Daddy to the Max: COVID Captive

At the beginning of the year 2020, a virus is spreading west across the world. It leads to panic that this pandemic was going to be as deadly as the Spanish Flu a hundred years earlier. To keep their citizens safe from COVID-19 many governments ordered them to stay inside.

Cover01smMax Muller is a young man who has only lived in London for a year and has been enjoying himself as a single gay man in the capital city. Max has a liking for older men, well apart from his current boss.

This story covers the days after a total Lockdown is declared and Max finds himself in isolation with a hunky engineer. As the engineer keeps phoning his girlfriend it is clear there will be no fun, or maybe it is not that clear. Read this short story to see if Max gets his daddy and if any neighbours end up being invited over.

This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 20,000 words. For adult readers only. You can go to a free preview of the book by clicking here.

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It is always great to get a positive review and really helps to get the book attention. Thanks, soxniffer, for the 5 Stars.


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