Straight For Feet

My Grindr profile isn’t particularly kinky at the moment but I’m still attracting little submissives to serve me. I think most lads who are passive get off on a strong top taking control and using them.

We all know there are straight lads on Grindr who are curious about certain aspects of man on man sex. Some are after full on sex and others limit it to the areas that get them particularly horny. Of course, we also know there are plenty of gay guys pretending to be straight in the hope it will get them attention. I assume most guys who say they are straight aren’t, but it can be fun to go along with the fantasy.

I was having a night in when the following message popped up from a blank profile:

I used to have a naked Polish cleaner but I’ve not heard from him for a while, so the premise of the message interested me. Readers of my blog will also know I have had limited sessions before. It’s not necessary to do everything in each session and it can be horny to concentrate on a certain area. Plus, of course, I am a big fan of getting my size 11s sorted out properly.

As we talked this straight lad from Pakistan made it clear he was all about feet and desperate to submit to a British guy. I do like a slave in white socks and collared but this lad stuck to his guns about remaining dressed and no collar. He talked a good talk about really serving feet and made a good plea to get my toes in his mouth. I was to be his fourth set of feet ever and only one guy had truly treated him as he needed so far.

We chatted over a couple of days, although he had soon agreed he wanted to taste my feet Thursday evening.

I imagine we have all experience time wasters online and I was still unclear about this 23-year-old. He definitely knew how to sound desperate about being put in his place.

When Thursday came it was a busy day at work which meant I had not been about to talk to the boi and it looked like the session was going to be moved back. From the single face photo he had sent I was certainly interested in resting my feet on him but I wasn’t too surprised when the session began to unravel. He talked about Monday night so when I got home I began to prepare some food.

I told him I’d worn my socks all week for him and suddenly his attitude changed. He told me he was restless for my feet and really needed them. Then he began to beg to come after all, not minding it would be late. After I toyed with him for a while I begrudgingly said he could come but he better not let me down. He immediately messaged to say he was en route.

The messages started coming faster once he was above ground and closer to my flat. The boi was clearly excited at the prospect of serving a real man. This session was going to concentrate on humiliation and feet, he could clean my flat another time.

He messaged to say he was waiting outside my flat and I give him a moment to savour this time. He had come from the other side of London so he was unlikely to walk away. Plus he was not going to find a foot meet instantly on Grindr.

When I finally opened the door I found a good looking, black-bearded lad who was slightly nervous. Once he was inside he removed his coat, bag and trainers. His white socks stood out in the dark hallway but he kept his jeans and hoodie on. These were the clothes we had agreed he could wear.

Soon he was pushed up against the wall and receiving some verbal abuse. I brought my body up against his. We had agreed he could remain dressed but that didn’t stop me pushing my hardon against his arse.

I spat at the back of his head and told him what he was for. He replied that he understood his purpose and I was his Master. When I stopped pushing him against the wall he dropped to his hands and feet. Once there he asked permission to kiss my shoes and I gave it to him.

I’d got home, ate and then the boi had arrived so I was still in my work clothes. Usually, lads lick my Nikes but this boi was getting my brown shoes, he seemed happy with that. While he was still kissing my shoes I walked off and sat down. As I put my feet up he crawled over. To start with I’d put my right foot up and the boi arrived and started to work on it. He was positioned side on to me as he served, so naturally, I raised my left foot and rested it on his back.

Despite being dressed the bitch looked good. His jeans showed off his straight arse well and his white socks were on display.

The sub had talked about one guy using him for over a year and that guy must have trained him well. The sub’s tongue licked my shoe all over vigorously. Even the soles he got right in there. I laughed and told him I wanted the streets of London cleaned off them. He took the instruction to heart.

The boi had plenty of time with my right shoe as I felt he needed it having not worshipped a Man for a couple of months. When I ordered the shoe off he fumbled over the laces but managed to undo them in the end. As the shoe was being pulled off the boi moved his face greedily to where my sock was appearing and deeply sniffed the emerging, scented clothing. As any good foot connoisseur knows, the best smell is when the heel pulls out and this sub took in as much air from there as he could. Once the heel is out this is the point the nose can get inside the shoe and really enjoy the man scent in there.

