Get Your Socks On, Again


Everyone appreciates having a regular shag who is available when required. Sometimes the hassle of a search is too much and you just need a familiar hole to park yourself in. Like a lion having the pick of his pride it’s good to keep a couple of bitches on heat when the occasion arises. You get to train regulars to your requirements and sometimes push their limits. Even a sub bitch knows a good thing and is willing to try harder to keep its man happy. I often get told a real Dom is hard to find, so my bitches are always ready to impress when called on.

My regulars come from all backgrounds and it is always good to see a boi reappear in my inbox. Returning to a man is an excellent show of submission. The sub knows how it is going to be treated and returns as it is there to serve.

I, of course, have quite a few regular subs and the ones who live nearby are always a good resource. Having a nearby cunt is always going to be handy when you just need to offload as soon as possible. Here I get a regular lad over super quick:

The sub is a good looking 24-year-old black boi who needs to serve its Master and is happy to obey. Originally on my radar as a Blow&Go I’ve developed him to be more useful to me. It has a thing for race-play and one of the things that attracted the boi to me was my white northern skin-tone.

In no time the little slut is knocking on my window and displaying its keenest to please. It knows to wear minimum clothing and arrives in an all-in-one top and shorts, white socks and trainers. Once in my hall, it knows to strip to socks and wait. I give it a slap and get a Thank You, Sir straight away, a trained response. It is then collared and only then is it truly happy, safely back in its sex uniform. Barely a word has been spoken, hardly any time has passed, and my bitch stands naked before me in collar and socks. It knows its place.

I slap its hardon and the boi shudders but makes no attempt to protect itself. The boi knows not to touch itself in our sessions. It is there to pleasure my body and not its own. After a face slap, I push the sub to its knees and spit on its face. The liquid stands out on the dark skin. The boi tries to lick up any spit which didn’t land in its mouth.

I move its face to my black socks the boi immediately begins to lick and kiss my feet. On our first meeting the boi said feet weren’t its thing but I have taught it the importance of being at mine.

As it worships me my finger rubs its hole. The good thing about a foot worship is the position presents a boicunt for inspection so well. I hear a moan as I push inside. This boi doesn’t get fucked much so is always tight for me. I asked when was it’s last fuck and it turns out I was, the boi is more interested in sucking but lets me in either hole.

Bringing its face to crotch level I make the boi look up and beg for my cock. It is always good to have a sub beg. The begging is a sign that the boi is lucky to be able to have cock and shouldn’t assume it is a given. As it begs I slap its face and the boi takes it well. As I slowly reveal my hardon the sub moves closer for my scent but knows to wait until given permission before making contact. With my cock still not fully out I give the word and the boi begins licking and kissing the part of my cock it can see.

In no time it manages to nudge my cock fully out and catches me in its mouth on the bounce. It feels good to be back inside its mouth and the boi is a well practised cocksucking whore.

I give him some time with my cock, it’s important that a boi feels connected to my manhood. This boi knows what to do when a cock appears. I tell it that I would have him and his kind dressed in socks and collar riding the tube. If a Man needed relief with a click of the fingers he would get it. The cocksucker wouldn’t be ashamed of the whole of London seeing it naked and sucking on cock.

The boi takes the words in and a couple of slaps. It is clearly where it needs to be. I decide it is time to move. Dragging it up by the collar I push it ahead of me towards the bedroom. As we pass a mirror I make it stare at itself. Taking in the black leather collar around its neck; accepting my ownership.

Once we get to the bedroom I pull off my shorts and underwear. I hold the underpants and order the boi to rub his face in the area where my arse hole has been. The boi rubs and licks the area with enthusiasm. Once I drop my cock back in its mouth I pull off my top and enjoy the sucking in just my socks. The boi gets slaps to encourage it to perform well.

Before climbing onto the bed I ordered both my arms-pits sniffed and licked. Any sub should enjoy burying its face into musky man pits and learning its Master’s scent.

Once the boi has my scent a lie down and order my back to be licked. I’ve always liked the feeling of a tongue on my back and the sub takes to the task of bringing me pleasure well. Of course with each licking the tongue goes lower and soon it is exploring the crack between my arse cheeks. I open my legs so permission is given to continue on the journey. While I don’t allow a cock near my arse I’ll happily have a tongue rim me for a long time. The boi wedges itself between my arse cheeks and takes great pleasure from licking my ringpiece.

With a spit clean hole I get up on my knees and order my cock sucked. As it sucks a finger and lube up its tight hole. In no time the sub has my hardon raging and I tell it to show me it arse in doggy position. The boi turns and presents its boicunt to me. Once I’m ready my cock begins to work inside the sub. The hole is tight and it takes a few attempts before I feel him welcome me inside. The grip of his ring is matched by the subs grip on my bedding. It knows not to make any complaint and soon I’m opening the boi up.

I enjoy watching my white cock sliding in and out of the boi’s black arse. The ringpiece is stretching for my fat daddy dick and I can see the sub getting lost in its headspace as my cock reminds the boi of its purpose. The pounding gets louder as our two bodies slap together and I give the boi’s arse a spanking at the same time.

Reaching over I pull the boi’s head up via the collar. The boi arse’s pushes back as its back curves to assume a better position to pleasure my cock. The boi cannot breathe properly with the collar so tight but I keep fucking hard and deep. The boi knows getting my cock in it is more important than oxygen.

Letting the collar go I grip the bitch’s waist and pull him back hard onto my hardon. The boi tries to regain its breathe but is desperate to beg me it fuck it harder. I can feel him tight on my shaft as I slip in and out of the hole I own.

The boi looks back and says Fuck Me, Daddy so I go at it harder. My balls bouncing of its perineum. At no point does the sub reach for its willy. It is trained to know today is about my cock.

As I fuck I look at the boi in uniform, new white socks fully pulled up and leather ringed collar around its neck, the look is horny and the boi knows it is in for a good time when dressed in it.

The boi’s head moves up and down as it takes me. It can sense I’m getting close to cumming and it is excited to know it has made its man happy. The thrusting becomes more intense. My grip tightens. My breathing changes. I groan more. All signs to this regular that I’m soon to release my load. I can feel the build up and soon it will be unstoppable. My balls move closer to my body and soon I’m beyond the point of holding back. With a groan, my cum rockets out of me and my body shakes with pleasure.

The boi knows it has done its duties and starts aftercare. Licking my cock and avoiding the ultra-sensitive area post-orgasm. Looking up it does the normal plea.

“Can I come back soon, Sir?”


5 thoughts on “Get Your Socks On, Again

      1. So so lucky Sir. It is a huge privilege for any sub to be able to worship a superior. As such they should do everything they can to ensure their superior knows they know it’s a privilege and that means concentrating fully on their superiors pleasure. Something I hope to be able to do one day.

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  1. So many great parts to this scene – “Fuck me, Daddy”, the trained response, the rimming, and the fact he doesn’t reach for his own cock – Sir. I’m not on Grindr/Recon and have limited experience subbing, but is there anyway to apply, Sir, to be of use to you?

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