Locker Room Sex

The smell of men hits us the moment we walk into the massive changing room. The smell is always here just because of the number of sweaty men who have changed here; it has impregnated the walls. We just saw six guys heading off to the pitches to join their game but in here we are alone.

There are many pitches in this east London sports centre, so rows and rows of benches with clothes pegs line up before us. Occasionally a forgotten article of clothing hangs from a peg. Ownerless now but waiting to see if it can be wanted again.

The dripping noise comes from the central area where shower heads hang from the ceiling. They wait to spring to life and drench the dirty men below in water. No one knows if it will be hot or cold but the men will stand beneath the heads to find out. On the walls in this area an army of urinals wait to have a cock flopped out in front of them and to receive the warm, wet reason they exist for.

The two of us walk to a set of benches away from the main entrance and set down our bags. The tension raises as we realise we are alone. The fact that we turned up early to play meant the chances of this alone time was always going to be high.

We have been having sex for a couple of months now but it was never regular and rarely organised in advance. The last time we had been in central London for a catch up and ended up in a sauna as we could not keep our hands of each other. Sex was not really kinky but was getting rougher. He now loves me holding his neck as I fuck him and slapping his arse. He is a 21 year old Spanish lad but he looks younger. He comes across as shy but he’s a naughty boi.

His brown eyes watch as I unbutton my shirt. He is clearly disappointed I don’t wear a suit for work. He has arrived in his sports gear already. The long black Lycra bottoms covering his legs on the chilly Thursday evening, his Mediterranean blood used to better temperatures than a London spring.

He can stay away no longer and walks over for his first kiss. Our height difference means he stretches upwards and I bend my neck. His hand reaches into my open shirt and rubs my chest hair. I can feel him sigh as he relaxes into my company again. My hands explore his body and I’m not surprised to find him rock hard beneath his clothing. He is always hard.

As we continue to kiss and explore with hands and tongues our ears listen out for the approach of football boot studs on concrete or the squeaky, heavy door being pushed open. We both know the chances of being disturbed are high.

He soon has my trousers open and his mouth vanishes from mine as he hurries to get my cock inside him. He loves my thick daddy dick inside him. Bending over his warm mouth engulfs my cock and I let out a sigh of pleasure. There’s nothing better than a blow job after a day’s work, and this lad knows how to suck well. My hard cock loves the feeling of his wet tongue running up and down it. I stand in the locker room feeling like the master of all I survey as he sucks me off. I wonder how many cocks have been pleasured here before.

He stops sucking me and indicates that we should move. Grabbing my stuff I follow him deeper into the changing room, my hardon still on display. Our concern about being caught decreases with time.

Further in we enter one of the side rooms that are meant for teams to change and discuss tactics with a little privacy. I drop my stuff on a bench and the boi reattaches to my cock.

Reaching down I hold his head and fuck his face. As a skull-fuck him the sound of gagging fills the room. I know he doesn’t care about being gagged and just wants more.

When I release him he pulls away and asks what I want. In answer I turn him around and push him towards the wall. Pulling down his gear I reveal his firm arse. My hands pull his cheeks apart and he groans as his boicunt is hit by the cold locker room air. It is not exposed for long as my tongue starts to lick at his sweaty special place. His taste encourages me to explore him more and I feel him arch his back as he enjoys the pleasure. I know how much he loves being rimmed and as my spit covers him we both know where this is leading.

Standing up my cock rubs against his arse and the boi gyrates it back and forth, encouraging me inside. With a spit on my cock I place it next to his hole and make the first push inside. The boi has a hand on the bench and another on the wall, steadying himself as my manhood fills him. As I slide deeper one of my hand firmly grips his shoulder and he knows he is mine.

He lets out a gasp as my cock goes all the way in and my balls hit him. Without looking up he tells me he loves my balls touching him there.

Once I complete my first withdrawal I begin to increase the speed of thrusting. I know this boi accepts cock quickly and he likes it hard. Both my hands move to grip his waist and the pounding continues. My hands feel his hip bones through his thin body. The sound of our bodies slapping together echo off the hard grey walls and fills the silence of the room. I give his arse a slap. A place that has experienced hope, defeat and victory is now owned by sex.

His ringpeice tries to keep its grip on my cock-shaft but I slide in and out, refusing to be halted. The boi mumbles words of pleasure to himself, both in English and Spanish. He knows he picked an earlier time so that this could happen and he is getting exactly what he needed.

My hand reaches up to his thick black hair and taking hold of it I pull his head back. Holding a boi like this as I fuck him sends all the right messages. It’s an incredibly submissive position to be in and it arches his back more to let me fuck him harder. The boi makes no complaints as I hold him in the position. Gripping his mane as I tame the wild, young stallion to make him my ride.

I look down to watch my cock in action. The white flash of my flesh as in enters the more tanned skin of his Mediterranean body. I make the thrusts harder as I know the he loves to feel owned. I think about him playing football soon with the shape of my cock still imprinted in his arse.

The noise is now constant and I doubt we would hear anyone if they came in. Our concern is totally gone. The act of fucking fills our minds and our need to feel each other. So often we have naked sex so the clothes restraining us feel alien to the situation. With his arse and my cock exposed we have free access to the areas we need. Tonight is about animalistic sex. The need to fuck. To come together.

My pounding changes and the boi knows the climax is approaching. This isn’t about a long session just our need for each other and gratification. One of his hands vanishes and I know he is wanking off his ever hard cock. I begin to pull out further so my cockhead gets more of a rub from his ringpiece, knowing this will make my orgasm more intense.

His encouragements are now mostly in Spanish and I feel my balls coiling up ready to spring out my cum. The boi begins to grunt as his cum spits out and lands on the floor. The action encourages me and my cock begins to spurt out cum into his boicunt. I feel his ring grip me as he tries to milk me as much as he can. It feels amazing to be with this boi again.

I slide out my now ultra-sensitive cock and sit down to enjoy the feelings running through my body. The boi pulls up his gear and stands there looking at me. Only his incredible sexy, naughty grin gives away what just happened between us. In his horny Spanish accent he says:

“I can’t believe we just did that here!”

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