Once all my smell had been extracted the sub moved with glee to my sock. He had been informed the period I had been scenting them for and he clearly loved my smell. He moved from toe to heel at a slow pace taking all the sock had to offer. His hand also rested on the sock covering my calf, gently rubbing the material. This boi wanted as many senses as possible to experience me: sight, smell, taste and touch. The verbal he was getting took care of hearing. My verbal was broken up by drinking beer and eating snacks, well, it was a tough day at work.

The sub got plenty of time on the first foot and then the second as I sat on the sofa relaxing. I slapped him with my feet as he worked and occasionally kicked his arse. The straight took it all and loved the abuse.

I ordered him to lie on the floor face up and I moved to one of my chairs for the dining table. In this position, my feet naturally rested on his face and I watched his chest go up and down as he inhaled me. In this position, he also got more foot slaps. The tenting of his jeans showed he was a happy ‘straight’ sub.

I placed one foot on his chest and told him to remove the other foot’s sock. Slowly he rolled the sock down with his excitement peaking when it passed the heel. Immediately he began licking and kissing, loving his first taste of my skin. His mouth journeyed down my foot, closely following the moving border between sock and skin. His warm, wet tongue felt great on my sole and I pushed the foot on his chest down firmer.

Soon the removed sock had been carefully put down and the sub was fully concentrated on my bare size 11. As he worked I moved my other foot down his chest and it vanished into his jeans. Once there I wiggled my toes and pulled on his underwear to excite his willy. I watched as his hands lifted and paused. The poor little straight was clearly trying to decide if this was too gay but was loving it so much he couldn’t bring himself to stop it.

As I sat above him I was generous with my time and allowed the sub exactly what he needed. My other foot ended up on his face with the sock removed and he received more foot slaps. Towards the end of this session I had him turn over and he lay before me licking the tops of my feet.

The boi did not speak much but his desperation broke through and he spoke.

“Please stand on me, Sir. I’m your doormat.”

As a rugby build kind of a man I don’t usually stand on subs but this one clearly needed it, so I made him beg some more.

Stood over him I placed a barefoot on one of his shoulders and began to test my weight on him. The boi flattened himself on the floor and took me easily, With one hand on the wall to steadied myself and put my other foot on his arse. There was a groan of pleasure as the sub took all my weight and accepted his place under my feet and my body. This straight with a secret desire to be walked on by men was finally content.

For a while a moved my feet around him and gave him verbal about being a low life and beneath real men. When I finally stood off him I went around and stood on both his hands. Telling him he was pinned to the floor and my property. He readily agreed.

As the session started late it was time to send the bitch home. I pulled him up and pushed him by the neck to my bedroom. I made him kneel in front of my wardrobe and opened the doors to show it my shoes and trainers. I told it all of these would be cleaned over over next meetings.

After that I took him back to the clothes he had removed and told him to leave. He dropped to the floor and licked my feet. He told me he would spend the night as he now knew he place. I told him to fuck off. He pleaded with me to stand on him again, so steadying myself with the hallway walls I stood on his back again. He did his own verbal now about being my doormat.

Once I stood down he licked my feet in thanks. His long fringe fell on the floor and I stood on his hair with my unattended foot. I felt him pull in an attempt to move but when he realised he couldn’t he happily stayed where he was. In our post-session chat he said he loved being held in place by his hair and had never experienced it before.

Before leaving he asked to the toilet and was long enough to make me think he was knocking one out. Seemed a waste not to let me watch but I guess straight lads can be funny about these things. When he finally reappeared we finished off with him thanking my feet for the honour of having them in his face. At the front door he dropped down and kissed my feet to say goodbye. I sent the little broken straight boi off into the darkening London night.


UPDATE: Since I finished writing this post the boi begged to return so we had a second session. This time I got he stripped to white socks and his underwear. During the session I got him to show me his arse and his willy. He loved the humiliation of showing his body off to another man.


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