Honey: I Crashed The Drone


A Microphilia Journey – Book 2

They say the world is getting smaller, but for three students it just got a whole lot bigger. After the adventures in ‘Honey: I Shrunk The Gay’, the only thing on minds of our small friends is getting home. That just got a lot more complicated, though.

hictd-smJames Burton has been working with Professor Honey on technology that will shrink humans. He has been joined in his shrunken state by his friends Sarah and Andrew. As if being small and naked is not enough, James and Andrew have been struggling with their feelings for each other

Join our little adventurers as they discover just how dangerous a small British woodland can be when you are tiny.

This is the second part of A Microphilia Journey and is a novelette of around 22,000 words

Now available on the Amazon Kindle, just click on a link below. You can also read a free preview of the ebook by clicking here.


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