Straight Punishment (Part 4 of 4)


Welcome to the final part of this Wank Holiday Weekend treat. Thanks for everyone that has messaged to say how they have enjoyed reading Ash’s story. Of course, I would appreciate it if you would spend a tiny amount of money and buy some of my kindle ebooks off Amazon. They are both cheap and a great read, so go and treat yourself. I have just released COVID Captive, which is an introduction to Max’s kinky daddy hunt. If there is enough interest I’ll develop the series Daddy to the Max. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Before reading this you need to start at: Straight Punishment (Part 1 of 4)


Telling Ash he has to be punished for removing the clamps without permission has put a real glint of excitement in his eyes. There is no protest from him that it wasn’t his fault his nipples were released early. Emma is now playing with the chain so he could easily point out she removed them, but of course, he isn’t going to do that. With the adrenaline pumping around his body, and his cock rock hard, it is clear he needs the punishment badly.

I pull my wrist cuffs out of my bag and a length of rope. Using the collar I push him down so he is bent over the sturdy kitchen table and then use the rope to tie his arms down to the far corners of the table. Walking around the table I expect him and then place ankle cuffs over his white socks so I can tie him bent speed-eagle over the table. His upper body rests on the table while his arse is pushed out over the edge and on perfect display. I then pull out my ball gag and silent him. The look in his eyes tells me how vulnerable he feels and it makes my saliva covered cock twitch.

Getting my 13-inch leather paddle out I give his arse a hard spank. The sound is a perfect whack and Emma even squeaks in delight. His cheeks had begun to return to white but after some time with my paddle, they soon redden back up. It feels great to swing the paddle back and bring it down hard on his exposed cheeks. The noise from him is muffled by the ball-gag but I can see him pulling on the ropes near his hands to try and cope. Most lads don’t realise quite how into spanking they are until they are put over daddy’s knee and introduced to it properly.

I put the paddle down but before sitting back down I grab my smallest butt plug and a bottle of lube. I pull back one of Ash’s arse cheek and rim his little pink hole again. It tastes even better now I’m getting closer to using it properly. I hear him moaning in pleasure through the ball-gag.

The small, black bulb-shaped piece of plastic easily slips inside Ash and even with the ball-gag on I don’t hear any complaints. I pull the thickest part in and out of him and smile as I see his ring gripping it. Emma moves closer so she can watch, she has never seen anything like this in real life. It feels strange with just his arse in front of us as we sit at the kitchen table. The dehumanised hole is just like a new toy for us which has just been delivered. Emma continues to sip wine as she watches her boyfriend being opened up.

I grab the medium butt plug and slide it in. This time there is some more resistance and I watch his toes curling against the floor. The device finally pops in and is firmly held in position. Once it is in I take a well-deserved beer and Emma takes more photos. He must know he is getting closer to losing his virginity. So far during the evening, Ash has been very involved but now he is silently laid out before me like a carefully prepared meal. I play with the butt plug as I drink my beer. Absentmindedly twisting it and pulling it out so I can push it back up, getting Ash used to his new sex organ.

Letting the device drop to the floor I stand up and lube up my manhood. Emma shifts her chair again to ensure the best view, phone in hand.

“Right, Ash. Time to take your punishment like a straight.”

I tap his arse with my hardon a couple of times and then run it down his arse crack till it reaches his hole. With my cock-head in place, I begin to push inside. I’m pleased to meet some resistance and know the but plugs haven’t totally opened him up. A man likes to be gripped as he fucks, especially from a virgin.

As I push slowly deeper I see Ash is trying to look back at me. I spit in the direction of his face and pull his arse cheeks wide so I can go as deep as possible. This boi really needs to feel my meat deep inside him. I love thrusting hard into him and watching him take me. His tight ring holds me inside him and I pound him for pleasure and proof of Ownership.

I love watching my cock slipping in and out of his boicunt. His tight ring grips my thick shaft well and it feels great to finally fuck his sexy arse.

