Blow&go … with WS


There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as having a guy pop over to suck you off. Whether it’s a relaxed session or rough, nothing pleases a man quite like oral.

I love looking down and seeing a submissive with my cock in his gob. Him looking up to make sure he’s doing it right. That’s special attention only a tongue can really give to your cock as it slides up and down your shaft, or licks around your cockhead. Of course, the whole thing finishes with you pumping your cum into the guy’s mouth. Having a great orgasm and knowing your boi is sucking up your seed as a well-earned treat.

I have a lad who lives nearby but works late. He’s another top who doesn’t mind bending his knee to pleasure my cock; only oral, though. He turns up dressed very smartly and strips down to his black socks. Before we met he said he had no issue with keeping his socks in for me. Unfortunately, he hasn’t agreed to wear my collar, yet.

He’s a good-looking lad with dark hair; fitting his Mediterranean heritage. He also has a great arse that a tease him about. During our sessions, he is happy to take some verbal and a light slap to his face. He has also started responding very well to a hand holding his throat.

As with all good cocksuckers, he loves positioning himself to suck and see his Master’s face. We have met quite a few times and he is clearly getting more comfortable with me dominating him.

The other week, out of the blue, he asked if I had ever pissed on a guy. Of course, this brought a smile to my face. No lad asks this question unless he is seriously thinking about watersports. I confirmed I’d piss on and in lads. He asked for details and I listed a few examples: Making a boi drink my piss in a pub, going to a Sub’s house to find him waiting in the bath, a pup drinking my piss without spilling a drop and piss fucking a cunt.

He said the stories had made him hard and he was desperate to be drenched in a man’s piss. Not ready yet to open his mouth he was clearly keen to get a soaking.

The next time he arrived in his smart uniform he stripped as usual and we rolled around on the bed. He can take a light spanking and is getting used to me lying on top of him whilst my cock slides between his legs. He is accepting me pulling his head back by his hair so I can spit and fuck his mouth.

After a horny session, I finally shot my load in his gob and never saw a drop of my seed. The boi is an excellent cock sucker.

I pulled him up from the bed and pushed him to the bathroom where he climbed into the empty tub. He was still wearing his socks. He has brought spare as he knows I find him horny in socks and he wanted to please me.

Part of the issue with watersports is having a full bladder at the right time. I don’t suffer from pee-shy but do need a gap between cumming and pissing.

The boi waits on his knees and played with his cock.

I watched his eyes light up as the piss bursts from my cock and hits him in the chest. His chest hair is soon soaked in the warm liquid and the strokes to his willy increase. I moved the stream up to his shoulders and the piss ran down his back and front. It is his first time and it was obvious it won’t be his last. He clearly loved receiving anything my cock gives him.

Moving downwards I hit his pubes and then pissed on his cock and balls; marking him as my property. Moving the contact point lower I soak his socks and the boi started to groan as his reached the point of no return. As my piss waned his cum hit the side of the bath.

I smiled to myself. Knowing my cum was inside him and he was covered in my piss, but his cum is totally ignored. Just how it should be.

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