Straight Punishment (Part 2 of 4)


Welcome back for the next part of our little-walk-on-the-gay-side story. As we are still kind of in Lockdown I thought I’d do a fiction story, free just for you. This is a special treat for the late May Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so I’m posting the story in four parts over the weekend. I’m putting the W into the Bank Holiday #WankHolidayWeekend. Of course, I would appreciate it if you would spend a tiny amount of money and buy some of my kindle ebooks off Amazon. They are both cheap and a great read, so go and treat yourself. I have just released COVID Captive which is an introduction to Max’s kinky daddy hunt. If there is enough interest I’ll develop the series Daddy to the Max. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Before reading this you need to read: Straight Punishment (Part 1 of 4)


After dropping the bombshell that she wants her boyfriend to submit to a man, Emma, takes a gulp of wine and I neck some of my beer. That was a twist I never saw coming. Judging by the very pale Ash he didn’t expect it either! He is still on his knees and the hood of his hoodie has fallen over his head. I’m not surprised the poor lad want to hide. When he said he would do anything I don’t imagine he thought Emma would come up with this.

Ash even stands up a little shakily, as if he has had a physical shock to his body. He looks over at me, but doesn’t say a word. He is probably wondering if I help come up with this idea. All his cocky attitude has drained away along with his colour. I wonder if there’s something else going on that I don’t know about. I’d say most straight lads would say No and leave, but something is keeping Ash here.

“I need a beer. Do you need another one?”

“Sure thing.”

I let it go that he doesn’t address me correctly. It would seem strange if he had already started the session without anything being said. I expect a sub to call me Sir as a starting point to a session. If things go well I’ll accept Daddy, Boss or something else authoritative. The names used in a session for Doms and subs are important and help set the tone for a meeting. As he walks to the fridge Emma pours some more wine before speaking to me. I can hear her sucking air into her lungs like she has made a big decision. Making Ash serve a Mistress makes more sense and he may learn some new tricks to put a smile on Emma’s face.

As Ash bangs around inside the fridge she finally pulls her thoughts together and talks to me.

“You better treat him rough. I don’t want you going gentle on his little virgin arse. He gets the full works, right?”

“Emma, I’m not sure this is a good idea. He hasn’t even agreed to it yet.”

“Oh, he’s agreeing to it or he’s out of here tonight. If someone says they will do anything that’s what they do. Plus, I’m watching the entire thing.”

She is speaking to me but loudly enough to make it clear she’s talking to Ash. He stands at the fridge downing a beer. I figure I have voiced my concern so when this blows up in our faces I can say I warned them. I’m still not sure this is going to happen, but if it does, I’m going to really fucking enjoy it.

Ash returns with the new beers for us both. He is full of nerves and not happy with what is going on.

“I really don’t want to do this, Emma. You know you’re asking too much. I don’t think he wants to use me like that either.”

I drink my beer and say nothing. This isn’t my argument.

“This is happening, Ash. If it doesn’t you’re out of here and you don’t get your treat.”

That is the first hint there’s something else going on here, but I’ve still no idea what. As I weigh up the room I’m still of the opinion this not happening. Maybe that’s what I want really. I have the sub I’ve already arranged. Why go through the hassle of breaking in a straight?

“How about we limit this somehow,” Ash takes the negotiation approach. “I want to prove I’m serious and sorry, but I don’t want to do a dude.”

Emma plays with the stem of her wine glass, slowly it turns around. It’s like a strange episode of Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank) where one of the investors is trying to get the budding entrepreneur to agreed to a stupid offer.

“The dude is going to do you, Ash, but I guess you aren’t serious about us. Go and pack your bag. I can’t trust you anymore.”

Ash tries to get her to change her mind but she is not giving in. He asks what he has to do and she just replies that he has already been told. With a shrug of his shoulders he walks towards the hallway door. I say nothing but I can feel Ash behind me staring at us and I wonder why she is pushing this over the edge.

I want to tell Emma to back down but I know it is better to say nothing while Ash is in the room. She will never change her mind in front of him. It seems a strange way to end a relationship, even one I’m not fully convinced about.

We listen to him start his journey up the stairs and I hold my tongue for now.

