You Can Leave Your Hat On


Some subs are just dirty. Their happiness comes from sticking their tongue into places most people wouldn’t go near. I remember using one sub who went to rim me and I told him I hadn’t had a chance to wash down there, he replied ‘good’ and buried his face between my arse cheeks for half an hour.

Here is a story about a boi I first met on Hornet and then chatted to Grindr.

The boi arrives dressed in black and I allow him in. This is not his first visit so I tell him he knows what to do. He strips down to black sock, a blue fashion jockstrap and a black baseball cap; the cap he turns around.

I reach over and grab him by the balls and tell him I own him. He replies with a Yes Sir and I push him through to the bedroom. Once there he is encouraged onto his knees and accepts my collar. This boi has a thing for wearing his baseball cap so that allow it and, as everyone knows; a jockstrap keeps a sub’s willy out of the way while giving access to his boicunt.

Holding the boi’s neck I push him down to my feet and enjoy the feeling of his lips on my socks. Standing over a sub while he kisses my sweaty socks is a real power position. As he worships I reach over and slide a wet finger into him; feels nice and tight.

This boi has one big obsession and he is only truly happy while he is doing it. I’m not in a rush, so I pull my cock from my grey joggers and order the boi up. His cock hungry eyes immediately fixate on my manhood but before he swallows it I begin to slap his face with it. Submissively he accepts my cock slapping him about and I enjoy the noise of my hardon hitting him.

I order his mouth open and spit inside, then I make him beg for my cock. After he has humiliated himself enough I drop my cock onto his tongue and it vanishes inside him. I have a stretch as I enjoy the fag sorting me out.

Standing over the kneeling sub I enjoy the view. This is such a natural position and the sub is clearly content to have my cock back inside him.

Pushing him off I climb onto the bed lie in my front. The excited sub knows his favourite time has arrived and jumps onto the bed and between my legs. His warm hands press down on my arse cheeks and I feel his face near my crack. Slowly he pulls my cheeks apart and takes a sniff; like a dog checking out a new friend. His face moves down and I felt his soft beard being rubbed on my sweaty ring. It’s good to know the sub is scenting himself with my musk.

In no time his warm, wet tongue is in my hole and I relax as his lapping sends pleasure throughout my body. Usually, for me, a session involves me doing something but getting rimmed is one of the times I can chill out. This boi is all about rimming and is happy to spend as long as possible connected to my ring. He knows the only thing allowed near my arse is his tongue so I enjoy this treat.

The boi kisses and licks like he has been presented with the best gift in his life; which he probably has. He shows no sign or being bored or getting a sore tongue. I glance over my shoulder and I see his backwards baseball cap moving up and down as the boi feasts. Nothing says I want to treat you well more than licking a man’s ring.

After a long service, I push up onto all fours and the boi moves with the new position. I don’t give him long though and climb off the bed. Grabbing the sub’s collar I pull him off the bed and out of the bedroom. He follows me without question. I take him to the bathroom, push him to his knees and push his head down to rest on the side of my toilet.

Standing over him I hold onto my semi-hardon and spit onto the side of his face. In no time a stream of piss comes out of me and runs by his face. I move the stream closer and his tongue appears and gets to taste another part of me.

The stream is strong and steady and the boi licks at it as the golden liquid passes him. The piss is now close enough to hit the boi’s mouth and it soaks into his beard. His tongue and mouth move as the rest of him remain still; his head resting on the cold, water toilet. The boi is clearly in a happy place as his eyes watch the treat pour by him. The sound of piss landing in the toilet must be loud when your head is down there.

My piss dries up and the final drops hit the side of his face. I order him to his knees and he wipes his face with the back of his hand; like a deep thirst has been quenched. Putting the toilet seat down I take my place on the throne and the boi naturally heads to my hard cock. He must see this as a chance to thank it. As I have not shaken off it is also his job to clean me up. The boi takes to the task with relish; loving serving a man on the toilet. As he serves he intently listens to the verbal I abuse him with.

Pulling him up by the collar I return him to my bed where he positions himself like the dog he is. I rub his smooth arse cheeks and pull them apart to expose his boicunt. The tight ring looks like it needs pounding and I spit on it.

Soon some lube is added and two of my fingers explore his most secret of areas. Though with this slut, it’s probably less of a secret.

With a condom on, my cock head is pushed through the wet ring and I slide inside. The boi buries his head into my bed and groans as my shaft stretches him open. The baseball cap almost covers my collar but I can still look down at my sign of Ownership.

To get to his hole I had to push his jockstrap down but the frame of the straps frame his arse well. I grab the waistband and twist it around my hand, using it to pull him all the way onto my cock.

The hard pounding lasts until I pull out and flip him onto his back. Pushing his legs onto my shoulders, his black socks wave in the air, as I reposition myself. His hole welcomes me back inside and I soon have my stroke back.

Reaching down I hold his mouth open and spit into him. His eyes squint as I pound away at him. It feels good to be back inside an arse.

I pull out and look down at the open hole. It’s always horny to see how a fag’s hole changes after a good fucking. Reaching down I grab my largest butt plug and slide it in. The fag squirms as he adjusts to the latest object inside him.

Leaning back on the bed I pull him to my cock and get my breath back after the fuck. It’s good to have my cock back in his mouth. The way he moves his arse makes it clear he’s enjoying both internal intrusions.

Deciding my time to cum is approaching I order him to kneel at the end of the bed and give my feet a final lick.

Once he has serviced them for a few minutes I climb off the bed and stand over the boi wanking. I hold his head back and make him beg for a facial. As he begs I can see his hand moving the plug in and out of his arse.

Reaching the point of release I spray my seed all over his face and he clearly loves the sensation. My warm cum covers his face and my sperm swim all over my property.

I pull the boi up and tell him to use the bathroom to clean himself up. He walks away with his cap still on.

2 thoughts on “You Can Leave Your Hat On

  1. Love sucking cock with a backwards baseball cap on. Been doing it for years, now just turning my cap back to front gets me hard n salivating

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