Straight Punishment (Part 3 of 4)


I’ve had a couple of guys let me know they are enjoying this story, so I guess you want the third instalment! As we are still kind of in Lockdown I thought I’d do a fiction story, free just for you. This is a special treat for the late May Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so I’m posting the story in four parts over the weekend. I’m putting the W into the Bank Holiday #WankHolidayWeekend. Of course, I would appreciate it if you would spend a tiny amount of money and buy some of my kindle ebooks off Amazon. They are both cheap and a great read, so go and treat yourself. I have just released COVID Captive which is an introduction to Max’s kinky daddy hunt. If there is enough interest I’ll develop the series Daddy to the Max. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Before reading this you need to start at: Straight Punishment (Part 1 of 4)

I decide to move the session along and pull off my football shorts. I use Ash to steady myself as he kneels in front of me in socks, clamps and collar. So far I’ve mostly concentrated on humiliation but it’s time to get Ash doing more to satisfy my needs. Emma continues to watch her boyfriend serve his best friend with a glass of wine in her hand.

Free of the shorts I stand with my white underwear almost touching his face. I move forward and rub his nose with my trapped hardon. Ash does not flinch away and I’m pleased when I hear him sniffing my underwear. It is still damp from all the running around the pitch.

“You like that smell?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I pull the leg of my underwear open and Ash immediately moves to the opening and sniff me. He must be getting a waft of my sweaty balls.

Walking away from him I go around the table and sit next to Emma. She sips her wine as I drink my beer. Ash’s head is visible from the other side of the table where is still kneeling.

“I think that is as far as I can push him, Emma. I was going to order him to suck my cock but I don’t think he can cope.”

“Really? That’s disappointing.”

“Some lads just are not capable I’m afraid.”

As we talk he moves his head to look at whoever is speaking. It remains me of some lost puppy that’s not sure what its owners are discussing.

“So you think that’s as far as he’ll go?”

Ash vanishes under the table and the next thing I know he pops up in my lap after crawling over to me and starts rubbing his face on my underwear. Instinctively he rubs the big, hard bulge which is straining to escape its cotton prison.

“Sir, I want to try to suck your cock. Please let me.”

The dumb little straight has no idea he is being played. What could be hornier than having a straight guy beg for cock? It is truly the ultimate submission. I can feel my cock twitching as Ash begs to have it in his mouth.

“I think it’s too much for him,” Emma continues the play. “Maybe it would be better if I did it for you. I’ve got experience.”

Ash opens his mouth and I can feel his teeth gently pressing down on my manhood, like a dog trying to take its bone somewhere private to devour. I lean in and kiss Emma. It’s not the first time we have kissed, we drunk kissed all the time at university. I want to see what rattles Ash’s cage most: a guy kissing his girlfriend or the thought of losing the chance to suck dick.

“Sir, you’re supposed to be using me. Let me suck you off!”

And with that, it’s Bye, Bye Straight Boy.

“You want to suck daddy dick?”

“Yes please, Daddy. I want to taste you.”

Emma rolls her eyes at me, knowing Ash was lost to her. Well, for this evening anyway.

Standing up I pull off my tee-shirt and look down at Ash wearing just football socks and underwear. I stretch my arms as he plays happily at the front of my underwear, pushing my cock with his face and licking the bulge.

I order him to stand. I stand taller than him and he has to look up at me. It’s always good to tower over submissive types. I raise an arm and order him to smell my pit. As he groans at the scent his hands wander over me. He rubs my hairy chest and finally builds the courage to use his hands to rub my cock. When he tries to remove my pants he gets a slap and told to wait. It is so horny having the little bitch on heat for my cock.

“Rub your face on my pit and then lick it. I want you to be scented of me, Boi.”

Gleefully he complies and his groans get more content. From what Emma has said sex has never lasted this long for the boi, he is a wham, bam, thank you mam kind of a guy. Maybe she will get a better lover out of all of this.

I order him to repeat the exercise on my other armpit, which he does. He keeps whispering thanks like he is finally being shown something he wishes he had been taught earlier in life.

“Get back on your knees, Boi.”

Once he is down I pull my pants down just enough to show the thick base of my cock. I slowly begin to reveal more. Ash sits in front of me memorised as his treat is slowly shown to him.

“Once it is out it is going in you. So you better say stop if you don’t want this.”

Ash looks up at me, opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out like a welcome mat. Emma laughs at her boyfriend.

I pull the underwear off and stretch it over my hand.

“Just here is where my sweaty arse has been rubbing all day, Boi.”

Ash needs no instructions and immediately rubs his face and smells the area. We do the same with where my sweaty balls and cock have been rubbing, too. I do like a boi to love my scent.

