Straight Spanking


It has been a quiet weekend for me and Sunday was quickly fading away. Grindr was on my phone but I wasn’t really looking at it. I’d had a couple of chats with lads but not ones that were going to come to anything straight away. Sometimes it is best to play the long game.

When that well-known noise sounded I looked down and saw that maybe proximity was the best aphrodisiac. The message was from a shirtless 22-year-old who was showing off but not really showing his face. An almost blank profile gave not much away, but he was practically in my flat judging by his distance and had introduced himself as a sub, so things were looking good.

A strange dance then began as he said he was in a rush but wouldn’t really say what he was into. I thought he might be HH – Horny and High – but then said he was about to drive home, so I hoped not! I assumed he was sat in his car after visiting a friend and just wanted to get sorted out. He then threw in the old curl ball that he was straight.

Although I doubt any guys who say they are straight on Grindr it is always an interesting line. He seemed to be after a spanking more than anything. He kept going back to punishment and having a red arse. He seemed disappointed when I said I didn’t have a cane. As you know, I’ve always liked the sound of hand on arse. Plus he was 22, straight, keen and practically in my living room already – who was I to say no?

By the time I’d typed my address, he was telling me he was at the door. When I opened it there was a good looking athletic lad with hair slightly longer than I like. He came in and had that air of somebody slightly nervous but definitely interested, I guess like a straight guy that offers himself to a gay guy.

He asked for a drink of water so as he drank my hands explored his body and checked out his firm arse.

With the glass barely drank I pushed him against the wall and started a verbal assault on his ear. I felt the air expel from his body as he relaxed into mine and responded to my words. I guess as a sub you meet a lot of guys who say they are dominant but end up disappointing, this boi knew quickly he had found the type of man he needed.

In no time he was stripped to his black socks and wearing my collar. The little bitch was fully hard but didn’t touch himself. Now on display, I realised he had a hot body and was going to be an interesting slut to abuse. The first sounds of hand on arse echoed through my flat and the boi seemed to get more excited the harder I hit.

Of course, his just above the shoulder length hair was a natural thing to pull, so with his head back I spat in his mouth and he swallowed down. My hand found his balls and I told him he was my fag as I squeezed them tight. He made no effort to stop me. Some lads try to protect their balls ever when they love having a hand around them.

Once pushed to his knees I used my collar to move his head to my black and white Nikes and he began licking them. I told him to imagine all his mates watching him as he wore a collar and worshipped at my feet.

With his arse in the air, I pulled his reddening cheeks apart and slid a wet finger over his hole. His back arched downwards as he welcomed the attention. My finger pushed into his tight ring and the boi licked my Nikes in delight. Still, inside him, I slapped him with my other hand and enjoyed the feeling of him squeezing my finger.

Grabbing him by the collar I moved him to the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. He went to move onto his back but I grabbed a leg and kept him on his front. With his legs spread I climbed on top of him and he felt my weight push him down. Through my clothing, he could feel my hardon against his arse and he immediately ground against me. As I whispered anything but sweet things in his ear my hand held his neck tight. The boi was clearly putty and I was moulding him as I liked.

My hand moved over his mouth and held his nose. He continued to rub against my cock as he prioritised that over air. Moving my hand the boi sucked in air as I moved him to the edge of the bed as on all fours. His arse was now presented perfectly for me. My finger founds its way back inside and I watched his balls swing as I explored his boicunt.

We had discussed butt plugs and the boi had been very keen to get them inside. Before going there though I went to my wardrobe and picked out my brown leather belt.

Having snapped the belt the boi was clearly expecting a hit and jumped a little as I gently slid the belt over him. Allowing him to feel the leather before it stung him. In no time his expectations were fulfilled as the belt snapped across his arse, leaving red lines across his sweet white cheeks.

I put the belt through his wide open legs and wrapped his willy and balls in it. With the belt tight around them, I pulled them back. His trapped balls got a stroking and then a tap. The boi raised his head and told me he was cumming and then spunked.

In my mind, I was thinking we hadn’t done half the things I wanted yet. As I thought that he unsteadily got to his feet and gave me a big smile. As he thanked me and headed off to find his discarded clothing.

I guess straight lads have no staying power!

2 thoughts on “Straight Spanking

  1. Fuck me, that is so hot. As a ‘straight’ sub it always gets me hard thinking about submitting to a superior man. I’d love to beat his record for not cumming sometime, just to see what you had in store.

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