San Francisco 

San Francisco

And So I went to visit San Francisco. Certainly a famous place within the gay world. Whether it’s Pride, Havery Milk or Folsom Street.

Being with straight people probably didn’t help but I really didn’t like the city. Maybe it’s something you have to get used to but there is a huge numbers of homeless people on the street; it is a real shock.

There are also plenty of things to like though. Amazing architecture, the bridges, the cable cars and the food. Some readers would no doubt love an overnighter on Alcatraz Island! I did get to visit a few gay bars and had a wander around the Castro. It is good to see a vibrant gay centre as London’s seems to be dying, or being killed by developers. There was more of a mixed scene here. Leather cladded men stood and chatting with guys in jeans and tee-shirts; a sight rarely seen in London unless a special event is on.

Recon seems to have barely reached the city and Grindr still rules. Being with people made it difficult to arrange meets so I had a Suck&Go off a 22 year old lad. He said he wanted to stay dressed and just suck. This worked for me but I did slide a hand down the back of his pants as he worked. After he was fed he milked my cock for all the British cum he could get down his throat.

With my friends meeting others I got a night to myself and had been chatting to someone called I ❤️ Giving Head. With a profile title like that I assumed another Suck&Go was on offered. This lad seemed upset at the idea though and assured me he enjoyed taking his time and fully exploring me with his tongue. After he confirmed he would start at my feet I said he could come over on my free night. I told him to wear white socks, he asked why and I explained because I told him to. It’s good to set a standard pre-meet.

The boi arrived and I stripped him to his white socks and underwear; superman logo. The pants suited him and his body and I could tell this was going to be a different kind of meet. He jumped on the bed, opened two beers and started to chat. It was horny to chat as our hands wandered over each other and we felt the others hidden cock. His arse looked great under the Superman blue underpants.

Soon the beers were put down and we began to kiss and explore each other with our hands. I got him on his back and pulled the pants off; freeing his cock. I gently slapped his face and told him he was my fag.

“Spit in me.”

The boi opened his mouth and I spat.

“Spit slower so I see it coming down into me.”

This time rather than spit I let my saliva drop out of my mouth. A long string of salvia soon connects our mouths and the boi’s eyes shine as he takes my treat onto his tongue.

When we roll over he heads straight down to my feet and gives my socks a sniff. After a day exploring San Francisco they have my scent and the boi groans in delight. I rub my cock through my underwear as he rubs his face on my sock. Reaching up he takes over rubbing my cock but makes no attempt to move from my feet.

After awhile he pulls off one of my socks and greedily begins to lick my bare foot; smelling it too. I sit back, drinking his beer and let the pup have his enjoyment. Soon my other sock is removed and the tongue massage spreads.

“I love your feet.”

“You look sexy down there boi.”

With my feet fully sniffed the boi moves up and sucks my hardon through my underwear. He looks up at me, clearly desperate for cock. The underwear is removed and thrown across the room. Before I settle back down my cock is in his mouth.

“I love your cock.”

“Yeah, get some British beef in you Yank.”

I give his face a gentle slap but he is too busy cocksucking to notice. He has brought some poppers so I unscrew them and hold them to each nostril. The boi speeds up the BJ when poppered up. We roll around for awhile. Him sucking and eating my sweat. Kissing. Plus we chat and drink beer. He said a he doesn’t get much time for sex and can never find the sort of man he likes. As he speaks he slides under me and buries his face into my sweaty pit. This one is all about man smell.

“Thanks for not putting deodorant on Sir.”

It seems a shame that this hot young lad doesn’t get much sex or the sex he really enjoys. So I let him enjoy my scent.

We end up with him on his back and his white socks on my shoulders. My wet cock sliding up and down his arse crack. We kiss. I tug his hair. More poppers go in him. He eats my spit.

“Can we save fucking. I need to suck more.”

I can’t refuse such a generous offer so I lower his legs, get off the bed and go to stand at the bottom of the bed. Once there I position his head at the very end and bend down to face fuck him. The boi happily opens up his throat and takes to the new position. I spit on his cock and he wanks with the saliva lube.

After another beer break the boi asks to go the toilet so I let him. He can’t stop smiling and looks pretty cute padding about in his white socks. When he returns I order his socks off and he removes them looking confused; after all I requested he wear them.

Once they are off I take him back to to the bathroom, walk him into the shower and push him to his knees. In no time a stream of piss begins to soak his hair.

“Have your beer back boi.”

He presents his face and a move the stream down; watching his tongue licking my piss off his face. Going further down I wet hit chest and cock as he happily wanks away. In no time I’m back at his face and once I’m done I shake off. As I leave the bathroom I order the boi to clean up.

When he returns I decide to scent him as mine again so I lie him on his back and sit on his face. As I move my arse up and down his face I feel his tongue come out and rim my sweaty hole. The rimming send ripples of pleasure around my body. It is always great to sit on a sub’s face.

I flip him over and put a cushion under his stomach pushing his arse up for abuse. I give his arse a couple of smacks to redden it up. Pushing his checks apart his tight ring appears to me. I reach down and give him a rimming. As I do the boi groans away; one hand has poppers and the other has my sweaty sock in. I lube up his hole and slide a finger inside in.

Pulling on a condom I replace my finger with my cock and the boi asks me to go slowly. After awhile though his hole accepts me and I speed up and begin to pound his little cute arse.

He arse feels good to be inside and his ring clings tightly to my shaft. The boi loves having a man on top of him and inside him. My cock slides in and out; harder and faster.

Slowing down I tease his hole and watch him take more poppers. It feels great to fuck him after our long session. I fuck harder as I get closer to cumming. I lean forward and play with his ear with my mouth. Coming to edge of spunking.

Then the orgasm explodes out of me and into him. It feels great to release and as I roll off him I see him wanking furiously.

Afterwards we finish we continue with beers and chat.

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