That Didn’t Take Long


After my Christmas break up north I switch Grindr on the second I am through the door of my flat. I would never have a meet when I was visiting family and the long visit means my balls are bursting.

I have, of course, looked at my apps over the holiday but a lot less than normal. Also, I take down my face pic when I’m there. My family is from the sort of village when the old ladies would download Grindr just to see if any gays had moved into the area. I am out to my family, but I don’t want to be the source of New Year gossip for the village. I also worry that I’ll open the app and see one of my Dad’s friends wearing his wife’s dress and then have to chat merrily to him over a pint in the local pub!

As I go to put up a face pic I see my usual neighbours and a couple of fresh faces. During the usual 72 hour wait for Grindr to approve a profile pic, I tap on a cute lad who is very close. His dark blonde hair forms a little Tintin quiff and his sexy smile distracts from the faghag he is photographed next to.

My interest increases as his profile says he likes a dominant man who enjoys a rough session. As I type Hello he is already filling up ticks on my list. I send face pics along with my greeting as I realise I am currently a hated Blank Profile! 👤

The ticking off things is interesting as after our session I find out that he was chatting to two other guys and was trying to pick between them. That’s when I popped up and said I’d happily Dom him. He saw how close I was and that I could accom so in his mind my ticks were increasing. He was also in a kinky mood and needed sorting out properly and quickly.

Whether it is on Grindr or real life there are always things we are looking for, both requirements and nice to have, and these tick boxes can be fluid depending on the current situation. Sometimes my mates complain they chatted to someone two days ago and then go back and they guy is all lukewarm. It’s always best to strike while the iron is hot.

And this iron was really hot! I had to tell him to wait a minute while I called my family to let them know I had arrived safely. Every visit a point out a train crash would be on the news but they insist!

After I’ve handover my address I begin to sort out my flat after a week away, I know I don’t have long as the slut is on heat and just around the corner.

In no time the message pops up announcing his arrival and I head to the front door to let him in. As he steps in we continue to check each out, deciding if we had picked right. He looks like his photos and is dressed well. He is just shorter than me. As soon as he is in my flat he gets the Pushed Against The Wall treatment. Lads seem to love having their face against my hallway wall as I whisper naughty words into their ears. This position also makes it very easy to strip a boi without him trying to remove my clothing. There is definitely something very horny about being dressed when a sub has been stripped. CMNM – Clothed Male, Naked Male – as the porn sites would have it. I also like the idea of seeing how quickly I can get a lad stripped to his socks, and then calling him a slut for letting a total stranger undress him so quickly. This lad is wearing hardly visible black socks, not a favourite of mine but I like to use a bitch in what they arrive in.

I pull his head back by his hair and make him say back to me what a slut he is. When I spit in his mouth it is greedily devoured. Pushing him to his knees I stand in front of him and slap his face, the bitch takes it well so I give him a backhanded slap, too. I then collar him so he is in the uniform for the session. Pushing his head down I order him to lick my socks, they are sweaty from a long train journey. The boi groans as he smells his Master’s scent. As he takes in my smell I slap his arse and in no time his lily-white arse turns red. At that point, I push a spit covered finger into his tight boicunt. At the same time, I can feel the boi at my socks, worshipping me.

Using the collar I pull him back up so he is kneeling with his face at my cock level. The little slut looks up at me, seemingly begging with his eyes.

“You want to suck me off?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Beg, bitch.”

“Please can I suck you off, Sir. I really want to taste your daddy dick.”

I undo my leather belt and slap his face a few time with it. He clearly loves the feel of leather against him. Once my underwear is visible the boi pushes his face in and I watch his chest expand as he sucks in as much of the scent as possible. I feel his lips taking my cock through my underwear as the slut shows how keen it is.

Pulling my underwear down slowly the boi shows his keenest to taste me. His tongue wraps around my thick shaft as it slowly appears in front of him. I watch him waving his arse around, he is desperate to attract my attention.

As my cock flicks out from the restraining underwear I hold the boi back via my collar. Holding my hardon I slap it around his face. A smile breaks out on the boi as my cock beats him up and he continues to plead with his eyes. The sound of cock against face echoes in my hallway. The boi is barely in my flat and is about to taste my manhood.

After I have made him beg some more I drop my cock on his tongue and the boi begins to do what comes naturally to it. My cock vanishes inside as the boi tries to take it as deep as he can. I hold the back of his head and force it into his willing mouth.

Moving my hands to the side of his head I hold him steady as I skull fuck him. The sounds of a cock sucker reach my ears: gurgling and choking. The noise encourages me to use his throat more.

Releasing him I allow him to work my cock himself for a while. It is only kind to let the hungry bitch have some time with my cock. When he slides to the head of my cock I sometimes slap him, just like a horse being whipped by its jockey the slap only encourages.

After he has serviced my cock a lot I drag him up by the collar and push him towards my bedroom. The boi groans as my salvia covered cock makes contact with his arse. Once we arrive in the bedroom I push him onto the bed and he assumes a position on all fours. His arse is now my focus as it is at cock level and the lad looks back to ensure he has my full attention.

I pick up the lube and once it is on my fingers a slide into his welcoming hole. The boi says he hasn’t been fucked for a month, but they all say that. His tight ring lets me into the place where the sun does shine with this slut. His muscle lets me through and in no time I bend my finger to massage his prostate. The boi’s hand goes to my mattress and I can see how much this lad is about his arse.

Pulling on a condom I lube myself up and slide into where my finger began the work. I watch the slut grip my bed harder as he feels me sliding into him properly. I grip his arse with my hands and continue to penetrate him. I enjoy watching my cock vanish inside and the grip on his arse tightens.

The boi is clearly a pro and accepts my cock quickly, I start to pull out and push in and gets my thrusts going. He looks back and says harder. I slap his arse a few times and call him a slut. He says to fuck the slut harder. I need no more encouragement and start harder and deeper into him. As I thrust I use my grip to pull him further onto my cock and the boi gets louder. For the sake of the neighbours, I release my grip and grab him by the hair and with my other hand, I cover his mouth. Fucking him hard I can hear his mumbled cries as he takes me.

We continue like this for a while. Two sweaty bodies thrusting and enjoying contact. I feel my cum wanting to explode out. I pull out and rip off the condom. I turn him over on his back. I move so my cock is forcing his face. He opens his mouth. He looks straight into my eyes. He pleads for my seed. He wants to taste me. I allow him to wank. Then my orgasm arrives and my cum shoots out of me. Some lands beyond his face but then the streams of white lands across his face and into his waiting gob.

As I take a moment his mouth encompasses my cock and I feel him sucking my sperm out of me. As he does he begins to shake as he cums across his chest.

The boi gets up and the bag at the end of my bed reminds me I still need to unpack after my Christmas break. Looks like 2019 will be a great year.

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