Advice: I Want My Boyfriend’s Feet

A lad messaged me on Instagram and I thought it was better to share my response on here …

Hello Sir!

Hope you’re having a great day! I’ve discovered your blog 2 years ago and in a way it widened my understanding of kink and submission/domination. The foot worshipping stories are my favourite as I have a huge foot fetish and I won’t gonna lie, I fantasied about being under your feet many times.

I wanted to ask you if you have any advice about introducing foot play with a partner. My boyfriend’s feet are so hot and I’ve tried to mention this kink a couple of time however he didn’t seem particularly interested in exploring it more. He teased me a few times with his feet, but it didn’t seem like he wanted to go any further and most times it wasn’t particularly sexual when he did it.

I know you’re not a relationship adviser, but I don’t really know what to do and I thought maybe you would have an idea. I crave being under a man’s feet so badly, it drives me crazy.

Sorry if this message took any of your time away. I know you have many important things to do with your time SIR

First of all, let’s be totally honest, your boyfriend is not going to turn into some Dom Top that forces you under his sweaty feet and uses you for his pleasure. I think you already know that. If your boyfriend had a Dom bone in his body he would have taken advantage when you were brave and honest enough to tell him how much you love feet. He would have slapped your face, spat on you and pushed you to the floor to worship at his feet – and that would have been your dreams come true!

That isn’t what happened, though, and you are not going to change that. Either we have a kinky side or we don’t, and if someone has no interest in kink then that is going to be pretty much impossible to change. You have taken the step all vanilla Agony Aunties would have advised and been honest about what you need, so well done for that. Your boyfriend’s reaction was not great and he didn’t make any effort to try and satisfy your needs. That’s wrong of him. When you are brave and honest to someone what you says deserves proper consideration and time. You being a sub makes this pretty easy for your boyfriend to help you out, he just has to lie back and let you do your thing. Everyone can benefit from a foot massage, so he should have told you to get on with it. Where’s the harm in having a foot rub?

So, you have a couple of options and which one you pick depends on your relationship and how much you need feet!

Option 1: Forget Feet, Move On

You have told your boyfriend and he isn’t interested, so this is going nowhere. He is going to tease you occasionally and that’s all you can expect. You can wank over my blog, foot porn and sniff his dirty socks before you wash them.

Option 2: Play The Long Game

Go on Amazon and buy some foot massage oil. You can even pretend someone gave it to you at work if you like or it was a Secret Santa gift. When he arrives home exhausted one night tell him to put his feet up, remove his shoes and socks – have a sniff and tell him he must have been working hard – and then give him the foot massage of his dreams. Turn the rub into a weekly treat, end it in sex or a blow job or a beer – train him that feet rubs get rewards. Once he gets used to it rather than go straight in with the oil give his feet a sniff and some tongue. Tell him you like the smell and taste, then back to the massage and reward. Make the bastard feel like the centre of the world whereas you are getting what you need. I don’t think he will ever turn into the Dom Top you actually need, but at least you get feet.

Option 3: Force His Hand

People do introduce kinky stuff into relationships to spice things up, so it is worth a try. Get some cards with different actions on and have a game of Dare, picking up a card at a time and see how it goes. Just make sure one of the cards says WORSHIP FEET, or once he isn’t checking, pretend a card says that and get down on them! You never know, you might find some kinky stuff you both enjoy.

Option 4: Open Foot Relationship

As he seems totally against it you may have to have another serious talk with him and say you want to meet guys and lick their feet, but just their feet. I have met lots of guys who are just about feet and they never go higher than my ankle. If he can’t be bothered to give you what you need then you have to tell him you will go elsewhere to get it.

Option 5: Open Relationship

You seem like a nice guy who talks to his boyfriend about what you need. So if you absolutely need a Dom Top in your life then you may have to open your relationship up and find one. There is the option of having a threesome with a Dom Top, maybe once your boyfriend see how you need treating it will interest him to have a go! I would offer, but I think you are in the States.

So, those are your 5 options as I see them. I would say try Option 2 and sees what happens. As you have already told him about your love of feet he will probably know what you are up to, but there’s no harm in trying. If anyone has any other ideas add a comment to this post.

Let us know how it goes, and good luck.

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