The Nervous Sub

I’ve mentioned in a few posts before that subs often message about their nerves pre-meeting. I, of course, point out that it is perfectly normal for a boi to experience nerves before meeting its Master.

Sometimes it is newbies that feel scared but often it is experienced subs. I see it as a healthy thing and leads me to tailor meetings to the situation. For some subs, it is best to continue as planned but for others, you have to bring them along. At the end of the day, neither side wants an aborted session.

I have experienced aborted sessions before and although it is annoying it is a waste of time being angry. Both of you turned up so there has been no cock teasing. Sometimes we just have to accept that when fantasy becomes reality it doesn’t always work. Be polite and learn from the experience.

Way back in March this year I received this email from a Craigslist Ad:

Hi Sir, 26 year old bi and not out. Told i am good looking and in ok shape. Normal lad but have a very submissive side. Not really done this much before but really want to experience this for the first time.

Since the email, we have tried to meet on a number of occasions but our free time never crossed. Then, finally, over the August bank holiday weekend, we managed to fit in a session. The talk moved from email over to WhatsApp and we agreed on limits. He had clearly done more with men since his first email but had not explored his submissive side. The speed of his replies made it very clear he was keen to rectify that situation.

Soon my phone was buzzing with a message that he was stood outside the door waiting.

I opened the door to find the lad dressed in black apart from his white baseball cap; I guide him into the hallway. He had a look of French about him but his accent made it clear he was British. He was slim built and had stubble on his face. He clearly liked that I stood over him and he barely made eye contact. His nerves were clear but a stronger feeling of wanting this to happen overpower those nerves.

I grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled his ear to me.

“So, you finally turned up. You better be ready to serve, boi.”

“I am, Sir.”

The boi had already said he had read this blog and it was good to see him addressing me correctly from the start. As he spoke I pulled off his shirt and ordered his trainers and running bottoms off. There was a scattering of hair on his chest. He was wearing black, tight boxer shorts. I gave his arse a slap and he groaned. Spanking was something he had mentioned in our email conversation. I pulled the underwear down and he stood against the wall with his legs spread and his boxers spread between his ankles. I slapped his arse again and this time the satisfactory sound of skin on skin echoed down the hallway.

He followed the order to kick off the underwear and I collared him. I know some Doms like to unwrap their treats slowly but I believe in getting a boi stripped to collar and socks as quickly as possible; it sets the right tone. A sub should be on display and dressed to impress its Master. I have allowed subs to keep jockstraps on before, in general there nothing better for me than collar and socks.

The boi remained nervous but showed no signs backing out. If anything he was pushing his arse out in an attempt to show off. I moved up behind and he welcomed my closeness. I reached between his legs and grabbed his balls. Telling him I had him in hand and he was mine to use. The boi continued to address with respect.

I moved my hand and pulled his head back. With his mouth open, I spat inside and the boi accepted without question.

I pushed him to his knees and rubbed his face in my crotch but it was too early to allow the boi that treat. I pushed him further down to my black and white Nikes and ordered them licked. As the boi worshipped my footwear his arse pushed upwards and I give him a spanking. Even in the dimly lighted hallway, the skin colour change was obvious.

I slipped a hand under the collar and moved the sub to the sofa. Once sat on the sofa I kept both feet on the floor and the boi continued to lick and kiss my Nikes.

I moved a foot to rest on my knee and ordered the boi up. With the Nike pulled off I pushed the sub’s face inside and ordered deep breaths. It followed the order to get off on my scent. I allowed the sub to continue wanking. Sometimes I forbid this activity as a sub should not be getting off via its willy. I allowed this one to continue as the activity was clearly calming itself.

Putting the Nike down I ordered the boi to my sock. My sock was a grimy white sock, sweaty from multiple gym visits. This was the first time I’d seen his face since his arrival. I was surprised by how content he looked. Some subs don’t settle until well into a session but that one looked so pleased to be at its Man’s feet.

“You like down there, eh? You have been thinking of being my sub for so long and finally, you’re here. You’re a brave little sub coming here and giving yourself up. You should enjoy this, boi. You have done well to get this far so take all the pleasure you can.”

