With another lockdown dragging on it is difficult to come up with new stuff for Instagram. Handily a sub messaged me begging for a certain series of photos. This particular lad has a thing for boots – big, manly, black boots. You will remember that I have already done a post on here with my boots. So, I thought I would put a different spin on the Insta posts and see what colour socks my Followers would prefer.

I went for a standard four set of photographs with three different pairs of socks. As Instagram is designed in rows of three I like to keep a theme across the screen. The first two photos displayed my boots on a white background to give a clear view. The next pose was me sat on a toilet, as I like the humiliation of a sub licking my boots while I’m on the bog. Finally, I had a photo to cover all likes, as I showed off a bare foot, socks and the boots.

For the socks I picked the classics of red, white and black. My red ones are long Nike socks designed for playing football in. The black socks are crew socks with the classic double white loops at the top. Of course, I had to bring in my white Nike football socks, which are the smelliest of the three as I’m running in them.

So far, the winning socks with the most likes is Black, followed by Red and lastly White. Though, I’m pretty sure white would make a strong comeback if you could smell them! Feel free to pop over to my profile and make your preference known ….

(if the Instagram link fails, all the photos can be found at the bottom of this post)

One thought on “Boots

  1. Boots do suit you, even thought I love your trainers. I love the pics of you on the toilet showing off your feet and footwear, makes me feel more submissive and inferior


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