He seems to only be up there long enough to pick up his bag before is coming down the stairs. He must have decided it was over earlier and already packed. I’m kind of happy as the sooner he is out the sooner Emma and I can relax and talk all this over. I want to know what threat she had over him.

My back is to the kitchen door so I’m confused by the look on Emma’s face as Ash walks back into the room, it does not sit right with the situation. I’m about to turn around when there is a bang as Ash drops my bag on the table in front of me. Suddenly I’m not sure who is being kicked out.

“Here’s your equipment, Sir. Use me please.”

As I turn to look at him Ash pulls off his hoodie and tee-shirt to reveal his muscular, smooth chest. He throws the clothes into the corner of the room and stands looking at me. I look across at Emma with a raised eyebrow. She stares over the top of her wine glass at me and speaks determinedly.

“Please use him hard.”

I take in a slow breath and then drink some beer. I’ve always found it difficult switching from normal to Dom quickly. I prefer a session to start from the moment I meet a guy rather than socialising and then going into sex. I really do want to use Ash, though, so I have to step up and get in with it.

“Get on your knees, straight boy.”

Ash kneels in front of me and I lean forward and start rubbing his chest and squeezing his nipples. He squirms a little but I keep a firm grip till he settles down. My hands explore his firm pecs and then one go to his neck to take a firm grip.

“So, you think you’re the man and you drive the women around, do you? Look at you now on your knees letting another guy touch you. Apologise for what you said.”

“I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday, Sir.”

I slap him across the face hard and can see in his eyes that he is not happy about it, but he says nothing. Part of teaching a boi to be submissive is making them accept they don’t get a say and have to accept what is done to them.

Another hard slap across his face brings him to attention and he gives me the stare again. I can feel the anger in him but that is what I wanted to see. This young stallion needs breaking in.

“Don’t give me that look again, Boi. Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

The sound of the third slap fills the room. Already his look has softened which is what I’d expect. He is beginning to accept his lot.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

I slap him again. For a man to take a slapping without retaliating is a true sign of submission.

“Say thank you.”

“Thank you, Sir”

It’s good to hear him add the Sir to the end. I can already see Ash changing as he accepts the new dynamics in the room. I sit back and swig my beer.

“Don’t forget how you tied to knock me off the ball and went off in a sulk after the game.”

“I remember, Sir, and I’m sorry.”

Ash visibly swallows and looks across to Emma. I smile at the idea he thinks she might be about to stop this. I’m only just starting. I slap him again and this time he thanks me immediately. It is always good when a boi starts showing he knows his Master is right.

“Stand up and take your joggers off, bitch.”

“Yes, Sir”

He stands, pulls them off and they end up thrown on top off his discarded tee-shirt. He is now stood on display before us in just his white socks. His lean, young body looks perfect and I want to fuck him. Instead, I casually eye him up as I continue my beer. His socks rub along the kitchen floor are a clear sign on his nerves as he stands naked being inspected. His cock is rock hard and stands up pointing to the ceiling. It is a good length but a little thin, his pubes have been trimmed right down and there is hardly any hair below his neck. His hands move as if he wants to cover himself but he doesn’t, which is good. The hardon gives away his true feelings towards the situation, and he knows this.

I reach out with one of my hands, grab his balls and start to squeeze. Now he really squirms but I keep a grip on him. He is going nowhere.

“The problem with you straight boys is you think sex is all about your cock and balls. Well, tonight I’m going to teach you a lesson on what sex is really about.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He speaks through gritted teeth and I can barely hear him. I order him to repeat, but louder. This time he manages it.

“I’m going to turn you into my bitch. What are you going to be, straight?”

“Your bitch, Sir.”

Reaching into my bag I pull out my collar and stand up. I silently place the leather symbol of ownership around his neck, the metal D-rings catch the lights.

“This is a sign I own you. That you are my sex slave. I collar you like I would a dog, to show you’re my property and I control you. Do you understand, Boi?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Turn around.”

As he turns my hands roam freely over his body. Usually, he would be swearing and saying that no man touches him but he has already accepted so much. His firm arse feels so smooth and I can feel him responding to my manly hands on him. He is beginning to accept his new position.

I sit back down and grab my beer.

