From New Mexico To New Tricks


I have mentioned before that the advantage of London is the world visits here. So even without leaving the greatest city in the world I get to use subs from around the world. One sub visiting from New Mexico sent me this email:

speech66Hello sir, I’ve been reading your blog. I’ve been used once previously but I want to be used like one of the bois in your blog. I’ve never been gagged before and I would like to be. I’ve always wanted to try piss play because it turns me on but the one time I did try it I got nervous and backed out. Ideally I would love to be tied up for your pleasure. I don’t want to say that I don’t have limits but I would want you to test them and see how far I could go.


The 21-year-old even sent along his face photos straight away and his Whatapps number; a sure sign of keenest to serve. As he was on a tour of Europe his time was limited but he offered me an early weekday morning. Luckily I was available.

Talking on Whatsapp I found out the sub was very keen but inexperienced. He had served one man before but had got nervous halfway through. So the boi was certainly a flight risk. I tempted him in with talk of this being a holiday treat and how he would love to know men from around the world were wanking off to his abuse as they read my blog. As a fan of this blog I knew he would love to appear in it.

Early that morning I got a message from him saying he was nervous. I told him he was bound to be nervous and he should stop thinking and get on the tube. He did as he was instructed and in no time he informed me he was walking to mine. I had agreed to meet him in the street so he could see if he felt comfortable with me. When we met I saw a typical American tourist: shorts, pulled up white socks and backwards baseball cap. He looked like the ideal sub for me to use and abuse.

We exchanged a few words and in no time we were stood together in my hallway. I ran my hands over his shirt and slowly unbutton it. The boi said nothing and let me explore him. With his shirt thrown to the floor, I rubbed my hands over his smooth chest and inspected my new toy. Turning him around I undid his shorts and ordered them, and his trainers, off. Pulling off his trainers he revealed his clean, white socks. My hands slipped into the back of his underwear and a pulled his cheeks apart. He made a low groan; acknowledging his boicunt was available for use.

With his underwear kicked to the side I led him into the living room and made him stand in the middle of the room for inspection. Within less than two minutes of meeting him, I had the sub stripped to his socks and baseball cap and had hardly said a word. It always gets me horny that a slut offers up his body so quickly.

Walking around him I let my hands roam over his tanned skin. He was hairless below the neck apart from a small amount of pubes above his hard cock. I gave his big balls a squeeze and he naturally squirmed but made no protest. This boi was clearly accepting its position.

“When did you last suck cock?”

“A month ago in Italy.”

He got the standard slap. For a reader of my blog, I’m surprised he doesn’t remember to call me Sir. He groans with the impact and I know I have a noisy fag on my hands.

“Address me as Sir, cunt.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir.”

I gave him another slap and ordered him to thank me; he complies. Pulling his hair back his mouth opened and I spat inside him.

“Swallow it.”

I gave his arse a few slaps and it began to redden; he groaned again. Pushing him to his knees I showed him my collar.

“Last chance to leave cunt. If you wear my collar you’re mine to abuse.”

There was no hesitation in his response and he begged for the collar to be put on him. With the boi collared I pushed his face into my groin and rubbed him, through my clothing, on my hard-on. His cap fell off and I threw it with the rest of his discarded clothing near the front door. A sub has no need for clothing in my flat.

Sitting down on my sofa I grabbed the collar and pulled his head down to my black and white Nikes; he’s ordered to lick. The sub has not worshipped at a man’s feet before but he knew he would have to. Nothing says Owned more than licking footwear, socks and bare feet. Moving my foot to rest on my other knee the boi followed it and continued to clean. Moving my foot’s position the boi was faced by the sole of my trainer; he licked it.

Placing the collar on the boi has sent a clear message to him and he has definitely become more submissive. I knew as a newbie though he might change his mind at any moment. Interestingly the sub was still rock hard and had not touched himself; always a good sign of a submissive.

20160614_084432168_iOSI pulled the Nike off and held the opening over his face. At first, I felt him fight back a little so I held tight to the collar and pushed his face deeper into my Nike. Moving my mouth to his ear I spoke slowly and quietly to him.

“Boi you are here to learn my scent. To get off on manly things. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Accept my smell into you. It’s why you’re here.”

I felt the fighting stop and the boi relaxed into my Nike. His hands came up and replaced mine; holding the scented trainer over his face. I took him through a similar thing with the other Nike and he showed he had already started to learn. It’s a pity this sub wasn’t around longer as I could see he would love to be trained properly.

With both Nikes cleaned I slap the boi’s face and he thanks me. Standing up I grabbed the collar and pulled him to his feet. He was realising the collar wasn’t just about looks; it has a practical use. Moving behind him I redden his arse more and spoke verbal abuse in his ear. He stood moaning with his cock hard before him; still ignored. I held the collar and pushed him through to my bedroom.

Once there I shoved him down onto my bed. He lay face down and I spread his legs before climbing on top of him. He clearly loved the feeling of a man pressing down on top of him. I pulled his hair and positioned his ear near my mouth. He rubbed his arse on my hard-on as I spoke abuse into his ear.


I climbed off him and the bed to remove my trackie bottoms. I ordered him to go on all fours. His arse looked great and the white socks are so horny. Moving in front of the sub I asked him if he wanted to smell my jock. His eyes stared at the dirty jockstrap in front of him and he began to beg to sniff if. Pulling his face to my groin the boi is engulfed in the smell of his man: sweat, piss and spunk. I saw his body expand and contract as he took deeps breaths. It’s always good to see a fag get off on my stink. Pulling the jock to the side my balls fell out and I allowed the boi lick them; it is the first time he has tasted my skin.

“You want what’s inside there boi?”

“Yes please, Sir.”

Stepping away from the bed I pulled the jockstrap off and left it at the bottom of the bed; knowing I’d need it later. The fag hungrily looked at my cock. Verbally I teased him and made him beg for it. Holding onto to his thick black hair I stepped closer and cock-slap his cute face. As I did I laughed about him being beaten up by a cock.

Ordering him to stick his tongue out I told him to say please but he put his tongue back in to speak. I slapped him and told him to say please with his tongue out. When he does he sounds so stupid and I ordered him to speak louder. His tongue got a few cock-slaps before I finally let him suck on my cock. The boi took to the task with delight. I stood over him and he tried to make eye contact like a good cocksucker should.

Soon I climbed onto the bed and lay back. The boi moved onto all fours and got between my legs so he could continue to suck away. It was good to finally get my cock worshipped and I watched with my hands behind my head. The boi cannot be distracted and clearly loved sucking my cock.

I ordered him up and he waited for his next instruction. With a movement of my eyes, I sent him into my sweaty armpit. In no time he was rubbing his face and licking; covering himself and tasting my scent. The cold metal rings from the collar sometime touched my chest and it was good to have a reminder of my ownership.

In Part Two of this session read about me tying the sub up and playing with his helpless body. Finally, read about be entering his boicunt … click here

4 thoughts on “From New Mexico To New Tricks

  1. I can’t wait to read the next part! I am so hooked on your blog, and each post feels so much more intense than the last!


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