Straight Punishment: Hypnosis (Part 1 of 3)

As the strange times continue I thought I’d do another fictional story and spread it over a few days. The last one was a four-part story called Straight Punishment, which seemed a popular idea. So, I stayed with the same idea but threw in the twist of hypnosis.

It is always good to get your feedback. Even better if you buy one of my Kindle ebooks. My latest book involves young Max heading to Gran Canaria and having kinky fun with the daddies there: Daddy Hunt on Gran Canaria.

Anyway, let me introduce to my straight work colleague James ….

It is a surprise to see someone else in the office as I got in early today to try and complete a pressing project. I am returning from the kitchen area after making myself a strong coffee and someone is walking towards me. I realise the figure at the other end of the corridor is James and he is walking strangly. I assume he was out with our rugby team last night and is hungover. His approach looks more like a zombie walk.

“Are you OK, James? What did you do last night?”

He does not respond but when he reaches me he stops and raises his right hand. His face looks relaxed and almost like he is asleep. It is hard to see if his eyes are open or not. I look down and see he is holding a piece of paper out to me. I take the paper and once I have James turns and walks off again. When zombie James is out of sight I read the piece of paper he has given me. I am hoping it contains the message I have been waiting for. The first thing I notice is the incredibly neat handwriting. It says:

“Sir, I am writing to confirm your hypnosis project for me is complete. You are now my Master and can do what you want to your slave boy. The word to put me under your control is CherryHole and to snap me out of it say HoleCherry. I will come back around in 10 seconds after it is spoken. Have Fun with me, Sir!”

I’m glad I’m alone in the corridor as I have to adjust my hardon. Just reading the note has caused blood to flow to my cock at the idea of what fun I could have with James. I was not convinced my plan would work but this piece of paper proves James is now mine.

My workplace is really fun but when it came to eye candy there had been nothing since I arrived. Occasionally the gods blessed our security guard rota and we would get a young buck but they never seemed to last long. I wasn’t particularly short on having sex but when I listened to my gay mates listing all the guys they would shag at work I was jealous that my list had no one on it.

All that changed when my company took on its first graduate. A buzz went around the women first and then some of the guys said I should go and say Hi to the new arrival. That it was in my interest to go and see him.

I had a real sense of excitement as I strolled down the familiar office corridors, light grey walls with a darker grey carpet. I could even hear some laughter in the office ahead of me. I hoped injecting some youth into the company would liven the place up a bit.

When I first saw him I thought all my dreams had come true. The twenty-three-year-old with dark brown hair had a fit rugby body and his presence clearly captivated the room. As he looked over at me smiling there even seemed to be a twinkle of naughtiness in his green eyes. His firm handshake and manly voice totally caught me off guard. Everyone laughed as I stumbled over my greeting but he just smiled. He told me he was going to the pub after work and it would be great to see me there. I replied with a nod and a laugh, finally getting it together enough to say I’d be there.

So that is how graduate James made an impression on his first day, but things soon went downhill. James loved the ladies but never treated them like ladies once he was done with them. He had dated some of the office girls and had dumped them after a couple of fucks. Once he was done he quite often showed XXX photos and videos of the girls down the pub. Some of them had left the business as they were so embarrassed. There was even a rumour of him using date-rape drugs, but nothing was proven.

Before we realised what he was like I had invited him along to the rugby club I play for. As James was new to the area I thought he would like meeting some people away from work and he had mentioned he played at university. Some of the office girls said I did it to see him in the showers, but I would never be so devious – maybe.

He has a body to die for, and seeing him in the tight rugby kit covered in mud was great wank material. To be honest, he was not that well endowed, but I was more interested in his sweet arse.

After a few months with the business, he started to date my best friend. I told her he was bad news but she wouldn’t listen. Apparently, they were perfect together and he would change for her. We fought so much over it that we ended up not speaking, during that time James acted like he didn’t know what was going on and was his normal self to me. Although I was told he had started spreading some not very gay-friendly rumours about me. He even told some of the rugby team I was gay and was surprised when they told him I had come out to them years ago.

