug

  1. Not having anyone to ‘destroy’ my tight hole I’ve had to use silicone instead.

    Yesterday was the second time I used the 2.5 inch circumference tunnel plug, and it was hot feeling my hole held wide open. The inner hole seems big enough for someone to fuck me while using it.

    Today an email from Regulation featured the oxballs plug. I think I’ll be ready for the large plug soon enough.


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