Return of the Prodigal Sub


Some subs serve and vanish whilst others stay in contact. One lad, I met around 12 years ago, has stayed in contact and has become a fan of this blog. We met up when we were neighbours and he had a thing for Nikes and bondage. As he is a good looking, willing sub it was good to have him handy. In one session I tied him up naked and headed to the gym. Back then though my knots weren’t so tight so he escaped and sniffed my housemates’ trainers. When I opened the door he appeared fully dressed and said he was done!

Unfortunately, he decided to immigrate over to Australia and our sessions ended. There was a plan to meet while I was over there but our schedules made that impossible.

So it was a nice surprise when he sent a WhatsApp saying he was back visiting his family and would have time to meet up. He is now in a relationship but it was sexless and no Nike worship. I, of course, was perfectly happy to put some spice into his trip.

Taking time out of a visit for a session is always tough, though. Friends and family who haven’t seen us want to fill every moment. This boi made sure his Monday afternoon was blocked booked and there were lots of messages about how much he needed me to use him. He even sent photographs of socks he wanted to wear.


Nearing the time of the meet he began to show signs of nerves: “Feeling nervous”. I was, as caring as ever, and told the fag to hurry up.

Soon I was opening the door and my long lost Nike boi was stood before me. I immediately noticed his shorts and white socks on display. He looked as hot as ever and I knew our session was going to be a horny one. I invited him in and he got as far as the hallway before we started to kiss passionately.

As we kissed I pulled off his clothing until he was just in his white trainer socks. He pushed against my body, clearly desperate for physical attention. Pulling my face back I spat into his open mouth. We kissed and rubbed the spit around his gob.

Putting my right hand around his throat I held him high against the wall. His hardon giving away how much the boi loved it. I rain down verbal on the cunt about travelling around the world just to lick my Nikes. He lapped up in the insults.

Once I’ve pushed him to his knees I ask if he wants to continue and wear my collar. Of course, he begs to continue. With the collar on I drag him to his feet and push him in front of me as we walked to the bedroom.

When we arrived in the bedroom he groans at the sight of all my trainers lined up next to the wardrobe. Shoving him onto the bed I climbed on top of him and give him more verbal. Making him confirm he’s my fag and he has travelled all this way just to serve me. As we did he grinds his naked arse on my hardon through my clothing. Moving his face around I spat in his mouth and like a good sub he swallowed it down.

With him laid on his front, I stand on my bed and put a foot on his back. Lifting my other trainer the boi moaned as he took my full weight. It was good to be stood on the sub with my Nikes pushing down on him.

Stepping off him and the bed I began to spank his white arse. Each time I did the boi knows to thank his Master. In no time his arse reddens. Pulling him up to all fours I moved his face to me and slapped him. The boi takes it without complaint.

“Do you want to sniff my jockstrap?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

This cunt is all about trainers but so far I haven’t let him near mine. It is good to keep a boi waiting sometimes. He is another submissive that has fallen into a sexless, vanilla relationship. The poor cunt was clearly remembering the touch of a dominant man and realised how much it missed being a fag.

I pushed my grey jogging shorts into his face and feel his mouth trying to get a hold of my cock. The noise of him breathing in filled the room as he desperately tried to drag the jock’s scent through the thick material. Quietly I hear him beg to be allowed access. I had allowed him some poppers but this one rejoices in the manly smell. Pushing my shorts down he rubbed his face into the grimy looking jock and takes in his first smell of a man for a long time.

The boi groaned and pulled the scent off my jockstrap and into his body. Moving his face to the side I feel his tongue push its way inside. The fag is lucky to smell and taste me at the same time.

I made him beg to have access to my cock and tell me what a slut he is. It is good to have a boi use words to accept his position. I fished my manhood out of the side of the jock and it vanished instantly inside the boi’s mouth. I love having my cock sucked and his warm, wet hole feels great. He services me for a long time. It is clear he has not had cock in a long time.

I throw the boi onto his back and put his feet on my shoulders. My wet cock slides around his hole and I spit into his mouth. Holding his arms down I kissed him and felt his whole body straining for more. Pulling away I let go of one arm and slap his across the face. Immediately his face changes to one of anger and I’m not impressed with his bad attitude.
I hold him by his neck and tell him he will not look at me with such disrespect again. He apologises. I slap him; he tries to control his face. I slap him; he thanks me. I slap him; he accepts it.

