Scally Boy Sub

As we still live in strange times I have decided to write another post from the vault of my previous sessions. COVID Lockdown is pretty much falling apart in the UK but Social Distancing was always about protecting the vulnerable in society and not being a selfish twat. #MaskOn

Some lads are not shy when it comes to having photos taken during a session. When photos are agreed on it can make a session a lot hornier, the trust the sub is showing its Master is heightened and the sense of Ownership feels stronger. Of course, most lads who agree to XXX photos do so on the proviso that they are only for the people involved in the session to see, which is understandable. Sex pixs also act as a great reminder of sessions and flicking through my folder of sub photos is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon in Lockdown.

I was looking through the folders of one particular sub who I had met quite a few times and remain friends with even now. He is a good looking sub and is a few years younger than me and definitely enjoyed foot worship and bondage. He agreed to photos being taken and ones that did not identify him could be shared.

When we first met up this lad was the definition of a scally boy. He was a young guy with a cheeky smile who was happiest in sports clothing. Tracksuit, white socks and a great looking trainers were this lad’s uniform. He was also a naughty lad who loved having his arse spanked till it was red.

The first time we met the lad was still new to all this and was still finding his feet. He knew he loved feet but hadn’t started to expand his list of interests but was happy to discover them with me. For our first session, I started him stripped to his white socks and his black underpants, I hope this would relax him into the session. He was happy to crawl on the floor and beg for my blue and silver Nikes.

As he licked and sniffed my sneakers I slipped my collar on to him and he made no complaint. Like a dog distracted by a treat, he accepted the sign of Ownership and welcomed it. The scent of my Nikes and black socks had taken him to his submissive head-space and he knew he was going to beg to return to my feet again and again. For his scally delight, I had worn my tracksuit bottoms and I could feel his hand rubbing the shiny material as he face worshipped my feet.

The scally had served men before but had not been left to worship trainers for as long as he needed. I sat on the chair in my room and watched as he licked over every inch of my Nikes. He even lay on his back so he could give the sole of my trainers a good licking.

As the session continued I pulled his pants off so he was exposed as I remained dressed. CMNM (clothed male, naked male) is always something which should turn a sub on, accepting he does not deserve to wear clothes while the man he serves does. Well, obviously I let them keep their socks on but that is for me and not them.

Pulling off my Nikes the boi started to work on my black socks and paid a high level of attention to them. It felt great to feel a tongue lick my socks and the pressure on my foot as he worked. It is always horny to look down at a sub doing foot worship as a sign of his submission. Nothing says I am here to serve you like licking another man’s feet.

I knew boi who had talked so much about scent was always going to get off on a sweaty jockstrap, so I was not surprised when his eyes flashed with delight as I pulled down my trackie bottoms. The scally immediately attached his face to the grimy looking jock I was wearing. The air flowed around my balls as he sucked up the scent.

As he knelt in front of me I reached over for my handcuffs and fastened them on his wrists. With his hands behind him I pulled my jockstrap off and my cock vanished inside his mouth. The lad was not slow in getting his lips wrapped around anything I put in front of him. I was pleased to find out he was a great sucker. All subs need to know how to suck on a hardon, and if they don’t know they need a firm hand to teach them.

I pushed the boi to the floor and made sure his face added up in a pile of my Nikes, socks and jockstrap. The handcuffed scally had no option but to lie there for me. I lubed up his hole and fucked him on the ground. A fistful of his hair meant I could hold his nose in my scented clothing as I used his arse to please and satisfy my manly needs.

The scally and I continued to meet up. We enjoyed a lot of hot sex and as he house sat properties in London we got to fuck all over the capital. One of his places was being done up so we got to use a room where the decorators had left out equipment. I fucked him using a step ladder to hold him in position as I pounded his arse.