As his behaviour deteriorated I decided to have some fun with him and he was surprised when I gifted him some of the latest and most expensive headphones. These particular headphones came an app and what James didn’t realise was they were designed in Japan to hypnotise the wearer of the device. The idea was to stop people smoking or eating crap food but with the help of a YouTube video, I was able to program them to turn James into my willing servant. Of course, the great part was I had to do nothing but wait for the device to work on him. It was programmed to change the beat of his favourite music to a hypnosis friendly beat and put him to sleep. Once he is relaxed my suggestions on how he should behave were played to him. I was pleased to see him using the headphones all the time and especially when we were on the minibus to an away game. Apparently we relax more when surrounded by friends and are more susceptible to the power of hypnosis.

He has been using the headphones for 3-months and it looks like my patience has paid off as this note was his final task. It was the sign that he now has a keyword which could be used to put him under instantly.

I return to my desk and get on with my work, but thoughts of using James are running through my mind. After a few hours, I decide to head over to the desk James is currently using, but when I arrive I’m disappointed to see other people in the area. James is now behaving perfectly normal and zombie James has completely vanished.

“Hey, James, how are you? Fun night?”

“Morning, it was fun. As you know, the rugby lads are crazy, so drinks with them are never quiet.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t make it last night. You coming for a drink tonight?”

“Of course, I love work drinks. the girls are more open after a few glasses of wine. Not that you would know, gay boy.”

I let his comment go and tell him I’ll see him later. After I leave James I head to the toilet and flop out my cock at the urinal, I spit and then begin to piss. As I sigh the door opens and I’m surprised when James appears and walks to a urinal a few down from where I am. With my cock in my hand I can’t help but think with it and I’m confident we are alone in the toilet.


James’s shoulders immediately drop down and his head leans to the right. Once again I cannot tell if his eyes are open or closed.

“James, use this urinal next to me.”

As James walks over to me I can see his trouser zip is open but that is as far as he got. When he reaches the urinal he pulls his cock out and starts pissing. I look down and see he has his willy held delicately with two fingers and it looks more like an acorn. I have never seen one so small. He must give it a tug before getting naked after rugby.

“You will only tell me the truth, James. Do you understand?”


“Address me as Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you ever done anything with a guy before?”

“After a university game, I had to kiss a teammate as a dare. That’s all, Sir.”

Rugby lads have a reputation for their homoeotic games and I’m not surprised it is in the changing rooms he had his little walk on the gay-side.

“Did you enjoy it?”

I reach over and try to stroke his pissing willy but there is hardly room for my finger to touch him. It is barely longer than his unkempt pubes.

“It was alright, Sir.”

“Hold my cock, James.”

The younger man does not hesitate and reaches over and grabs hold of my bull cock. I love to feel a lad’s hand wrap around my meaty cock and even better when he is a virgin. My cock has girth and length and holding it must be a surprise having been used to his micro-willy.

“Does it feel good to have a real manly cock in your hand, boi?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I feel him tighten his grip and as he does so he slows the flow of my piss. I release my grip and allow him to control the flow of my piss. I can see his eyes are open and staring at my meat.

“I’ve never seen your penis so small. What do guys say about your tiny willy?”

“They laugh at me, Sir. They say when I get a girlfriend they are going to come home with me and show her how a real cock feels. They say I can’t settle down as no girl wants my minute willy.”

“I’ve never seen one that small, and I’ve seen a lot of cocks. I surprised you play team sports. I thought you would be embarrassed and not want guys to see you naked.”

He has stopped pissing and has let go of his willy. He makes no effort to put it away but its smallness means it vanishes within the folds of his clothes. He continues to hold my cock as my long piss continues.

