Straight Punishment: Hypnosis (Part 2 of 3)

This is the second instalment of a gay hypnosis fantasy. If you have not read part 1 you need to click here.

I arrive early the next day to ensure I clear some of my workload and give myself time to enjoy James. His little show in the pub last night proves he is now under my control and I can take him to the next level. Having him hold my cock and lick my piss was horny yesterday, but now the boi needs to serve me fully.

I don’t even start looking for him till half 11, when I do I find him reading documentation and grateful for the interruption. He is looking hot today in a tight white cotton shirt but I can’t see if he is wearing his rugby socks.

“Morning, James. You have taken your hat off then?”

“Oh, my god. Please do not mention that. I cannot believe what I did. I wasn’t even drunk! What is the CFO going to think of me?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure he will see the funny side of it – in time!”

“Oh, no,” James rubs his face in despair as he thinks about what happened. “People videoed it! Everyone will see it.”

“I know, I did. I had a great wank over it!”

“What? You will share it with all your gay mates.”

As he laments his life one of the Sales team walks by whistling loudly the song ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’. Laughter ripples from the nearby desks, even from people who weren’t there to witness the striptease.

“Anyway, I could do with your body if you have some spare time,” I enjoy adding innuendo when I speak to James. “I just need some help in the area of the office that is being refurbished.”

James jumps up at the chance of escaping anymore stripper comments for an hour or two. I thought I saw a flash of too much excitement in his eyes, but I dismiss it. I guess the PDF he is reading is pretty dull.

I have picked this section of the office as we will not be disturbed here. They were going to spend a load of money on doing the area up but since the world started to ‘Work From Home’ more the project is on hold.

“I guess you haven’t been to this area before. No one comes here since the project got pulled.”

“Do I have to be worried then?”

“No, you are perfectly safe here,” after I say that we both laugh. “CherryHole.”

I watch again as James’s shoulders drop down and his head leans to one side. I begin to walk about him.

“James, are you in the clothing you were instructed to wear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I order him to take off his shirt and as he throws it down I inspect his muscular chest. He must work out on the gym a lot as his pecs stand out firm and proud. They feel great as my hand moves over his exposed skin. I squeeze his nipples and he doesn’t even squirm.

“Remove your shoes and trousers.”

As he pulls off the clothing he reveals his rugby socks and the white jockstrap he is wearing. In Britain footballer player usually wear socks of one colour but rugby players prefer hoops of two colours, so I’m not surprised to see James’s red and white hooped socks. He has them pulled up to just below his knees and folded over. His jockstrap is made by Shock Doctor and I’m surprised to see it bulging out at the front.

“Why is your jockstrap so packed, James?”

“Sir, I stuffed a sock in there so it looks better if I’m checked out.”

“Remove the sock and stuff it in your mouth.”

The dumb jock does as he is instructed and can barely close his mouth now the white sock is in his gob.

“You shouldn’t hide the fact that you have a tiny nub of a so-called penis. You should be proud of your man-clitoris. Don’t ever stuff again.”

“No, Sir,” is his muffled response.

“James, show off your muscles.”

Some of the rugby team are more interested in drinking beer than the actual sport, James is not one of these. He is a gym bunny and works hard to keep himself fit. As with all gym-goers, he is happy to show off his hard work. He immediately starts doing poses that are straight out of a bodybuilding competition. He starts with a front-double bicep and then goes to a side chest which is followed by a side-triceps pose. As he shows off I happily slide my hands over his body and enjoy the firmness.

James, stand still with your legs apart.”

He still has a zombie feel about him as he follows my instructions. The trance is holding and that is good. I move around him and start to spank his arse. In no time both his lily-white arse cheeks are glowing red. He takes the punishment well and only starts to groan towards the end. I always like a sub boi with a rosy red arse. I pull his cheeks apart and run a wet finger over his ring.

“So, no one has been in here before?”

“No, Sir,” he says through the sock in his mouth.

I push down on his sphincter and can feel the tight little ring fight back. I can’t wait to open this straight lad up. I want to show him what his arse is for.

“You look good in a jockstrap, boi,” I pull out my phone and take a photo of him. “These photos are just for me. That is unless you upset me, after all you have been known to show photos of the girls you have sex with. I do want to remember the fun I had with my straight work colleague. Take off your jockstrap.”

