Straight Punishment: Hypnosis (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the third and final post for this fictional story. If you have accidentally arrived here first, please go to the first post by clicking here. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the conclusion to James’s story …

James kneels before me in just his rugby socks, his shoulders are slumped and his head leans to the right. His half closed eyes and lack of movement almost suggests he is asleep, but he is in a deep trance. I have been enjoying the dump jock obeying my orders and performing for me. Judging by his erect micropenis James has been enjoying being abused on some subconscious level too. When I bought the special hypno-headphones I never expected them to work so well. I assumed a hard slap or an outrageous order might stir him from my control, but that has not been the case. He has followed my instructions to the the letter, even the striptease in the pub which seems so long ago now. I feel we are both ready for the final part of this session. The part where James gets to experience a full man-size cock.

“Crawl closer, boi” after I speak James shuffles forward. “You need to beg for my cock and tell me you want me to video you doing it.”

I switch my phone to video mode and start to film James begging.

“Please, Sir, I need to suck your cock. I’m desperate to taste it and know what it feels like to have a man-sized dick inside my mouth. I loved touching your big cock yesterday and now I want to taste you manmeat. Seeing it makes me realise how small and pathetic mine is. Please, Sir.”

I show the film back to him and he watches with his stupid blank look.

“I’m going to have that video of you saying that for the rest of your life. I might turn up at your wedding and show it to everyone so they know you really love cock. I’ll also show the pics of your micropenis to give everyone a laugh.”

“Yes, Sir, I would enjoy that.”

I stand, move behind him and pull off my underwear. I position the CKs so the area that my arse rubs against is over the palm of my hand. I stand behind James and hold it out in front of his face.

“Rub your face there, boi. Rub where my sweaty arse has been and where I’ve been farting. Show me how much you love smelling my dirty parts.”

A low animalistic groan comes out of James as he takes pleasure from my underwear. I have to wonder how much being hypnotised is releasing his true inner feelings or is he just groaning from the idea of sex at a base-level. Whatever the reason for James enjoyment of the situation, his mini-two-inches have not been soft since he stripped down. Leaving my sweaty underwear over his face I sit back down as he greedily takes in my scent. I sit with my legs spread and my large cock standing out between the bottom section of my shirt.

Clicking my fingers James looks up from his treat and see my cock standing before him. Usually, when hypnotising a watch is used but the intensive look on James’s face suggests cocks could be used too. His eyes move from my manhood to my eyes but the rest of his body reminds motionless. The hungry look in his eyes suggests a deep need for cock and it’s a need I want to satisfy.

“It’s time to suck cock, James. Get your lips around this.”

James carefully puts the underwear down and slowly starts to crawl towards me, his eyes now firmly fixed on my cock. He almost seems like a nervous animal who is worried the treat on offer must be a trap.

When he arrives at my cock he slowly moves his nose from my balls to its tip, taking in the smell as he does so. He pushes his body as low as possible so he can look into my eyes as he gets ready to serve his purpose. This close to my cock he seems to break out of his trance-like state and be driven by a cardinal need to have me inside him.

Finally, his lips wrap around the tip of my cock and he slides down my manmeat. I can feel his tongue running down my hard shaft as he welcomes me inside him and it feels great. It also looks great as I video him sucking his first daddy dick.

“That’s it, boi. Show me how much you want to please my cock. This is your purpose in life now.”

As he goes up and down he looks at my eyes and then the camera. I can see how much the camera interests him as he performs this act of submission to a real man. He is transforming into a good little cock sucker before my very eyes.

I grab hold of his hair and force his head up and down faster. I get hornier as I hear him trying to suck in air during the brief moments his gob isn’t filled with my cock. My cock feels wetter as he no longer has time to swallow. I’ve turned his mouth into a wet-ass pussy, WAP, for me to fuck.

After a few minutes, I pull him off and hold his head up by his hair. His mouth is wide open as he desperately draws in air so I spit into it. I’m still filming his bright red face.

“Did you like my cock, cunt?”

“Yes, Sir. I loved it.”

I let go of his hair and he is straight back down on my daddy dick. Training this lad to be a cockslut is not going to be a challenge.

I leave him alone to suck me off and I look through the pics and fire off some work emails. I don’t want anyone wondering where I am, but it does feel very horny getting sucked off as I work.

