A Couple of Subs


It feels strange being in this area of London and not being on my way to see my sub from 15 Years A Slave. Tonight I am visiting a couple who I’ve been chatting to on Recon. They sound like a horny pair with one submissive and the other is submissive but can switch. I have made it clear I don’t require a switch and tonight they are both 100% submissive.
The pair shares a Recon account and have been labelling themselves as 1 and 2; 2 being the switch. They both sound keen to have a man treat them right and look good on their photographs.

As I walk to theirs I message them and 2 opens the door. He is in sports gear and his white socks are clearly visible. I have ordered him in whites and the other in black. Number 1 is also wearing their collar. The fact that they only have one collar hints at 2 being more top. Of course, my plan is to train that out of the bitch and show him his true place. It is a work night so my collar has spent the day in my bag waiting for this. 2 looks like his photo and is in a hurry to get me to their flat.

The door opens and I immediately see 1 on his knees. The older of the two, he is collared and leashed. His skin looks whiter again the dark skin of 2. As I slap 1 and make him beg, 2 pulls off his clothes. He is clearly desperate to be naked.

I order 1 to my brown boots and pull up 2’s head as he kneels in front of me.

“So you’re going to be trouble then? Thinking you’re a top.”


I think he is clearly wanting a slap as missing out my correct address is throughout my blog. The pair has been reading it religiously. As 2 makes up for his error I pick up the beer they have left on the side for me. I pull 2 to his feet and ask if the beer is cold. He fumbles his response so I hold the bottle again his balls. It is funny to see him jump and confirm the beer is cold.

Pushing him back to his knees I hold his head against my groin and talk to the other one.

“You like being at my feet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Look at your fagfriend at my feet. Worshipping my work boots.”

2 has no issue with his boyfriend at my feet or my insults. I pull up 2’s face to look at me and make him beg for abuse. He promises he is not a top and will wear my collar. Rubbing my hand through his hair I realise he is as soft as a bush and a very willing sub. With my collar on his follows my command to lick my other boot. I swing down more of their beer.

I’m fully dressed and they are collared, socked and licking clean my boots. I have been in their home less than five minutes.

I pull 1 to his feet and make him look at his boyfriend worshipping me. Holding him by the tight collar I pull his head back and, after taking a swig of beer, I spit it down his throat. He accepts the gift and thanks me. Pushing him back to my boot I give him permission to remove it. He asks permission to sniff it and I grant him his wish. 1 has made it clear he loves feet whereas 2 is about getting his holes filled. I made it clear I’d use them both as I wanted.

I pull 2 up and spit some beer into his mouth. He can’t cope as well and the beer ends up on over of him. I laugh and tell him he can’t handle beer like a man. Pushing him down I give him permission to remove the boot he is cleaning. Now both subs have their arses in the air and my sock scent running through their noses. They are clearly happy.

With my boots removed I put my beer down and pull off my trousers. My socks are four days on but my underwear is fresh. I can’t have my work colleagues avoiding me because I smell!

I pull 2 up to his knees and slap his face. He takes it without complaint and I can see he is mine. Pulling my underwear open near my sweaty balls I order his tongue in there. His face vanishes and it feels good to have him licking my balls.

“You want to suck my cock?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

“Tell me you’re a cock sucking slut.”

As 2 repeats the sentence I pull off my pants. 1 seems miffed to, briefly, have my feet removed from him as I discard the pants. I slap my hardon on 2’s face and he obviously loves the feeling of cock near him. After one last beg, I allow my penis to vanish into his mouth. Reaching over I get some more beer into me. This is a good way to end a working day: beer, blowjob and foot worship.

After 2 has had a good while with my cock I order 1 into a kneeling position. Holding his collar I make him watch his boyfriend suck me off.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Only because he has my cock and you don’t, slut.”

“Yes, Sir.”

With my hand on the back of 2’s head, I push him down all the way and hold him. He is not used to deep throating and starts to make choking noises. I laugh and after a while let go. He pulls away from my cock and regains his breath. I give him a slap for being a crap sucker.

Ordering them to kiss I cock-slap their faces and ask 1 is he can taste my cock on his boyfriend. I don’t give them much time to kiss before I slide my cock into 1’s gob for the first time. This time 2 has to watch as his boyfriend sucks me off. I also hold 1 on my cock but he is used to it and takes it without any choking noises. As he gets back to sucking I order 2 to my balls and get my cock and balls serviced at the same time. A great benefit of having two willing lads.