James pulls off the jockstrap and throws is over with the rest of his discarded clothing. His micropenis is stood as erect as it can be but is still lost in his large bush of pubic hair. I take another photo and even take a close up shot so his nub is visible.

“One day, boi, I’m going to shave away all this hair so your tiny willy is all by itself with that large ball bag. I want to see what it looks like properly, and I want the rugby lads to laugh at you in the changing room.”

Before he replies I pull out the sock from his mouth and throw it over to the pile of his discarded clothing.

“Yes, Sir, they will enjoy looking at my bald willy and comparing it to their little fingers.”

“Did you enjoy touching my cock yesterday?”

“Yes, Sir, it felt good to hold a real man and feel your piss flowing. I wish we had had longer.”

I love hearing my straight lad talking about wanting my cock. It feels good to be on his mind and have him thinking about serving my manhood. At the end of the day, I’m doing everyone a favour by turning this lad into a submissive bottom boi. He will get the sexual satisfaction he needs via being fucked hard and girls will be grateful that his micropenis has been taken out of the gene pool.

As I have a meeting with a customer this afternoon I am wearing a suit today. The suit has been measured to fit my body and I know I look hot in it. I order James to kneel and he finds himself facing my groin, the bulge is already visible. I pull him by his hair and make him look up at me. I spit on the side of his face and which the saliva run across his cheek.

“You are going to learn to be my little straight bitch. I’ll teach you to satisfy your man and ignore any needs you think you have. You will thank me for turning you into my sex slave.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

I slap him hard across the face and the cunt takes it well. As I smile about the abuse the lad is taking I sit down on one of the old chairs that have been abandoned in the office space. I order James to put his hands behind his head and I take a photograph in this exposed position. I look at the pic on my camera and I’m pleased with having the straight lad obey me. His body looks amazing but his willy is lost in the photo. I place my right foot on my left knee.

“James, come and lick my shoe clean. I want them shiny clean for my meeting this afternoon.”

He crawls over on all fours and once he arrives at my shoe his tongue appears and he starts licking the black leather. He takes his instruction seriously and in no time my right shoe is covered in saliva from my bitch. As I take more photos he vanishes under my shoe and I feel him nudging my foot as he licks the sole of my shoe clean. He then bends down and cleans my left shoe while it is on the ground. As he does this his bum is pushed into the air and I watch the sexy virgin arse move around as the boi works.

“You better get used to worshipping me, boi,” I pull off my right shoe. “Come and stiff my sock.”

James immediately moves from the floor to my newly exposed sock. I have worn these black gold-toe socks for a couple of days so I know they are scented and the sub seems to take delight in the smell. James rubs his face on the cotton and tries to transfer the smell onto himself.

After a while, I push him hard with my foot and he ends up on his back looking up at me. He looks at me with his sleepy hypnotised eyes and I spit at him. Standing up I pull off my other shoe and then my trousers. I place one of my feet on his chest and press down. Once I have my balance I bring my other foot up and I stand on him.

“Feel the weight of my body on you, boi. I’m using you like a doormat. You are just an object for me to stand on.”

He cannot reply with my full weight on his chest and after a minute or so I step down. I sit back down with my top half suited and my bottom half in tight white underwear and pulled up black socks.

“Stay on your back, James. Pull your legs up and show your Daddy your boi pussy.”

James does as he is instructed and I take pics of him in this vulnerable posture. There nothing more humiliating for a straight guy than showing their hole to a gay man. I can feel my rock hard cock pushing to escape my underwear and I can’t wait to finally get James attached to it.

“You offering me your virgin pussy, boi?”

“Yes, Sir, it is all yours.”

“You are going to enjoy this more than sex with a woman. Giving up your anal virginity is a great feeling, and I’m going to film you having your cherry taken.”

“I want to give myself to you, Sir.”

I spit towards his face and he quickly shifts his position so he can catch it in his mouth. He looks back at me like a proud dog chasing its Master’s approval. I smile down on him.

“Good, boi.”

With James stripped and showing off there is only one direction this is heading in. To find out about any new posts as quickly as possible you can join the free mailing list for this blog. Just click the FOLLOW button below. The third part of James’s story has now been posted, and you can read it here.

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