Rolling the underwear up I place one end near his mouth and Ash grabs it with his teeth. We play the game where we have a tug of war like he is my loyal dog. Submission is all about head-space and I’m turning Ash into my pet.

“You are a good doggy,” I pat his head to reward him. “Bark for your Master.”






“Good puppy. I suppose you want your bone now?”


It is horny when you train an animal and they continue with the action afterwards. Just shows how easy it is the bend the straight. Ash is entirely mine now and he will refuse me nothing. He is so happy and he wants me inside him, both orally and anally. The cheeky little straight man is now my cock sucking whore.

I step close and place my hand on his forehead as I see him more forward.

“Not so fast, baby boy. You got to show me how much you want daddy dick in you in.”

“I want it so bad, Daddy. It looks so juicy and thick. Please, I’ve waited for ages!”

Words have such power and getting the little bitch to freely say all that proves he is totally my fag now. I begin to slap him around the face with my cock. Rubbing it under his nose so my scent engulfs his world.

I order him to sniff my sweaty, hairy ball and rub them on his face. His smooth skin feels good and I remind him I’ll be emptying them inside him, this makes him look up and smile. I allow his tongue to lick them and he happily explores my scrotum.

“Slowly lick from my balls to my cock head, but look at me as you do it.”

Ash re-positions himself and then starts the slow journey along my cock. His eyes stare up at me and I think about how much this lad has changed under my control. When I arrived yesterday he never imagined he would be licking my cock within 24 hours.

“Does that taste good, Boi?”

“Yes, Daddy. Can I have it all please?”

I slap him hard.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re supposed to be straight. Are you telling me you want my cock in your mouth?”

“Yes, Sir. I want your cock in your mouth. I want you long, fat cock to suck on.”

“Come here then. Kiss the tip. That’s it, nice on slowly. Now open your mouth and take more. Use your tongue more. Let me feel you exploring me. Good boi. Now slide down the shaft.”

And with that Ash begins to suck his first cock. He stares up with his hazel coloured eyes and sucks on my manhood. Finally accepting his place in life.

“Look at your girlfriend now. Let her see you with a cock in your mouth, bitch.”

He moves around so he has a view of Emma and I watch as the pair look at each other. Ash happily sucking me off and Emma seeing a sight she thought she never would. She reaches to the table, picks up her phone and starts to video him. Ash does not flinch at being filmed, in fact, he works my cock harder and straightens his back, like he wants to look his best. I ask if she films them having sex a lot and she says they never have before. I find a lot of sub lads love to have a photo with a cock in their mouth. They rightly see it as something to be proud of.

“If the bastard betrays me again he’ll know what I’ll show all my girlfriends.”

“Say sorry for being a cunt to her.”

Ash says sorry but garbles it as he keeps my cock in his mouth. Now he has it he does not want to let go of his treat. Emma happily watches the video back, even though she could watch it happening in front of her. I’ve been to concerts with people like that!

I reach down, put my hands on the sides of Ash’s head and begin to skull fuck him. In no time he is grunting as my cock hits the back of his throat and saliva drips out of his mouth as he has no time to swallow. At this point, I could be fucking anything and he must realise his pretty little face is now just a hole for me to fuck. I feel his hands gripping my legs but he makes no effort to stop me. He takes my cock like the bitch I’ve turned him into.

I release his head, he takes a moment to recover and then he is back on my cock. I sit down to give him time to service me and get used to having a man in his mouth. The poor pup has waited so long it seems only right to let him enjoy himself.

Reaching down I grab a handful of his hair and move his hand back and forth. It feels good to vary the speed and get the sub used to its new purpose in life.

Reaching to the back of his head I push him right down onto my cock and hold him there. I can see him trying to look up but he is face deep in my pubes and can’t see much else. He begins to choke and I feel him coughing on my cock, the action punishes me deeper into him.

“That’s it, Boi. Time to learn cock is more important to you than air.”

As we do this Emma reaches to the chain between the nipple clamps and pulls at it. Ash tries to process all that is happening but he is in sensory overload. So much is happening to him tonight he’s not sure what to process first.

I release his head and he pulls back to breathe, but by doing so the nipple clamps ping off. The clamps coming off his sensitive nipples makes he jump and both Emma and I laugh. He looks up at me and then says sorry when I slap him and tell him he didn’t have permission to remove the clamps.

“Well, I’m going to have to punish you now, Boi. It’s your job to obey me and when you don’t I have to reprimand you.”

“I understand, Sir.”

As Ash accepts his role in life do you think he is ready for his punishment? Find out in the final instalment of Straight Punishment  …. just click here for Part 4

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