“I usually give it a pull before guys see it. Although, I like them taking the piss out of me. I love them all looking at me naked and laughing at my dick. It feels good to have all those guys looking at my private parts, even if it is just to laugh at me. At Uni once they got me to get hard so they could see if I was a grower. They found out I’m not, I’m just over 2 inches hard.”

I can’t help but laugh at this tiny dicked straight lad. He seems to have it all with his great body, brains and looks, but under his clothes is hidden his shame. This lad doesn’t even want to hide his shame though, he gets off on other men laughing at his nub.

As my piss stops James keeps his grip on me. I spit on the side of his face and he leaves it there to slowly run down to his jawline.

“James, put your hand over the end of my cock and shake it. I want you to get my piss on yourself.”

I notice I keep calling him by his name. I think it is because I have seen hypnosis shows before and they always use the subjects name a lot. I watch as he shakes me off in his clasped hand. I ask if there’s piss on his hand and he confirms there is.

“Lick your hand, James.”

As he raises his hand to his mouth I can see drops of my golden liquid on him and once again I find myself laughing as this lad licks up my piss. I have pissed on lads before but James seems to take great delight in tasting my wee. Even his zombie-like movements vanish as he enjoys himself.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. Anything from your manly cock is good for me.”

“Tomorrow you will wear a jockstrap and your rugby socks for work.”

“Yes, Sir. Whatever you want.”

As I put my cock away I hear the outer door of the toilet open so I quickly say HoleCherry and walk over to the sink to wash my hands. I greet our colleague who has just walked in and look over to see James come around from his trance and realise his trouser zip is open. As he adjusts himself I walk out and wonder where best to use James tomorrow. I would prefer a more private place to enjoy my straight lad properly.

The rest of the day passes quietly and I see James a couple of times. It feels horny knowing about his micropenis and that he has touched my cock. At one point I bump into James at the watercooler. I put him under and dip my cock into the glass of water he had just poured for himself. He watches as I rub some cock-cheese around the rim of the glass as a double treat. Smiling, I bring him around and then send him off telling him to enjoy his water.

Just before five o’clock, my desk phone rings and I see it is Sarah, my friend and colleague from the QA Team. The pair of us get on really well and often do after work drinks.

“Hi, Sarah. Thirsty?”

“Hey. Of course! You up for having a beer now?”

“Sounds good. I hear James and some others are planning drinks too.”

“Oh, great. Well, don’t spend the whole night staring at him. I’m glad I like girls, but I can see that he’s exactly your type.”

“Yes, he looks hot but he’s not got a great personality.”

“Ha, you bitch. Well, don’t forget your friends when the hottie arrives!”

“No one says hottie, Sarah.”

“Lesbians do. You heading there now?”


Before I can say anything more the line is dead and Sarah is obviously making her way to the pub, that’s why we get on so well.

Sarah and I are on our second round when James arrives. He has attracted a crowd of people who want to be around him. He just gives off that vibe people love to be near.

“I see you two are the people to keep up with, then.”

“Best you don’t try,” Sarah replies. “We don’t want to break you, little boy.”

“I played rugby at Uni. I can try and keep up with you two.”

James and Sarah have never got along and always try to outdo each other. I order a round from everyone as those two have their pissing competition.

“Cheers, mate. This should help settle my head after last night.”

“No problem,” as I reply we all clink glasses in a toast.

“I better be careful about drinking too much around you. I’ve been warned not to let you get me drunk!”

“Really? What are they worried I might do to you?”

James takes a sip of his beer and holds my gaze as he looks at me over the rim of his glass. I notice his long eyelashes and they pull me deeper into his green eyes. He always flirts around me more when Sarah is around.

Finally, he swallows his beer and breaks the silence.

“I think you know exactly what you want to do to me.”

“OK, boys,” Sarah rescues me as I can’t respond to that. “I think we need a bucket of cold water over here!”

James puts his glass down on the bar and pulls off his jumper slowly, seemingly to show how hot it is getting. As he does the tee-shirt underneath rides up and I stare as his athletic body appears and I can see the white band of his CK underwear. His stomach is firm and hairless.

