Honey: I Blew up the Gay


Having survived their woodland adventure our tiny friends are looking forward to celebrating their safe return, and hoping to be restored to their normal size. All that changes when the mysterious Flagstone flies in and takes James and Sarah to the company’s London headquarters.

hibutg-smThere is no way Andrew is going to be separated from his friends again, and a strange mixture of anger and chemicals leads to a massive growth spurt. Andrew’s journey to the capital only increases his size and in the capital an inept prime minister tries to reassure a nervous nation that everything is in hand. An adventure which started off tiny is about to be taken to a whole new level.

James Burton adventure with Professor Honey started in ‘Honey: I Shrunk the Gay‘ where the ability to shrink humans was discovered. Along with his friends, Sarah and Andrew, the journey continued in ‘Honey: I Crashed the Drone‘. In a quiet British woodland the friends discovered just how much danger can lurk in a beautiful place. In the third instalment we discover the dangers of London and a scared population. Is this going to end like King Kong or the BFG?

This is the third part of A Microphilia Journey and is a gay erotic novelette of around 28,000 words. For adult readers only. You can read a free preview of this book by clicking here.

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