Watching Sport, Dom Style



It was an early start for a Saturday morning but the country was abuzz with talk of rugby so I thought I’d watch. As I guy who likes sports I’ve watched a lot of games with a sub attached to my cock. It’s the best way as even if you’re supporting the losing side you still win.

As the game kicked off I tapped on Grindr and saw one of my regular lads was online so I ordered him over. He replied he’d get clean and come over. This one is fully trained so there was no need to order white socks.

As half time started England were not doing great but the knock on the window meant I’d soon have something to take my frustration out on. Once in my flat, the sub stripped to white socks and I collared it. Once a sub is trained you know that you can do somethings without discussion so I grabbed the collar and pulled him to the bathroom. Once there I put him down on all fours with the side of his face resting on the rim of the toilet. Without instruction the boi opened his open and waited. I positioned myself astride him and flipped my cock out. I’d forgone a halftime piss as I knew it was time to introduce this boi to watersports.

A strong stream of yellowish liquid shot by his face and hit the water. I felt the boi move towards the stream of pleasure. I asked if he has done piss before and he said he hadn’t. His lips pursed as he kissed the liquid and I saw his tongue flicker out as he tasted it. I know the boi loves everything that comes from my cock.
I moved the stream onto his face and enjoyed his groan as the warm piss marked him as my property. By now his mouth was fully opened and I saw his throat move as he swallowed my golden treat.

The piss kept flowing over his face and I ordered the boi to thanks me. This bitch knows there are so many crap Masters out there that when you find one who knows what he’s doing you cling tightly to that Man.

I spat on him and washed it off with my piss. As my stream finished I shook it off in his direction. I ordered him to clean up and find me watching telly.

When he arrived his training meant he headed straight to my white Nike footy socks and sniffed around them. I let him remind himself of the scent of his Man. When he came back up he orally plays with my hardon through the grey joggers I was wearing. I continued to watch the rugby as England were finally getting some points. I decided to reward the sub and pulled my joggers off so he can taste my cock. Usually, I would make him beg for it but I’m busy with the game and this boi can serve without instruction for a while. At the first break in play I attached my chain leash to the collar and placed nipple clamps on him. I find this boi steps up his attitude when his nipples are being tugged on, and I enjoy his whimpering noise.

The feature photo for this post is my view over the sub as he sucked me off. My collar and chain can be seen, the chain going down his back, as well as my TV showing the rugby. The boi sucked on as England failed to take advantage.

Sliding down on the sofa I rested a leg on the arm of the sofa and ordered the boi to go lower. Like a pig looking for a truffle he vanished below my balls and I felt his tongue on my sweaty manhole. This sub loves nothing more than licking me out and covering his face with my arse scent. It’s good to have him clean my hole as I watch the players in the right shorts showing off their arses.

I clicked my fingers and brought the sub back up to my cock. Once again it vanished inside him. I reached down and pulled the chain which attaches the two nipple clamps. It was horny to feel the vibration of his groan on my cock. As he worked like this he also received a couple of slaps to keep him attentive. After a while of letting him work on my cock I grabbed his head and forced it up and down at a good speed, with no improvement to England’s play I took my pleasure where I could.

I instructed the boi to go to the other sofa and kneel on it with his arse facing towards me. Once on the sofa the chain ran down from the collar and vanished between his arse cheeks. The silver metal shines brightly again his skin. I could see the boi thrusting his arse slowly, clearly desperate to have me inside him. In front of me I have sport and to the left boipussy. Truly it is great to be a Man.


I stand up and with a little preparation my cock slides into the sub. The boi always says I was the last man inside him and with his tightness I can believe it. He groaned and grasped the back of the sofa as I make his hole mine. He kept looking backwards, desperate to see the pleasure he was giving his man. As he keeps looking I turned and watchtower the rugby, sending the clear message that he didn’t deserve my full attention. Being ignored made him groan louder and push back as I thrust forward. I slap his erase to encourage the ride.

The boi knows how to take my thick cock and I like his big arse. While my arse gets kissed and licked his gets banged hard. He’s a good boi who makes no attempt to touch his own willy, he knows it’s all about my cock. I use the leather handle of the leash to slap his ever hard willy, sending a clear message. As I pound away to the sound of cheering rugby fans, mostly South African cheers, I reach for the chain of the clamps and give it a tug. The boi’s ring instantly tightens around my manhood making the fuck even better. I spit at the back of his head to let him know he’s doing well.

Having released some of my energy I sit back down to watch the final ten minutes of England getting pounded. The boi immediately leaves his sofa position and kneels before me. In no time my cock vanishes inside him and he sucks away happily.


As time passes I order the boi up and he sniffs my left armpit. Once he has the scent he rubs his face in there and finally, he tongue cleans me. As he works I slap his arse. As he goes to my right out he gently kisses and licks my nipples. As he does I tug on the chain to remind him of our differences. He happily buries his face in my right pit. Desperate for his Master’s scent.

English hopes are all gone and South Africa will be taking the cup home, so I decided to finish with the boi. I order him to stand up facing the TV and then bend over. Pushing his legs further apart I easily slide back inside him and start the final fuck. The boi grips my coffee table as I stand behind him with his ring gripping my cock.

Standing up means the thrusts come fast and deep. I hold onto his waist to keep the momentum going. The boi grunts as I work his hole. Gripping is difficult on the wooden floor in socks but I cope. I hear the boi say he loves daddy so I slap his arse. This one can call me Sir or Master. The slap of our bodies becomes louder and faster. The boi picks up the signs and knows I’ll be finished soon. As the whistle goes and England drop to their knees my cum explodes out of me and the release shoots pleasure around my body.
I slowly pull out but the boi speeds up the process and is back on his knees trying to get any bum left out of me and into his mouth. This boi truly loves my cock.

In this session, I have done some firsts with the boi. I have pissed on him and taken photographs, so I feel like the boi is expanding his usefulness to me. What started as an orally fixated daddy’s boi has been trained into a well-rounded fag. Plus when everyone moans about the rugby, at least had a positive side to the game.

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