“You going to take a photo?” Sarah stares at me and is enjoying herself tonight.


James laughs as he adjusts his tee-shirt and places his jumper on a barstool and grabs his drink.

The evening is a fun one with and James happily flirts his way around the room, either charming for sex or the chance of promotion. I stay with Sarah in our usual place at the bar and chat with others as they buy drinks. James returns to us regularly and always has something bitchy to say. I feel he is flirting with me, but I know he is straight. I have had straight lads who enjoy flirting with me before so I just relax and flirt back. It is more fun as he does not mind my eyes roaming over his sexy body.

As James returns again Sarah rolls her eyes and says she is off to the toilet. Once James is next to me I lean close to his ear to speak to him.

CherryHole,” my hand is firmly on his shoulder and I feel it relax at the mention of the keyword. “James, you will do as you told. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will go to the jukebox and put on the song ‘You can leave your hat on’. Once it is playing you will begin a striptease and aim your attention at John Anderson. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do as you have been told, James.”

Turning back into zombie James he makes his way to the jukebox and starts to select buttons. John Anderson is the most senior member of staff in the pub and is the CFO for our business. He is a big guy and will not appreciate being part of a naked man’s dance routine. I could have said myself but that would have been too obvious, and less funny.

The brass instrumental introduction is still playing as Sarah returns to my side and she mouths the word ‘What’ to me. I nod over to the raised dining area of the pub where James is gyrating his hips. He has managed to get hold of a baseball cap from somewhere. As everyone knows the song from the film ‘Full Monty’ some of the pub’s patrons have started cheering and whistling to encourage him. James takes to the attention and begins to slowly unbutton his shirt. Everyone is still laughing as opens and closes his unbutton shirt. Flashing his chest to his crowd. In no time he is waving the shirt above his head and then letting it go. As he does he kicks off his Nikes and reveals his white socks.

He comes down the stairs and pulls his belt free, he then whips his any arse with it, much to everyone’s amusement. When he drops the belt and starts pulling his trousers open the atmosphere changes as everyone gets a little nervous about how far this is going to go. To reach John Anderson he has to walk by me and as he does I lean forward and whisper the word ‘HoleCherry‘ into his ear. James keeps on walking, revealing more of his red underwear, as the 10 seconds of him coming out of the trance counts down.

James is in the middle of waving his arse towards the CFO when he comes out of the trance. As he has turned around I get the perfect view of his face as he wonders what the hell he is doing. I also catch it on the film I am videoing the impromptu show. He keeps on going as he is confused about how he ended up in his current position. His trousers have now been removed and he is only in socks, cap and underwear. The shouts of the crowd are now telling him enough and when he starts to pull his pants down to show his arse people finally step in. To be fair, James looks pretty relieved to be stopped.

Different people pick up the discarded clothing and return the items to James who vanishes to the toilet to get dressed. Everyone in the pub is laughing and showing what photos they have of James the stripper.

“Oh, my god. Why would he do that?” Sarah watches my video, again.

“I don’t know but I am glad he did! Look at that peachy arse.”

“But why would he do that to Anderson? I thought he was trying to get promoted!”

“I guess he wanted to show off. Show he was multi-talented!”

James finally reappears fully dressed and is incredibly embarrassed. He does not go anywhere near Anderson as he clearly cannot believe what he has done. He soon gets bored with people showing him videos of his performance and announces he has to meet some other friends. Once he has headed off people soon drift away. Of course, Sarah and I stay to the very end. We keep saying this is our last drink but there always seems to be another drink afterwards.

I find it difficult to sleep that night as I’m thinking of what I’m going to do to James the next day. I resist having a wank so I have more cum to offload with him. I would pretend to have a moral dilemma, but I don’t suffer from that. I want his little straight arse.

Have you ever been humiliated in public? Remember the time I got a sub to drink my piss in a pub? You can continue straight on to part two of James’s story by clicking here.

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