Black Sock Uprising

Black Sock Uprising eBook

Alan Brownman MP has no desire to have a slave; it is the 21st century after all. Freddy Pion, a Black Sock, is desperate to serve the MP and will do anything to bend the knee to his man. What does he have to do to be accepted though?

Black Sock Uprising eBookBy 2030 the world is full. The human population has increased in such numbers Earth can no longer support us. Tough decisions have to be made and British Prime Minister proposes a desperate measure for a desperate time. The Program judges everyone on IQ and then decides if they can have babies or not. What surprises people is the neutered men become so submissive. Two levels of neutered are created: the lower IQs dressed in a white uniform and the slightly higher IQs wear black. Each new wave seems to get more submissive and more desperate to serve those of a higher intelligence.

A decade after the Program started read as Alan and Freddy work out how to interact. We are also introduced to the Black Sock Rebels and their plans for equal rights. A key member of the rebels is the infamous drag artist Chastity Rattlebag. This neutered man loves nothing more than getting on stage and attacking the government; well, maybe she loves her wigs a little more. Read this adult tale of strippers, guns, drugs, violence, sex and slavery.

This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 20,000 words. For adult readers only.

The first time I tried to publish this book it got banned. Apparently the cover on ebook cannot have guns on. I’ll let you decide which cover you prefer:


The book got banned again in 2019 by Amazon. With so much controversy, how can you not want to read this book?

For a third time the book has been banned so I’m giving it away for free. So here is the PDF version for free: BSU. If you spot what it is upsetting the prunes at amazon kindle please let me know!



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