Pushing them off me I sit on their bed. I order 1 to remove my sock and get attached to my barefoot. He heads down my leg at speed. 2 is then directed back to my cock. Once again I can enjoy having double the worship by this willing couple, my task is to drink their beer.

I reach over to 2’s arse and give it some slaps. He contently sucks away at my manhood. I order 1 to lube up his boyfriend’s arse and he obeys as I eye up the arse I’m about to enter.

Once the lubing is done I order 2 on the bed and to kneel at the edge of the mattress. 1 returns to my bare foot as I pull on a condom. With a bit of verbal and I tell 1 that I’m going to fuck his boyfriend as my thick cock slides into the tight ring. 2 groans as it goes in and it feels great to be inside him.

Once he is warmed up and taking my cock hard I order 1 up to look. His eyes tell me he loves seeing his boyfriend being sorted out properly. The noise of 2 lets us both know he’s a happy fuckee. I reach forward, grab my collar and pull his head back. The tightness of leather on his throat excites 2 and he grinds his arse against me. I stop fucking and me and 1 watch as 2 fucks himself roughly with my cock.

I push the boi further on the bed and climb on the bed too. Ordering 1 back to my feet I shrove 2 flat on the bed and lie on him, pounding his hole hard. I find lads love having the weight of a man on them as they are fucked. It feels great to be in his hole and having my feet licked. A full service.

Spinning him around I fuck him for a while with his legs in the air. As regular readers will know, I love seeing white socks wave in the air as I pound arse.

Deciding it is time for a break I sit back on the bed as 1 worships feet and 2 thanks my cock for a great fucking. I enjoy the last of my beer.

1 notices the emptying bottle and offers to get a new bottle. Upon his return, they both go through the usual bottle-on-balls chill test. They both confirm the bottle is the right temperature for drinking.

Once I’m happy with my beer I order 1 to kneel at the edge of the bed with his arse pushed up. He seems less bothered about being fucked, but while I have two willing arses it seems only right to give them both a pounding. In no time my cock slides into him and with my bottle resting on his arse I do what comes naturally to me. As I fuck him 2 is at my feet sniffing and licking away. Truly I have this couple looking after my needs.

With both the subs well fucked I lie down on their bed and drink some more beer. 1 knees next to the bed and ask permission to remove my final sock. Once the sock is removed he takes his pleasure from my sweaty foot. 2 sucks my cock with his arse pointing towards me so my finger slides into his mancunt and I explore him as he pleasures me. Occasionally I flick his balls and smile as he jumps around. As I catch my breath and enjoy their beer, their mouths explore my body. Neither of them touches their privates as they are all about my pleasure. I enjoy the calm after the fucks.

2 turns around and asks if he can have a rest. I raise an arm and he cuddles into me. In no time I notice his face has moved into my armpit and he gently inhales my scent. 1 is too busy licking my feet to look around. After a few minutes, 2 asks his boyfriend to pass a sock up and his cuddles next to me sniffing my sock. It feels good to have 2 getting off on my smell, as he showed little interest in the pre-meet talk.

1 realises he is missing out and crawls up to my other side. I put the beer down and let the new arrival slide under my arm. He has brought a sock too and they both inhale my scent as they play with my cock.

My cock continues to get attention. It is cover with lube and spit, after so much action I’m brought to the edge of my organism. My hands rest on the two lads arses and it feels good to be king of their bedroom. They both stare at my cock as it shoots out my cum over my chest and their hands. They play with my cum as they reach over and kiss each other.

As we climb off the bed I tell them I’m going to clean up and 1 asks if I need a piss. When I reply probably they ask if they can experience watersports. In no time they are sat on the bath kissing and wanking. Sadly it is too soon for me to piss. I hit 2 with a brief stream of hot piss but not long enough to soak them both. It is horny to watch them sit in the tum enjoying what piss I manage to give them.

As they clean up I pull my work clothes on and finish the beer. I leave the sub couple to tidy up and discuss how they enjoyed the evening. The next day I get the Recon messages about how they enjoyed themselves and, of course, I enjoyed double the fun too


5 thoughts on “A Couple of Subs

  1. Hi sir,

    We are two subs who have hired a dungeon on Friday in London and are looking for a master to come and take control of us both. I am usually top and the other is a bottom, and usually dominates me, but we both would love a real master to take control of us and use us all day long for your own pleasure sir.


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