From Top To Bottom

If there is a good thing about this blog it is hearing from lads who have stumbled upon and got a hardon from reading my posts. Some are straights who have accidentally found the blog but most of gays men. Sometimes even a top/active gay man has a desire to bend the knee and serve another man. I received this email at the end of last year:


I finally took the courage to text you. I’ve been reading and wanking with your stories over the last months.
I am a Spanish guy 28yo based in SW London. In bed, I generally enjoy being top in regular basis but I’ve got a thing for very masculine and dominant fellas as I believe you are.
If you think we could be a good match (sub) feel free to drop me a line.

We soon moved the chat to WhatsApp but could not organise anything, as Christmas and New Year filled our schedules. In 2019 the lad made it very clear he wanted to serve me and had picked out the white socks he wanted to wear for me. His trip to my flat would be about an hour but he knew the journey would be worth it. To be fair most journeys in London are about an hour! The fact that the lad said he was mostly a top was interesting to me, but I was more interested in him, as he looked very hot. I don’t really think of my subs as top/bottom, black/white or straight/gay. I just want a submissive slut who is willing to be my bitch once he is in my flat.

The lad was clearly nervous and I could tell from the text messages he was building himself up during the journey to me. All the text were keen and he was obviously determined to serve me and submit to my will.

The message arrived that he was standing outside my door and when I opened the door he looked as good as he did in his photographs. As soon as he got into my hallway he made his way to stand facing the wall, clearly the bitch had learnt his lessons from my blog well. I pushed him against the wall and asked him if he was ready to by my bottom boy. As the verbal continued I peeled his clothes off him and I was impressed with his white football socks.

My hands explored his sexy Spanish body, he had some body hair and was just a little shorter than me. My hand reached between his legs and I grabbed his balls from behind him. As I squeezed them I made him beg for abuse for me.

The boi was clearly not settled yet but I decided to continue. There’s a point where a meet might get called off but I got the feeling this lad was going to push through as he was desperate to be used.

Holding him by my collar  I moved the session into the living room. Once there the sub was pushed to its knees and took a couple of slaps to his face. Holding his head down I order my black and white Nikes licked. He seemed to take to the slaps well and I make a mental note for later in the session. Sometimes giving a boi what he really enjoys encourages him to explore things he hasn’t considered before.

Once my Nikes had been properly worshipped I sat and ordered my black socks to be kissed. The boi kissed and licked my socks with no real gusto but I kept him there. Clearly, this top needed to accept what he had committed to and put my needs before his. I keep catching him wanking so I slapped his hand away and punish his willy. This boi still thought he was the stallion rather than the mare, that attitude needed to be broken.

When I stood the boi returned to a kneeling position and I set my cock free in front of his face. His eyes glanced up as if to show interest now my manhood was in front of him. No doubt my scent was setting off fireworks in his tiny mind, too.

A good few cock slaps got the boi going, as did rubbing my balls in his face. Clearly, this one had cock on his mind. Verbal abuse rained down on him and I made him beg for my cock. He happily renounced all top desires and begged to be my fag. As a reward, I dropped my cock on his stretched out tongue. It felt good to feel his lips wrap around me and soon my wet cock was sliding in and out of his gob.

It’s always important to give a boi time to suck cock properly, of course, it is a bonus that it feels great. I stretched as I stood in just my black socks and the boi hungrily inhaled my cock inside him. He liked swapping around between sucking and licking my thick stick. I also held his head and give him a skull fucking. Holding myself deep in him so he couldn’t breathe. When I let go it was fun to see him recover and quickly get back on with his purpose.

After a long sucking, I pulled him up by the collar and turned him around. My wet cock makes its way straight between his firm arse cheeks and slides around his hole. The boi responded by leaning back into me and sighing as he enjoyed my hardon in his special place.

I pushed him to the bedroom and got him on all fours presenting his boicunt to me. I lubed him up and told him it’s time to forget any notion of being a top. In response he arched his back and pushed his arse up. After I’ve warmed him up with my fingers my cock slid into his underused hole. The tight ring clung to my cock but I continued to push inside him.

The boi gasped to have a man back inside him and I reached to his hair to pull his head back. The boi accepted this new position and my cock slid in and out of him. I watched his ring piece as it clung to my cock and refused to let it go fully out. The boi thrust his arse back to get me back in as deep as possible. Of course, I accepted the challenge and penetrated him as deeply as possible. The boi had clearly forgotten all pretence of being a top and was loving having a man inside him. Any uncertainty about the boi’s wanting to sub had been forgotten as he was now fully passive.