Reaching forward while fucking I undo the clasp that holds the ball gag. The device falls out of Ash’s mouth and I hear his groans properly at least.

“There you go, Boi. Now you know what you’re for. Daddy little fuck toy.”

There is no response but I can see one of his eyes from where I stand and it is rolling upwards into the back of his head in pleasure. I grab his hair again and pull his head up. The moans change to grunts as the new position opens his throat up. The noise encourages me to fuck him harder.

Letting go of his hair I move my hands to his waist. Holding him tight lets me slam my cock into him and I take him harder and harder. The slap of my body against his arse echoes in the room.

Emma watches her bound boyfriend being taken in a way she has never let a guy fuck her. I tell her to undo the cuffs. She has had a lot of wine so she slowly and unsteady goes to each corner of the table and unbuckles Ash.

Even after he has been freed Ash does not move from his spreadeagled position. I fuck his limp body like it is a rag doll. He still has not spoken.

I pull out of him and flip him onto his back. Once he is turned over his feet rest on my shoulders and I’m back inside him. I want him to look at me so I reach for his head but before I get there he lifts his head and stares into my eyes. His face is red and covered in sweat. His hands grab the arm I was reaching with and he pulls me closer.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

“You like my cock in your boypussy?”

“It’s amazing. I’ve never had sex like this.”

At this point, I’m pretty much pulling my cock all the way out and slamming it back in. His gasps of delight and I take that as a signal to do him hard. He is obviously loving it.

Straight lads always have a big thing about protecting their arse, but once they get introduced to anal they love it. I have a work colleague who used to say one up the rear doesn’t make you queer, he ended up taking me a lot more than once, but that’s a different story.

The boi is now staring up at me and panting as I fuck him. His hands are grasping the back of his head, pulling himself up so he can see my sweaty body as I fuck the life out of him. Behind his eyes, I can see his mind being blown. You can always tell when you’re breaking in a virgin, straight to gay.

“I’m going to cum, Sir.”

I reposition my cock so I can cum at the same time and ensure I’m massaging his prostate to give him an amazing climax.

“You ever cum with nothing touching your willy before?”

“No, Daddy.”

“This is going to be the best orgasm of your life. You are going to want only anal-gasms from now on.”

He looks at me in his confused puppy way, trying to balance how he believes a man should act to his current situation. Loving the fact that he is laid out on the kitchen table being fucked senseless by another man while his girlfriend records it on her phone. He now knows his arse is a sex organ and he has been missing out on a lot of fun. He also knows he has submitted to another man and loved it.

“I’m going to cum, Sir”

I increase my speed for the final moments. I want this boi to still feel this fuck for the rest of the week. I reach for his neck and hold him tight. I can feel my balls moving position, getting ready to release.

“Look at me, boi. Keep your eyes open. I want to be imprinted on your mind when you have your greatest orgasm.”

I see his back arch away from the table and he goes silent. His face screws up but his eyes remain on me. Then the first white shots of cum appear from his untouched willy. His spunk shoots up his body, landing on his smooth chest and he convulses as his balls take over. The release continues and sperm suddenly lands on his face as his cock sprays out in ecstasy. His eyes seem to light up in joy as he empties the biggest load of his life all over his body. The white globs of cum glisten under the lights and forms pools over him.

“I want your cum, Daddy,” despite not being in control of his body Ash manages those breathless words.

The confused look on his face is so horny that I finally orgasm. Part of me wants to cum on his face, to mark him as mine, but we can do that another time. This first time I want to fill him with my seed and make him realise he’s mine now. My body shudders as my balls empty into him. It is already painful as I need this so bad. My juices flow out of me and into Ash. It feels great to cum inside him. I know he will be addicted to me now and need this regularly. Sex with just women will never be good enough again. I’ve taught him what really turns him on.