Foot Time

20161008_144142000_iosAs I mentioned this boi was all about the Nikes and I decide it is time to put him to use. He had asked me to wear my black and white Nikes and as he was on holiday I had granted him his wish. This boi was probably the first I met who was happy to clean trainers all over, if anything, he seemed to prefer the soles.

Ordering him off the bed I made him kneel at the foot of my bed and then I laid down. He can barely remove his eyes from the Nikes. He knows he has waited so long to be attached to them. He has travelled so far to serve at my feet. Finally, I give him the go ahead and he headed to the toes of the trainers and tries to swallow them whole.

With my hands behind my head, I gave the cunt the time he needed with my Nikes. Methodically he moves over the entirety of my trainers. Some lads see trainers as an interlude but not this boi. His entire sexual pleasure is based on them. The poor thing has not had a session like this for so long it would not be right to rush this part. After a while, I turn on my front and the new position excites the cunt. I can feel the pressure of his worship on my feet through the Nikes.

I called the boi up and he needs no further instruction. Once on the bed, he crawled up and I felt him brush against my legs as he moves onwards. His hands slowly pulled my arse cheeks apart and then his face is buried in my musky scented crack. I can feel him rubbing his face and scenting himself. In no time his tongue is out and exploring my ring. It feels fabulous to have him service me and I groaned as he worked hard.

I’d happily leave a boi rimming me for hours but we were on a time limit so I got up onto my knees and pulled the boi into my armpit. As his mouth worked his body clings to me; happy to be back with his Master. With clean pits, I let the boi back on my cock for a while. His attention switches when he received the order to take off my Nike. The trainer is respectfully removed and clamped over his face. His desire is to stop any of the warm, scented air getting away from him. With the air extracted he is pushed down and sniffs my smelly, white gym socks.

Of course, the advantage of foot worship is twice the fun. I smile as he is visibly over the moon to be back where he belongs.

Bondage Time.

Positioning the boi in the centre of the bed I place cuffs on his wrists and ankles. They allow me to quickly rope him up in a spread eagle pose. He also accepted the ball-gag into his mouth. I stood over him as he laid helpless, face up, before me. Retrieving my jock from the floor I unravel it and placed it over his face. Jocks are perfectly designed to engulf a boi’s face and give him maximum exposure to my stink. His chest went up and down as he sucked in the smell.

The boi has been following my blog so it cannot be a surprise to him when cold metal pins begin to roll over his skin. Nothing really prepares you for sensation of the pin wheel. It feels like you are being pricked all over but no damage is being done. I laughed as he squirmed beneath me.
Leaving him bound and with my jockstrap, I walked away and ignored him for a while.
When I returned I was carrying two ice cubes. I’m sure he had tried to escape in my absence but this time, he has not managed to escape. I held the ice to his nipple and he jumps; in the surprise of the ice and my return. As he continues to struggle I rub both his nipples.

I moved one of the cubes to his cock and ran it up and down his hardon. I remember this boi always had a hardon. As I do that I bent down and bring his cold nipple into my mouth. I know the cold of the ice followed by the warmth of my mouth would be driving him crazy. He also has to deal with the cock and ball ice torture.

During this time I have not spoken and now I stand back to look at my toy. I throw what is left of the ice in my bathroom sink. Picking up a Nike a place the Boi’s cock in it and cup his balls in there too. He desperately dry-humps the trainer until I let go. Even then he kept trying but it does not work without me holding me. I started to pick up my trainers and cover the boi in them. Soon he vanished under a pile of my footwear. Once I am done I walk away again.

I know the boi will love being under all those trainers; his ultimate dream. Though I know he would prefer to have his hands free so he could be giving each trainer individual loving! Still, boi’s don’t always get what they want.

I looked at the time and realise it is almost time for him to return to his normal holiday. Returning to the bedroom I moved the trainers around and take away the jockstrap. I sat astride the boi and started to wank in his face. Below me, his body squirmed and I decided to be kind to him. This was his holiday after all. I undo one of the wrist cuffs and give him permission to wank. In no time I am spunking my load over his face and the ball-gag; he soon follows. I even allow the boi to shower and we have a catch up on life.

It is always good to meet up with a sub again and this boi clearly loved being back where it belongs.

2 thoughts on “Return of the Prodigal Sub

  1. I wish you came to Cancun again to use me like this lad. I’ve been reading your stories since then, you got me very hooked Sir.


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