Releasing the boi’s hair I gave his arse some slaps and redden his cheeks. I reached down and pulled up the boi’s socked feet, now resting on his knees his arse opened further to welcome my manhood inside. My pounding got harder and the groaning boi encouraged me to give him a good pounding.

I pulled out of his hole and slapped my cock on his hole. The boi looked back and groaned, pleading for me to enter him but I do not. I pushed him over so he was lying on his back in the middle of my bed. I grabbed one of his arms and strapped a wrist cuff onto him. I used the D-Lock to tie a rope between the cuff and the bedpost, the action was repeated with the other wrist and bedpost.

The boi had said he had no experience of bondage but wanted to experience it. I figured now was the ideal time; still horny for a fucking and tying him up would keep him on heat.

I slapped his face and spat in his gob. I told him what a slut he was to let me abuse his hole and he was no longer a top. The boi embraced his bound position and gladly gave up control. I reached for my nipple clamps and place them onto him. They clung to his sensitive bits and the boi squirmed below me. I grabbed the centre of the chain connecting the clamps and pulled them towards me. As the nipples lift up and point to me the boi groaned but was coping well. One of the clamps lost its grip and released the boi, he shuddered and the other clamp came off. I smiled at the screwed up face beneath me and reattached the clamps. I placed the chain in the sub’s mouth. He pulled upwards and his nipples follow the chain. I wanked as the boi inflicts pain on himself. It was horny to watch the boi self-punishing. Both clamps flew off at the same time and the boi closed his eyes to regain some control over his body.

I removed the clamps and move myself up his body so I could cock slap his face. The boi took the slaps and opened his mouth. I dropped my hardon into his gob and he positioned himself so he could get on with sucking me off. After he has had a go I held his head and skull fuck him for a while.

I climbed off the sub and gave his socked feet a quick tickle. I had not put my ankle cuffs on him and he pulled his feet away. So I held down one of the sub’s feet and tickle it. As the bitch is clearly ticklish I climbed back on the bed with my pinwheel and use my body to keep the sub’s lower half under control. My pinwheel makes its first journey across the nipple and over the armpit as it moved the boi squirmed but made no noise. He was loving being out of control. The pinwheel continued to travel over the bound boi and even rolled over his genitalia. He pleads for me to stop but I didn’t.

Once my pinwheel had fully explored the boi I put it down and pulled his feet onto my shoulder. With his balls in front of me I gave them a cock slap and then move my hardon back to his hole. The batted, lubed boicunt welcomed me back inside. I moved my body up so I’m over the sub and he naturally opened his mouth, which I spat in. The boi’s eyes rolled upwards as my pounding of his hole continued. The bitch had fully accepted its place.

As I pounded away I spat and slapped him. He grunted happily away as his brain shut down and animal instinct took over him. No longer thinking like a human the submissive knew it was there to physically bring pleasure to me; the dominant. The verbal abuse rained down on him and at one point I picked up the pinwheel and rolled it over him. I smiled at his face, showing the confusion of pleasure and pain. All this time my cock was sliding in and out and sending pleasure around my body.

I knew I was getting close and looked down at my shaft working his cunt. I always love seeing my manhood inside a boi. With his hands bound the boi just lay back and took the abuse. His long white football socks resting on my shoulders.

I pulled out of him as I approached orgasm and move to his face. I had decided to mark this as my property by covering his face with my seed. The boi saw what was happening and knew what to expect. There was nothing he could do if he didn’t want a face full of cum, my wrist cuffs made sure of that. Of course, there was nothing this bitch wanted more than my cum, wherever I chose to dump it. My cock took position near his chin and he opened his mouth ready for his treat.

It didn’t take long to finish myself off and soon multiple streams of hot white cum was spraying across his face. I saw his tongue greedily collect any of my seed which fell near his gob.

I finished by dropping my cock in his mouth and he sucked and licked it clean. His hands strained at the rope as he clearly wanted to hold me. Sometimes it is good to be held back and experience something new. His cock, which usually gets so much attention, was still rock hard and waving for something to grind against; it remained ignored.

A day after the session I was interested in whether he had convinced himself that the session was a one-off or he had accepted his place as my bitch. The reply on WhatsApp made the slut’s position clear:

Another top to add to my list.

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