In another session, I dressed the boi in an England football kit I own and it was horny using him in that. For the session, I decided to tie him up and then abuse him. Teach him about mixing pleasure and pain. So, the boi was in a red England shirt and white football socks and I blindfolded, ball-gagged him and then put on ankles cuffs on him. Tying his hands to the bedposts at the head of the bed I then roped up the ankles cuffs so he was going nowhere. Once he was pinned down facing upwards I teased his nipples with my teeth and then ice. It was horny watching him squirm as I tugged and froze his sensitive nips. I moved on to attaching pegs to his nipples as the boi groaned for my tit torture (TT).

His rock hard cock communicated to me, as the ball-gag stopped him talking, how happy he was. I moved lower and started to attach pegs to his cock and balls. His rock hard cock was standing out so much I was worried it might explode. It just encouraged me to give it a flick with my fingers. He was clearly enjoying some cock and ball torture (CBT). I attached my leash to the collar and wrapped the chain around his hardon. The cold metal drove the sub crazy.

I decided it was time to open the boi’s hole and to expose him fully I decided to tie the ankle cuffs to the bedposts at the head of the bed. This meant his legs were pulled up and out of the way and his hole was all mine to play with. Slapping some lube onto a vibrator I slid the device into his boicunt and turned it on. Even with the ball-gag, on I could hear the scally groan in pleasure as the device rubbed fast against his insides. I watch his toes curl up in the white football socks and give him a good prolong experience with the toy. With his holed warmed up, I put the vibrator down and put some real manmeat inside him. The scally loves real cock and I felt him tightening his sphincter to welcome me inside. It felt great to have this boi tied up and there for my pleasure. If he wanted it harder or slowly he couldn’t tell me, with his face covered and mouth gagged, this fuck only involves me and his arse. Just how men should fuck.

Another time the scally arrived in Adidas top, trackie bottoms and black sock. By this point he was all about being tied up – my training had worked well over the years. I told him to get shirtless and then I could tie up his hands and still remove the rest of his clothes whenever I wanted. I tied his hands to the head of the bed so he could go nowhere I could use him how I wanted. Once I had collared and blindfolded him I started to use him.

To start with I hovered my foot over his face and made him beg to have my sweaty sock rubbed on his face. The sub couldn’t lift his head high enough so he begged to have his face used as a footrest. He wanted his pretty little face marked with my scent. He was desperate to feel the damp cotton on his lips and slid his tongue out. His trackies bottoms were tented by the cock trapped underneath. He had not been for a while so he was on heat. He had started to see someone but he needed to be treated right. He needed to serve a man who knew how to use a little scally sub.

I peg up his nipples again. The pressure on his sensitive nips sent waves of pleasure around the boi’s body.

I lifted his legs so I could pull the trackies bottoms down to reveal his arse. I told him about how much I enjoy seeing his boicunt and how much I love teasing it. I lube it up and then slide my dildo into him. He groaned to welcome it in. His willy rubs against the tracksuit while the pegs tug at his nipples. The scally knows he has to take this from me and has no say in how I abused him.

After loosening him up I put his legs down and then pull the tracksuit right down. He lies on my bed half-naked and on show for his Master. His hard willy stands up sending the clear message of total joy at this treatment. I tickle his black socked foot and he squirms from me. I pulled off the tracksuit completely and climbed onto the bed. His prepared hole welcomed back my hard daddy dick and I started to fuck him. As I fuck I watched the pegs wiggle around as I pound his body so hard. The boi knew he was in his happy place with his whole body singing in joy with the pleasure and pain shooting around it. I continued to fuck him and my cock was loving the stimulation of his ringpiece sliding up and down it.

As I approach orgasm I pulled out of him, stood up and moved over to his face. I pulled away the football sock I was using as a blindfold and the scally watched as I spunked all over his face. The second he saw what was happening he opened his mouth and caught as much of my seed as he could. My cum landed in his gob but also covered his face. I shook my cock to make sure he has as much cum as I had in me and then I climbed off the bed.

As I showered I left the sub tied to my bed with my facial soaking into him. He knew he was a very lucky scallyboy.

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