Cricket Box / Athletic Cup


There seems to be so many different names for this piece of sporting equipment, but on the BDSM scene the name is not the important part, it’s the smell.

Most lads are introduced to this protection for their crown jewels at school. It soon becomes clear these devices are scented with cock.

I find scent an important part of domination. It is important that a sub learns its Master’s smell. Whether it is sniffing socks and pants, submissive lads can’t help but get off on man scent. The amount of guys I’ve had bury their face in my sweaty pit is testament to this.

I decided to look at how much an Athletic Cup Gag, or Cup Muzzle, would be and was surprised at a price tag of around £60! I had a look on Amazon and found an item called Shock Doctor Supporter with Protective Cup Shorts, click here. The cost was £20 and I got a jockstrap, too. I decide with some masking tape I would save myself a lot of money. It is also sad that retailers of BDSM products just want to rip off the kinky community.

I have been wearing the box to get a scent attached to it. I think it will take a while to get it smelling of me but I enjoy wearing it. I have already used it in two sessions and the subs both loved getting my scent inside them.

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