Can I Call You Daddy?

Maybe this is something that hits you at a certain age, as I don’t remember there being a big thing for calling older guys Daddy when I was younger. Now, though, we have 28 years olds calling themselves Daddy For Younger. I know amongst my friends there is horror at the idea of being called Daddy in the middle of a session. Having said that, no one minds using the phrase DILF – Dad I’d Like to Fuck.

I guess using the word Daddy for most people narrows the mind onto one person; their father. It’s the idea of thinking of a parent during sex that makes them turn away from the word. As well as this they worry that the guy using it has some issues from their childhood that they haven’t worked out. Like the old phrase goes: They fuck you up your mum and dad.

Lads who are using it have disassociated the word from their father, though, and use it as a word of authority. Like saying ‘Who’s the Daddy now?’, they see it meaning who is in charge. The first time I ever remember hearing the word used in a sexual context was during the BBC’s House of Cards. The young reporter having an affair with the Chief Whip wanted to call her man Daddy.

Calling someone Sir or Boss does involve that person having some authority over you. Like it or not, your boss can tell you what to do. Your Daddy only has authority over you because you allow it. We have all heard the phrase While You’re Living Under My Roof You’ll Follow My Rules, this shows you giving in to Daddy authority for the benefits you get back.

Even Buzzfeed have jumped onto to Daddy wagon with a quiz about how Daddy are you! I ended up with 76%

There have been a few lads who have asked if they can call me Daddy and sometimes I let them; if I really want to get them in bed. Usually, they aren’t that kinky but like a strong presence in the bedroom. I’ll happily play that card and try to get them inquisitive about kinky. Usually, me agreeing to Daddy means I’m in a position to ask for something in return.

One sexy Spanish lad messaged me on Grindr asking if he could call me Daddy and if I’d rim him. The lad was too cute to turn away and lived just up the road. In return, he agreed to wear white socks and my collar. It seemed like an ideal session to me!

When he turned up he looked as hot as his photos and came across as a shy, sexy twink. We went straight through to the bedroom and began to kiss against the wall. He was clearly not going to be the first to use the word so I said it first.

“You going to be good for Daddy?”

The word seemed to bring him alive and he immediately got more involved.  The kissing was more intense and he kept using his favourite word. As we kissed a slowly peeled off his clothing and soon he was in just his fully pulled up white socks.

I pushed him down and in down time he had my hardon out and was licking it. I picked my collar up from the bed and the boi looked up the see what was going on.

“If you want Daddy dick you have to wear your collar.”

The boi reposition his head to make collaring easier. Once it was on my cock vanished inside his mouth. I held the collar and allowed the boi the time he needed with my cock. As he worked I gave him plenty of verbal. He was clearly loving it.

I ordered him onto the bed and he got on and looked back as he positioned himself on all fours; his sexy, bubble butt facing me.  The boi knew how to get Daddy excited.

I gave his arse a spanking and told him he was a naughty boy; he agreed.

Placing a pillow under him I got him to lie face down with his arse pushed upwards. I climbed onto the bed and got between his spread legs. With my cock sliding between his arse cheeks I lay on top of him. He turned his head around and we kissed. I can feel him pushing against me; desperate for closeness and my weight upon him.

I moved my lips down and kiss the back of his neck. I slid my tongue down his back and then back up. As I reach his neck again my cock rubs against his hole. He groaned ‘daddy’ into the mattress. Our hands entwined as my tongue slowly slid down his back again. This time I continue into the valley of his arse cheeks and tasted his youthful, sweaty arse. My hands parted his cheeks and I could see him holding onto the bed posts. My tongue reached his hole and I sent waves of pleasure through him as I licked it. I spat on him and continued to lick his tight ring.

With the boi squirming against the bed I slide a wet finger in and then another. The naughty little slut knew how to take things in his hole. I raise a hand and brought it down to his cheek. As the slap faded I told him he had been a bad boy. He said nothing so I kept on spanking him as my fingers explored deeper inside.

He murmured something so I slide my tongue up his back. I headed to his ear.

“What did you say, son.”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

As he spoke my cock reached his wet, opened hole and this time it is pulled inside. The boi grabbed my hand and held it as my shaft slid inside him; stretching him open. He whispered encouragement; desperate to get more daddy dick. After the first thrusts, I began to speed up and the boi encouraged me faster, deeper and harder. My free hand reached back and spanked him as I fucked him. He clearly loved it and begged for more. My hand slide up his back and I held his neck as I pounded his arse. The boi is lost in the moment. Excitement makes him dizzy as he takes the pounding he so desperately wanted; needed.

I have loved using the body presented before me and finally, my enjoyment exploded out of me. I collapsed on top on him and can feel his hand had reached down for his cock. Soon Daddy and son lie together; drenched in post sex sweat.

Whether I find Daddy weird or not, if it gets me great sex I’m open to the idea. In my vote for names to call Doms Daddy is currently third.

3 thoughts on “Can I Call You Daddy?

  1. At last Boss, coming into your own 🙂
    The Philip Larking poem, by the way, goes like this:
    They fuck you up your mum and dad,
    They may not mean to but they do.
    They fill you all the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.

    But they were fucked-up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.

    Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can
    And don’t have any kids yourself.

    Never truer words were written, right? 🙂

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