“James, get up and lean over that desk. Spread your legs more,” I smile as he obeys my instructions. “Now reach back, grab your arse cheeks and slowly pull them apart. That’s it straight boi, show me your virgin hole.”

James looks super horny spread over the desk and presenting himself for my pleasure. Of course, I take more photos to remember the little slut.

I wheel the chair over to him, sit down and lean forward. As I do my tongue rolls out and a begin to lick his plucked up little boipussy. At first, my licks are long and slow but then I speed up as I get a taste for my boi. I can hear him groaning into the wood as his face rests on the desk. It is the first time he will have truly got pleasure from his hole but it won’t be the last time. I spit on him and run a finger over the tight muscle, knowing it is going to be my toy to play with.

“James, feel that pleasure from your arse. You will accept that you get more gratification from your boipussy than that tiny micropenis. Tell me.”

“Sir, that feels amazing. I love having my hole used by a real man. It feels better to submit to you than to be with a girl.”

As he speaks I slide a finger into his jock arse and, once inside, I hook it around a stroke his prostrate. The g-spot inside him is a whole new revelation to his dumb straight brain and I watch his toes curling in his socks as I open his mind to a whole new level of sex.

“James, your sex organ is your arse. You get no pleasure from your micropenis.”

“Sir, that feels so good. Show me what I’m for.”

I slide another finger in and enjoy the feeling of having two fingers squirming around inside him. I brought some lube but it doesn’t look like I’ll need it, this boi is opening up nicely. My other hand is sliding over his smooth body and spanking his arse whenever it is nearby. I love exploring his body and claiming it as my own.

Standing up my cock is at the perfect height to fuck this virgin lad. His hands are still pulling back his cheeks and I see him trying to expose himself more as my cockhead slide over his hole.

“Please, Sir. I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me, Daddy.”

I take my cock and slap his hole with it. The sound of skin on skin echoes around the empty office. I remember how busy this part of the building used to be and the dull accountant who sat at this desk. I imagine all the staff gathering around to watch how well the new boy takes cock. they would certainly see how desperate he was for it.

Stepping closer my rock hard member pushes against the saliva covered muscle. I put some pressure on but the hole doesn’t open up. The slut moves his fingers closer to in an attempt to pull himself open, that is how much he needs me inside him. Then, with almost a pop, my cock is welcomed inside and his cherry is mine. I hold that position as I feel my cockhead being gripped my his tight ring, I want to remember this moment. I am also filming it, of course. I watch him move his hands to the far edge of the desk so he can hold on as I push further into him. The spit glides me deeper and I stare as my shiny cock vanishes as if it is part of a magic show.

“James, get used to this feeling. This is how sex is going to be from now on. Whenever you see me I want you to remember how this feels and think about me doing this to you.”

“Yes, Sir. My boicunt is all yours.”

I place my phone down and grip hold of his hips. My cock hasn’t been fully in yet, but I want to get a rhythm going. James needs to learn how to be a sex toy and how great a hard cock on his prostrate feels. I spit towards the back of his head and can hear him murmuring into the desk for daddy to fuck him hard. I let my thrusting cock go deeper as this slut clearly needs it badly.

Looking down I can see his rugby socks slipping on the carpet as he tries to steady himself. When I started he was holding himself firmly but now he is relaxed as he accepts his position in life. He is no longer the fucker but the fucked. I reach up and pull his head up by his hair and his mouth is pulled open as he is pounded. In front of us is a glass partition for a meeting room and with the lights of the room off the glass is a large mirror for us.

“James, look at yourself being fucked by another man. You are now just my bitch. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m your bitch”

The reflection lets me see the look of disbelief on the dumb jock as he watches himself getting fucked. His hands still firmly grip the far edge of the desk, despite the rest of his body being totally relaxed now. His arsehole is certainly more relaxed as the full length of my dick slides in and out of this dirty little puta.

“This is how a real cock feels, boi. Not that little micropenis you have. I don’t want to see you touching it.”

“No, Sir. I’ll ignore it, Sir. I only want real cock.”

It feels good fucking this lad with my upper body still in my suit. My tie is swinging back and forth as I take my pleasure. The power dress of a man in comparison to a stripped lad being used over a desk. My feet are still in my gold-toe socks and firmly digging into the carpet to give my thrusts more power. My hands continue to grip his waist and I can feel this lad has completely given himself over to me.

