Hand Gagging


I’m sure I am not alone in being nervous around stopping a boi breathing correctly. The whole premise of restricting someone airflow seems like a crazy idea. We have all seen stories where people have died through this activity. Though most of these deaths are through autoerotic asphyxiation; where a person restricts their own airflow, usually alone.


A few years ago I met up with an Italian lad who didn’t really say he was kinky but turned out to be the sort of boi willing to explore with the right man. As a tall, rugby build, British man I was his definition of the right man. In fact, he had moved to London to find more of my type, little did he realise how tough it was to find English men in London.

He was twenty when we first met, his thin body and Italian looks got my attention straight away. On Grindr my profile was more about being a dominant man than kinky, but the boi agreed to wear white socks and my collar. The first session was more about throwing him around the bed and holding him down as I took what I wanted. The more submissive he acted the more dominant I became.

At one point my hand covered his mouth, his hands immediately moved to them and I assumed he was going to remove them. Instead he held my hand there, encouraged me to block his airflow totally.

I continued to pound away at his arse and he held me over his mouth. After what felt like too long he changed his grip and tapped on my hand for release. I gagged him a little longer and then allowed him air. As he sucked in oxygen I continued to fuck his arse.

After sex he excitedly chatted away. He clearly loved everything I had done and wanted more. In his text messages he opened up even more, telling he he wanted my hands around his neck.

Over time I have come to enjoy putting a hand over a boi’s mouth. I’m not doing it to turn them blue but just enough to show them I control them. I quite often do it as I fuck them when lying on top of them. My weight pressing down on them and my hand over their mouth. Usually I speak into their ear and ask them what’s more important to them: getting cock or oxygen. Most reply breathlessly when I allow them to breathe with the word cock.

With some of the subs I have who are into Daddy Fun I whisper I have to stop them making a noise as we can’t wake up the others. They squeak in delight with that, well a muffled squeak.

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be a hand. There are plenty of other options. As you know I have a ball-gag, but that will not restrict airflow. This is one of my most popular posts on Instagram. Lads love the control the man has and also the total submission the boi is giving.

Taking something away from a sub is a natural part of BDSM. I take away their clothing on arrival and within their limits I take away control of what will happen within a session. So taking away their breathing for a short period is just another reminder of who is in charge.

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