“Put your hands on your arse cheeks,” I wait for him to comply. ” Now slowly pull them apart. That’s it you little slut, show me your boicunt.”

He even arches his back as he shows off. His pink little ringpiece is hairless and tightly plucked up. The virgin hole looks so delicious. I can’t wait to break it and see my cum leaking out of it.

I pull him closer to me and pour some beer down between his arse cheeks. He jumps as the cold liquid flows over him but I stop him going too far from me. Leaning forward I start to lick up the beer and rim him. He gasps in surprise and excitement of this previously unknown sensation. He has never been licked here and he is taken by surprised at how good it feels. His secret place tastes great and I can’t wait to make this mine. I want this night to play on his mind for the rest of his life. I love hearing him panting as I deeply lick him out. I think about his brain being reprogrammed as he realises his arse can please him, and it will be pleasing me soon.

Pulling away I grab my beer and lean back to inspect him. Ash looks back and it is funny to see him wanting me back at his arse, he doesn’t speak. I slap his arse and he jumps a little so I keep spanking it. I enjoy swapping cheeks and watching them go red. Ash moves his arse up and down as a symbol of submission. It is already clear this straight is accepting the new rules of the game.

“Put your hands above your head and dance for me. Dance like a naughty stripper wanting to please men.”

Some lads feel stupid when I make them do this but Ash takes to it like a duck to water. He gyrates his body slowly and swings his arse around. He knows how to attract with his body and has seen enough strippers to mimic their actions. I can see him enjoying himself and his hardon shows no sign of dying down.

As he dances like a cheap slut I move my right foot so it is resting on my left knee and enjoy another swig of beer. It time to break Ash and rebuild him.

“Come here and kneel, Boi. You are enjoying showing me what a little slut you are, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. You collared me so you own me.”

The sub looks up excitedly at me and wants to know what is next. Since the collar went on he has barely looked at Emma. I thought he might try and dance over to her but he has been entirely focused on me. Emma may be creating a bigger problem than she thinks she is solving.

“Lick me Nike, Boi.”

I didn’t wear these trainers to play football in but they are a pair of battered white T-lite Xi Sports. They look good with my white grimy football socks in them. Ash looks at my Nikes and does not move.

“I’m not into feet, Sir.”

I sigh. I get so bored of lads saying they aren’t into feet, like I care what they are into. I love having a fag at my feet and this is all about what I’m into. Why people see feet as disgusting is beyond me.

“I can’t care what you are into. Lick.”

He still does not move. I’m almost grateful he is finally showing some resistance. It was starting to look embarrassing as this straight did everything without any push back. Emma said make it rough so this is my chance. The boi would thank me in the end. Once he has experienced the humiliation of worshipping another guy’s feet there would be no going back for him.

I grab him by the neck and tighten my grip as I speak.

“I don’t give a fuck what you are into. Today you are serving a man and you will do as you are told. Remember, no limits. I want to see you humiliate yourself at my feet you little cunt.”

I move my foot to the ground and my hand wraps around the collar around his neck. I pull the boi down to my Nikes and tell him again to lick. I see him move forward and kiss the Nike closest to him but that is all.

Using the collar I move him closer and firmly order him again, as I do I start spanking his arse hard. He tries to twist but holding the collar controls him. As his arse really starts to hurt he finally starts licking my Nike properly.

“I’m licking it, Sir. Please stop hitting me!”

I keep spanking as he keeps licking.

Once his arse is shiny red I pull his face back up to me and see he has been crying. I move forward and lick his tears up.

“Your tears make me want to treat you worse, Cunt.”

Holding his mouth open I spit in him and order him to swallow. I can see in his eyes things are moving too quick for him but he doesn’t know what to do. By doing nothing and obeying he is accepting his lot and turning into my bitch.

I use the collar to push him to the ground and lie him on his back. One of my Nikes goes on his chest and the other on his face. I watch as he licks the sole of my Nike without instruction, it’s good to see him developing into what I want. I lift myself up from the chair and push hard on his chest, then I move my foot to crush his cock and balls.

“Look at you, little bitch. If your mates could see you now they would be laughing their heads off at you.”

I enjoy watching him think about what his friends would think as he takes trainer abuse. He picks up the Nike on his face so he can move it around and completely lick it. Truly this boi is taking to his new life well.