I must fuck him like that for another 15 minutes. His hole is totally broken now.

“Do you want me to cum?”

I can feel myself approaching my orgasm and I want to hear James tell me how much he needs my seed in him. Nothing feels better than finishing off inside a submissive.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. I want to feel you fill me up with your daddy milk.”

I wonder where this straight lad gets his dirty talk from, but I don’t really care. I speed up my pounding to let the cumdump know what is going to happen. He looks back and tries to turn his head to face me as best he can. I, of course, spit on him and watch my gob slide down his cheek. In response, he opens his mouth as wide as he can so I spit inside that. The boi happily swallows it and turns back to watch our reflections.

I move the position on my hands and can see the red marks where my fingers have been gripping my sex toy. This encourages me and a speed up to finish this. I love seeing how this lad is now being used for my pleasure. All his cocky attitude and disrespect is now being channelled into pleasing his Master. I wonder just how far I’ll be able to train this bitch.

“I’m going to cum, James.”

I tell him as I want him to know what he has become. I thrust deep into his inners and then start to spray my load inside him. I pound harder to ensure my seed is planted deeply and he will be leaking me out of him for days to come.

As I cum I groan loudly and feel sweat drip off my forehead and splash on the arse of my boi. When I open my eyes I see James smiling back at my in the glass partition. He squeezes his ring and milks my daddy dick for all the juice it can give him. It feels good to fill him up.

I step back and twitch as my sensitive cock slide out of James arse.

“James, clean it.”

James almost seems to slide off the desk as if a runny liquid and then he is at my cock. He gently licks near the base and rubs his face in my pubes. As I catch my breath he slowly slides down my manmeat and licks and kisses the shaft. Finally, he gently takes my cock into his gob and sucks away. All the time he does this he looks up at me, searching for approval.

When he is finished I push him down and he lies before me on his back waiting. As he looks up, dressed in just his socks, a flow of piss starts from my cock. The strong stream of urine lifts up my cock and the stream of pleasure hits James right in the face. Instinct takes over and he opens his mouth to swallow my golden liquid. It feels amazing to just release a piss in the middle of the office and not even have to hold my cock. James is clearly mine and now I’m marking him with my scent.

“Rub it in.”

James moves his hands over his piss soaked chest and rubs my piss into his skin. He gets up on to his knees and the piss hits him straight in the face and from this closer position it hits him hard. Again he looks up at me and with his open mouth and swallows more of my pee deep inside.

He moves closer as the stream dies away. When the flow finally ends my cock is in his mouth and he sucks any last remaining drops into him. He almost seems annoyed when I move away and my cock falls from his mouth. I’m not concerned about his feelings as I reach for my clothes and start to pull them on.

“James, use you jockstrap to rub off any piss and then gets dressed.”

The lad moves quickly and by the time I tie my shoelaces, he is fully dressed and stood in front of me. As he has no further instructions he returns to his zombie-like status. I stand up and adjust myself and then walk around him for one last inspection.

“Look at you now, James. My cum, sweat, spit and piss inside you. Wearing a piss soaked jockstrap and your hair still wet from our watersports. I have photos of you and videos showing you loving my cock in both your holes. Also, of your micropenis. As well as that I’ve put more gay triggers into you so you will soon be entirely mine.

Plus, you have never been happier.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”


I smile at my sex slave and give him one last look before he comes out of his trance.

“Well, that’s it, James. We are done here.”

“Really, that went quick! I do feel wet from sweat so I guess we have a good session. The place looks a bit better.”

“Yeah, we have done well here. Let’s go.”

“OK, Sir.”

I smile to myself that he is still addressing me correctly outside his trance state.”

“One last question, James. Why are you wearing rugby socks today?”

“I don’t normally wear them for work. I just felt a really strong need to put them on this morning. Oddly, I thought of you as I did, Sir.”

James’s hypnotic story has really caused some excitement and I was asked to expand the story. People wanted to know more about the HypnoPhones and where they were from. I was also asked for more of the build-up and what happened afterwards. With so many questions I thought you might like an ebook with 25,000 words growing and colouring in the story of the hypnotic headphones. Therefore I have written the kindle book HypnoPhones for you horny men who need to know more. Enjoy!

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