Straight Punishment (Part 1 of 4)


As we are still kind of in Lockdown I thought I’d do a fiction story, free just for you. This is a special treat for the late May Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so I’m posting the story in four parts from Thursday to Monday. I’m putting the W into the Bank Holiday #WankHolidayWeekend. Of course, I would appreciate it if you would spend a tiny amount of money and buy some of my kindle ebooks off Amazon. They are both cheap and a great read, so go and treat yourself. I have just released COVID Captive which is an introduction to Max’s kinky daddy hunt. If there is enough interest I’ll develop the series Daddy to the Max. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Friday – Early Evening

After a uneventful journey I finally pull up in front of Emma’s house and I’m still nervous about staying here. The pair of us met at university twenty years ago and had remained good friends ever since. She had an evil sense of humour and loved drinking, so the pair of us had got along brilliantly. She also loved my stories about gay sex and the naughtier they were the better. She had practically thrown into a kinky club during a trip to Berlin so I’d have some tales to tell her. I’m pleased to say I didn’t disappoint her.

Emma now lives in Southampton and as I have to play a football game in the city tomorrow, she has offered me her spare bedroom. She said to save money but I assumed it was so we could have a drunken night talking about the good old days. Just before I set off she revealed that she was seeing a new guy and she wanted me to meet him. That is why I’m a bit nervous, Emma has terrible taste and always picks the wrong guy. It usually does not take long to spot the issue, but Emma has a total blindside to whatever it is and so takes a lot longer. If you do an internet search for what to avoid in a relationship that would be a list of her Exes.

I grab my two bags out of the boot. One is for football and the other has my clothing for the weekend with Emma. It also contains some kinky gear as I have arranged a little fun with a lad from Southampton before I return to London. I thought I might as well have a session as I have come this far.

I knock and when the front door swings open I assume she has one of her nephews visiting. The guy is in his early twenties with a scally boy attitude about him. His dark hair is closely cropped at the side and perfectly sculptured on top. He has hazel coloured eyes and is clean-shaven. His body is thin but he must works his arms and legs hard. With a cheeky grin, he says my name and invites me inside. As he introduces himself as Ash we shake hands. If you do an internet search on Phil Foden MCFC you will get an idea of what he looks like.

Emma appears out of the door to the living room, and I raise my eyebrows in approval.

“Oh, good, you met Ash. He’s a delight.”

“Yeah, he certainly seems like it!”

As we cuddle I whisper into her ear that we need to talk about her new man. She laughs and acts like I should not be surprised she has got herself a toyboy. In the years I’ve known Emma I have never fancied anyone she has dated. Ash is not her usual type.

Emma and I sit on the sofa to start talking. Soon Ash walks in with some beers from the fridge and as he gives me mine he says giving me beer does mean he fancies me. I force a laugh but it raises my guard. I hope Ash isn’t going to fixate on me being gay. The good news is I don’t have to out myself as Emma has given the back story.

“So, you live in London? That must be exciting,” Ash takes over the conversation and I notice Emma is quieter than usual. “Must be a bit scary too. I hear there’s a lot of STI with your lot there.”

With warning flags going up everywhere I begin to think Emma’s bad taste in men may have continued, it is just that this one looks good. The evening continues with comments about real men and masculinity scattered out of Ash’s mouth way too much. I don’t feel I can say anything as this is Emma’s house, but I know I won’t remain silent for the whole weekend. I feel Emma should really step in and say something but I get the impression Ash runs off the leash.

The rest of the evening continues with Ash in attack mode. Lots of comments about age, saying he would have been a baby when we had met at Uni. I understand some people don’t mix outside of their age group, but I wonder why Ash has sought out an older woman if he has an issue.

To top off the evening Ash reveals he is on the team I’m playing tomorrow and he is going to make sure his team destroy mine on the pitch. I go to bed with a heavy heart, both for Emma and my weekend.


The next day after breakfast Ash says he will drive us to the game. He begins with a comment about saving the planet but ends with a dig about the man driving women about. I look at Emma to warn her this isn’t going to continue but she is looking at the ground. I get in the car and start planning on how to tackle the idiot and break his leg, but make it look like an accident.

When the game starts I’m pleased my team seem really up for it and we are soon in the lead. At one point Ash tries to knock me off the ball but ends up bouncing himself to the ground. That is made sweeter when the referee tells him to calm down.

The game finishes 2 nil and I don’t see Ash again. It is Emma who tells me they are heading home and will see me later. I try to talk but she seems occupied and walks off to the car-park.

I put that problem aside for later and head off with the teams for a few pints after the game. The opposition has one particularly cute guy but there are no showers here so I don’t get to see him naked, yet. Fortunately, the rest of Ash’s team are much friendlier. Of course, the lack of showers means I’m trapped in my football gear. Wearing my kit longer might work out well for the guy I’ve organised a meet tomorrow off Recon. He’s a good looking lad, almost thirty and with a particular love a man-scent. I told Emma I had to get back to London earlier than planned but really I have some kinky toys in my bag and I’m looking forward to some fun outside of London.

After a few pints, the teams make a vague plan to meet later in a central Southampton pub. One of the opposition players says he will drop me at Emma’s as he lives nearby. He tells me Ash always leave straight away if they lose.  I roll my eyes and change the subject to talk about life in Southampton as he drives. I don’t want to slag off Ash and then discover this guy is his best-mate.