Ordering him back on his knees I put my Nike back on my knee and order him to look at me as he licks it. The little bitch does as he’s told straight away this time and does long licks from toe to heel. I enjoy watching him trying to keep eye contact and seeing the white Nike glistening with Ash’s saliva. His long tongue is now learning the taste of my Nikes and it’s purpose in life.

I slap him and as he thanks me as I pull off a trainer. Clicking my finger near the entrance of the Nike I order him to bury his face inside them. As he gets trained up he will know where I click my fingers is where his attention should be.

He seems to growl as he sucks the scented air in from my trainer. Straight boys are so used to lovely perfume smelling girls that it surprises them when real man-scent gives them the horn. Ash takes the trainer from my hands so he can push his face in as deep as possible. I laugh at him and move my mouth to his ear.

“Look at you now you little bitch. From not being into feet to being desperate to climb into me Nike. I’m turning you into my little cunt and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

There’s a muffled, “Thank you, Sir,from inside the trainer. I rest my socked foot onto my knee and click my fingers. The boi puts the trainer down and rubs his face on the sole of the sweaty socks. It makes a Dom proud when a slut learns well.

“Sir, I love your smell. I want to be your bitch.”

“You already are my bitch.”

He struggles to fit all five of my toes in his mouth but once they are in the boi looks up at me like a proud child seeking approval for what it has achieved. I can feel his tongue pushing at my sock so he can taste me.

“Good, Boi. This is where you belong, at your Master’s feet.”

After sniffing my sweaty football socks for a while he goes back to the floor so he can lick the Nike I’m still wearing. It seems like a switch has been flipped and suddenly he loves being at my feet. It is so horny to turn him into a whore. Especially with his girlfriend watching on.

I kick the Nike off and he pushing his face into it. I swear if he could he would live in my Nike like a character from Honey: I Shrunk the Gay. Once he has the scent from there he goes over to the newly exposed sock and worships his new god. I wiggle the toes of my size 11UK:12USA:46EU feet and he moans in ecstasy. He has a hand on my other foot as if he is guarding it for himself.

“Kneel up, Bitch. You straight lads always ignore your nipples, so I’m going to remind you they are there.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“I think I should call you a former straight. You are totally my fag now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m your fag. You make me happy, Sir.”

“I can see that.”

We both look down as his rock hard erection. It shows no sign of going anywhere. He has been a good boi and ignored it so far.

I reach into my bag and pull out my nipple clamps on a chain. As I set them not to grip too hard I can feel Ash staring intently at them, it is like he is only just discovering what fun his body can be. I reach over and place them on him.

“You still wish you had to serve a dominatrix or are you happy with a real man.”

He is currently breathing deeply as he adjusts to the clamps on his nipples. I can see him cletching and unclutching his fists to deal with the pain. He soon gets used to the clamps being on him.

“I want to serve you, Sir. I love being your bitch.”

I run my hands through his hair and mess it up. I imagine if anyone usually touches his hair he has a heart attack but he happily lets me mess up his style.

“You just need a firm hand in your life,” I open his mouth and spit inside. “Tell Daddy you love him.”

I see him pause as he processes how weird it feels to use that word to talk to me, but then he goes ahead.

“I love you, Daddy.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. I love you, Daddy.”

“You make me proud, Son.”

I grab the collar and pull him closer and we kiss. I forget it is probably the first time he has kissed a guy and I slide my tongue in deeply to explore him. I feel his hands on my chest as he explores me and feels me for the first time. My hands run through his hair and one drops to hold his neck. After a while, it goes lower and grabs the chain attached to the clamps. I pull it towards me and feel Ash follow, writhing as he tries to cope with the intense pain. It’s good to test my boi.

I move away and look at his twisting face as he copes with tit torture. I have subs in London who can cum from TT and their willies never need touching. Not that I touch many willies.

“You like that, Boi?” I smile at him as I speak.

“Yes, Daddy. I like everything you have done.”

I hear Emma tut as he says that. Clearly, she is beginning to realise her mistake. Rather than limiting who he can betray her with she has doubled the number!


Do you want to know how far Ash can by pushed? Do you like pushing limits? Well, go ahead and read part 3 now

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