As cum shoots out of me Ash reaches down between his legs and feels my cock. It is like he is making sure I don’t come out of him or he wants to ensure my cum stays in him.

I stay in him as I recover. I’m still rock hard and I know Ash doesn’t want me out of him yet. Having my daddy dick inside him is now something he has to have.

“You’re a good boi. You took daddy dick real well.”

“I loved it, Daddy. I loved making you cum. Thank you, Sir.”

It is always horny when a sub thanks you for abusing him. A true sign you have fucked with his mind and turned him into your bitch.

I pull out and his fingers slide over my cock as it exits him. They vanish inside him as he explores his sloppy cum soaked hole. When they come out they are coated with my precious seed and Ash sticks them in his mouth and sucks on them. He thinks that is his final show of submission, but he is wrong.

I pick him up off the table and carry him like a father does a baby, but I put him onto the tiled kitchen floor. He looks up to me on his knees, still coated in his own cum. My softening cock waves in front of his face and without instruction he swallows it. A true sign of submission is cleaning your man’s cock after being fucked senseless by it. I feel his tongue sliding over my manhood. The boi loves tasting his first cock.

Stepping back a spit on him and hold my cock. He does not know what is happening so when the yellow stream hits him on the chest it is a surprise to him. His mouth opens in shock that I’ve not finished using him yet. I can’t resist such an invite and move my piss up so it lands in his mouth. The sound of my liquid filling his mouth re-vibrates around the room.

“Swallow, Boi”

Ash obeys and I see his throat move as it welcomes my piss down it. I move my cock so the golden shower drenches his hair. He kneels before me taking my stream of pleasure. His hands move to his chest and he rubs in the piss and cum. Marinating himself with man juice. Genuinely the action of a fag before its man.

I laugh and he smiles as he gets soaked.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“You are completely my bitch now.”

He nods as my piss finishes. I move closer and he naturally opens his mouth. I put my cock in and shake it off. I feel it hitting the inside of his mouth as I vigorously get the last drop of piss out of me and into him.

“Whenever you’re at the urinal shaking off you remember me using you as a urinal.”

“I remember you for a lot of things, Daddy.”

I walk away from Ash, leaving him covered in piss and cum and a broken arse, and as I leave the room I look over at Emma.

“I think he’s been punished enough. I’m pretty sure he won’t go with another woman again.”

One Hour Later

I’m almost asleep after a long, exhausting day when the door opens and light is cast across the bed. I left my head and see a naked Ash coming into the room. He closes the door and climbs into bed with me.

I’m on my back and he cuddles up to my side and places a hand on my chest. I bring my arm around him and hug him.

“Can I sleep with you tonight, Daddy? I was missing you.”

“Of course you can, Babyboy.”

I feel him sigh in happiness as he embraces me and in no time he is happily asleep at my side. I wonder what Emma is going to think of her broken, formally straight boyfriend, but that’s not my problem. She did this.

One Month Later

I look down at my phone and I see another message from Ash. Since he found me on Instagram he has been messaging a lot. I have a photo of his arse sent to me most days. It’s not something I complain about.

Ash and Emma are surprisingly still together, but on the verge of splitting up after I introduced him to the best sex of his life, his words. Emma has forgiven me but says I’m never allowed near any guy she is dating again. I don’t think I’ll be at her next wedding!

Ash is begging to come and visit me in London. He is even asking if I have many daddy friends. He also thinks if I fuck him again he’ll get over thinking about me constantly and be able to have sex with girls again. I have told him I’m willing to try out his idea, for his sake, of course.

These are some of his messages:

These screenshots are taken from the straight lad who appeared in my post Loser Sucks Cock. He found me via Instagram and still talks about returning to serve me.


And so, that is where we will leave Ash & co, for now. He’s been a popular character so maybe a revisit will happen in the future. For now, enjoy the rest of your long weekend and I hope you have got a kick out of me putting the W into the Bank Holiday #WankHolidayWeekend.

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