Euro 2016 BJ


I was enjoying Euro 2016 in France, well, until England dropped out with a shameful performance. Though at the moment we are getting used to Britain dropping out of Europe in shame!

I was watching the England games in the pub with mates but have seen other games at home. Poland was beating Portugal when I got a text from a regular cocksucker. He was wondering if I was up for a Suck&go. I told him I was if he was OK with me watching the footy and having a beer while he worked. He, of course, said he was on his way.

This was the third time to boi had served me so he knew what to expect. I didn’t bother stripping him to socks and collaring him; tonight it was about getting him on his knees. By the time the boi arrived the two teams were drawing. I lead the sub into the living and I stood in front of my sofa. He dropped to his knees and rubs his head on my groin. He is cock hungry and pulls my shorts down. My hardening cock springs out and hits him in the face. It does not have time to bounce off as the cocksucker gets it in his mouth quickly. I sit down, grab my beer and get back to the game.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used a sub as I watch the footy. They seem so happy to be on their knees with my cock as I enjoy the game and a beer. Sometimes I look down and find them looking up at me. I wonder if they are disappointed they don’t have my full attention, before I spend too long thinking about it I get back to the game. He should think himself lucky to have my cock in his gob.

This sucker isn’t just about cock and loves licking balls too. Every now and then he vanishes below my balls and I feel his tongue licking my sweaty ring. Surely this is how every man would love to watch footy?

The boi looks up and I give him a slap; it gets back to my cock.

As I take enough gob full of beer the boi moves up with his mouth open. I spit in his mouth and he gets back to my cock and balls. Soon he is taking enough slap to the side of his face; it doesn’t put him off his purpose. After the slap I lift a leg up and the boi automatically heads back down to my ring to give it a lick.

Pushing the boi away I sit up and give his arse a smack. My hand then slides into his clothing and I give his boicunt a fingering. The boi clearly loves having my attention for a moment. I grab his head and move it up and down on my cock. The boi does nothing but lets me use his mouth as my toy to fuck. I push him all the way down and enjoy the feeling as he tries to get air into his lungs. When I do let go he gets back to sucking and I get back to the football. It’s not the best game but the boi is making it more enjoyable.

The sub keep working and after a while I feel my cum is going to explode out of me.

“You ready to eat your treat boi?”

In answer the boi moves his head faster and I take some beer ready to enjoy my orgasm.

When it arrives it feels great and I don’t see any spunk. The boi is a good cocksucker and swallows it all down. He then licks around my cock and tidies up.

As the boi leaves he reveals that he is from Portugal! I think he should be watching his own team but I’m glad he decided the view of my pubes was a better option.

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