The boi smiled as he pushed his face onto my sock. It was a surprise to see a boi so happy in a first session. He clearly needed this badly. I allowed him to take his time and get full sensory pleasure.

After some time had passed stood up and removed my jogging bottoms. I held the boi’s head to stop him getting close to me.

“It’s time to sniff my dirty jockstrap, boi. You are going to leave here addicted to my scent. Is that what you want? Beg!”

I made the boi admit how badly he wanted to sniff my dirty jockstrap. Made him tell me he had never done it before but was desperate to get my scent in him.

I slapped his face and gave permission. Within seconds he was against the previously white material and I could feel he had created an airflow as he sucked in my scent. His groan of satisfaction echoed in my living-room and I rubbed his head as he took his pleasure. He hands gently explored my legs and the straps across my arse. He boi lapped up the scent of man.

The longer this boi spent with me the more his nerves flew away.

I removed the jockstrap and made the cock sucker beg to finally taste my manhood. Of course, as it begged I cock slapped his face. After the cunt had humiliated itself enough begging to suck me I gave the dog the bone.

I’m a great believer in allowing a fag plenty of time sucking so a sat back down and let the boi have its pleasure. This sub loved looking up and ensuring it was giving its Master good head.

When enough time had passed I stood up and pulled the sub up at the same time. Going behind the sub I slipped my spit covered cock between his legs. The sub had said he hadn’t been fucked much but as he felt my cock there he knew what he was for.

Holding the collar I moved the session to the bedroom.

Once pushed onto the bed he ended up on his back. The boi looked good in collar and black socks. His chest had a covering of dark brown hair. I climbed on the bed and he instinctively wrapped his legs around me; my hardon pushed against his hole. I leaned over him and continued the verbal; giving the side of his face a slap. As I held his mouth open a spat inside. The boi thanked me. With my face so close to me we ended up in a deep kiss; the boi clearly loved having a man on top of him.

I climbed off him and and laid back. With a point to my cock, the boi was back to cock sucking. He continued to strain his neck to suck and see his Master.

I grabbed the collar and pulled him up to my sweaty armpits.

“Take in that scent, boi. I want it to get you hot. Rub your face in there. Stick your tongue out and learn my taste.”

This boi was loving verbal and his whole attitude eluded the fact he was in sub heaven.

I ordered the boi to spin around and show me his boicunt. In no time his head was down and his hole was on display. This boi had told me he wasn’t used to anal but did not want to put it as a limit. He wanted me to use him how I wanted too.

Ith his arse back on display, I gave him a few spanks to redden his cheeks. With lubed fingers a slid a digit in and realised this boi was really tight. My cock is about girth so really tight holes are a problem. I spend time opening him up and all I can hear are his groans.

When he seemed used to two fingers I rubbered up and slid in. His hole immediately closed back up and it was soon clear I wasn’t going to get in with damaging. I pulled off the condom and as the boi apologised I started to pump his throat. He took a good skull fucking.

After a while, I pulled the boi around and turned to his boicunt while he wasn’t worried about opening up. I slid through his tight ring and the sub pushed his head into the mattress as I sped up my thrusts. Sometimes a boi just has to stop worrying to open up. As I pounded him I grabbed hold of the collar and continued with his head pulled back.

His tight ring clung to my cock and it looked amazing to see myself sliding in and out of him. He had given up with his worthless willy and knew he was there to be fucked. By then he was taking my full cock and I was getting off on his arse. Soon I was spunking and the release my amazing.

Once I was out of him I ordered him onto his back and gave permission for him to cum. It didn’t take long till white cum streams were flowing over his chest. I looked at my boi and saw his submissive attitude in his eyes and smile. However many nerves this sub had arrived with he had he had left them with his clothes at the front door. 

7 thoughts on “The Nervous Sub

  1. Another beautiful blog Sir. The boi knowing exactly what he is there for, and being given the pleasure of your scent and you cock, Sir.


  2. Hi Sir, moving to London in a few weeks. Would love to make contact and serve you. Hope to hear from you. I’m a 23 year old dancer, told I’m good looking and would love to find a hot Master to serve and train me.

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