As I walk up the driveway I can hear the shouting even though the windows are closed. If I wasn’t still in my football kit I might have gone back to the pub to let Emma and Ash sort out what was going on. As I’m thinking of my options Emma sees me through the window and comes to the front door to open it.

So, the decision is made. I’m going in.

“What’s up, Emma. Why are you crying? Is someone hurt?”

I say the last part in the hope she will decide to keep me out of their row. I’m very British and there’s nothing I find more awkward than being dragged into a quarrel.

“I’m the one hurt. That bastard has slept with one of his Exes!”

So, I know straight away that I’m not getting out of this easily. The chances of getting to the pub later are decreasing. This weekend is not going well. I want to say he’s probably slept with all his Exes, but I know she won’t appreciate that smarty answer.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry. Come here.”

As I hug her I bite my tongue. I could tell her to dump him and get a better guy, or she’s better of alone. I know it is too early to say that, though. I’ll only drive her back into his arms.

“Emma, I’m really sorry I did it,” Ash has found us and speaks quietly. “I was drunk and it was a mistake.”

Ash has come to talk with us in the hallway and has changed into a tight white tee-shirt, grey jogging bottoms and white socks. I can’t help but stare at how hot he is looking. Why do the bad ones get all the good looks?

“She messaged you on Facebook to stir up trouble,” Ash continues. “She’s jealous of what we have, Babes.”

“Well, she has stirred up trouble. I can never trust you again!”

“I’ll do anything to show you I’m all yours. Whatever it takes.”

I silently tell myself off for staring at his cock bulge in the towelling fabric of the joggers. As far as I’m concerned he’s forgiven twice over, but he’s clearly not right for Emma. I wonder why he wants to settle down when he is happy to play the field and enjoy himself. Of course, none of that is spoken. I’m not going to pretend I understand straights.

I decide I need a beer and try to play peace negotiator.

“Ash, can you let Emma and I have a chat in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, you girls talk,” with that Ash stomps up the stairs.

As we walk to the kitchen I keep my arm around Emma till she is sat on at the kitchen table. Once I’ve placed a box of tissues near her I get myself a beer and pour her some white wine.

“I’m so sorry, Emma. This Ex sounds like a right bitch. Are you sure Ash is the one, though?”

“Oh, she’s always causing trouble, the little cow. I used to know her mum so all the comments are about age and Ash being a granny lover.”

“You’re not old enough to be a granny!”

“You don’t know about Southampton then!”

I sip some of my beer and try to think about how to get out of this mess. The last thing I need is a whole evening of this crap. Even if I’m not off to the pub I need to at least get Ash kicked out so we can start bitching about him. I’m hoping she has some naughty photos of him to tease me with.

We spend some time talking things over. I figure it is best to let her talk it out and Ash does the sensible thing and stays upstairs. I wonder whether he is wanking or organising another girl to meet up with. Emma lets the wine flow and seems to be thinking about some sort of revenge to show she won’t be treated like this. After that she wants them to move on together.

After what must be over an hour Ash sheepishly comes into the room. He is now wearing a hoodie but he still looks great. He’s probably after a beer as he knows we are happily drinking all this time. His return is timed badly, though, Emma and I were just talking about a chastity device I used on a lad once. Ash walks over to the kitchen table and kneels before her, taking hold of her hands.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. I will literally do anything to show you I’ll never do this again.”


I don’t like the look on Emma’s face as she says that and wonder just where this is going.

“Anything for you.”

“So, you would walk into the pub naked and embarrass yourself?”

My first thought is to suggest the punishment should be swift so let’s get to the pub now. Then I ponder if that really will embarrass the cheeky twenty-something with perfect looks and a Greek God-like body. I had a Greek God’s body once, but the British Museum ordered me to return it.

“Sure! If that’s what you want.”

Judging by the chuckle as he spoke he agreed with me, it was more of a chance to show off and get more girls interested. If this is sorted in Emma’s mind I might suggest the pub with the football crew. Emma continues to speak, though, this is not over.

“Well, I think that’s a bit too easy. Have you heard of BDSM?”

“Err, where you are my Mistress and I have to lick your stilettos and do as I’m told?”

“Yeah,” Emma speaks slowly, “you have to do everything and be submissive.”

I shift my position to try and adjust my hardon, but also to see if there’s a growing bulge in Ash’s jogging bottoms.

“I’ve done a blindfold. Is that what you want? For me to be a sex slave?”

“Yeah, I want you to be submissive and to do everything a dominant says. No limits.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will do whatever you say.”

Emma pauses and has a drink. The room is tense with sexual tension and I feel like Ash is about to rip his clothes off in joy. Then Emma changes his demeanour completely.

“Oh, I don’t mean you serve me as your dominatrix. I mean you serve him as your Master.”

They both turn their eyes on me and I suddenly feel very uncomfortable. Emma obviously knows I’m into kinky stuff, she has encouraged it, but using her straight boyfriend as a sub seems weird – on so many levels.

“Emma,” Ash speaks but is still processing this. “You know I’m not into guys.”

“Exactly. You would enjoy having a dominatrix punish you as you love sex with women. This is a real test of how much you love me by having sex with someone who doesn’t turn you on. You did say you would do anything to get my forgiveness.”

How will Ash get out of this, or will he bend the knee? What would you do, and which character do you want to play? This tale continues by clicking here for Part Two … #WankHolidayWeekend

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