Sydney Explores

I’ve found out a few things about Sydney as my stay has increased. First of all lots of lads are wanting to explore their sub side and are willing to bend the knee to a man. Secondly they are quite shy and don’t like to send photos. In London I would usually think twice about meeting without a photos but I’ve thrown caution to wind a couple of times here and not been disappointed.

The next sub I met found my ad on Craigslist and decided he wanted to explore BDSM. His first email said:
Later emails said: “But I’m keen to explore my curious sub side and attraction to dominant men”. He was not willing to send a face photograph but was young with a great body. As the emails continued he got more excited about letting his inner fag out so I decided it would be rude not to introduce him to his slave-side.

Despite needing a keycard to use the lift the keen sub manages to get to my room; I like a fag that shows initiative. He is another good looking sub. He has sandy hair, thin and clearly exercises. He has even arrived in sports gear. Walking into the room he stands in the middle and looks a little awkward. Of course that’s perfectly normal as a boi needs the man to take the lead. So I grab him by the back of the neck and start to talk down to the cunt.

“So you’ve driven all across town and paid for parking just to get a slapping fag?”

“Yes Sir”

His reply is hesitant but from his shorts I can see his cock is responding quickly. I pull his sports top off and rub my hands over his hairless chest. Lifting my hand I give the boi a slap; he takes it without comment.

I order his trainers off and then pull down his shorts and pants. The thin boi stands before me in black trainer socks. I spit in his face.

“So you want to be a little sub bitch do you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“There to please your man and do as your fucking told.”

“Please Sir.”

Slowly I walk around the sub eyeing up his tight little body. He stands still looking nervous but accepting the inspection. He has said no anal. He has a cute arse so a hold both cheeks in my hands and give a rub. Instinctively the boi leans back into me and puts his head on my shoulder. I move a hand under his chin and whisper abuse in his ear while my finger rubs over his boicunt. Even if I’m not fucking a boi its good to bring his cunt into the session.

Spitting in his mouth I push the fag to his knees and slap his face. Grabbing his head I push it down and order my Nikes licked clean. The boi eagerly sticks his arse in the air and get on with his role.

I cannot resist giving his white arse a slap or two and quickly it begins to redden. Pulling my Nike off I get the lad’s face in there to scent him up.

“Come on fag. You wanted to be treated like a cunt. Enjoy your Master stink.”

Resting my foot on the bed I click my fingers to bring the bitch over. He rubs his cute face in my black, smelly socks.

“Look at me as you do it.”

The boi looks up and we make eye contact as he kisses and licks his first sock. This boi is clearly beginning to love being my fag.

As I’ve not got my collar I use my belt as a collar and leash. The pup looks very sexy in socks&collar. I pull off my shorts and pull him to my underpants with the leash. Being a belt it tightens around his neck; this seems to please the bitch. He rubs his face on my underpants. After awhile I pull his head back so we can see each other.

“You’re my dog on a leash. Bark for me.”

“Sorry Sir?”

“Woof like a dog.”






I tell the boi that was good and give him a rub. He responds to the contact. I pull off my underwear, of course they are AussieBums. 

“Dog want a bone?”

I cock slap the bitch as he begs to suck me off. When I finally let him have his treat he swallows it down and shows me what a good cock sucker it is. He is not distracted when I give him a slap.

“Look at me as you suck boi.”

He cranes his neck so he can look me in the eye as he slides up and down. It is always good to have eye contact as a fag works. I hold his head off me and make him beg for more cock. When he has humiliated himself enough I let him get back to his role.

After a good sucking I use the leash to pull my pup to his knees. I stand behind him and rub my wet cock along his crack.

“Get on the bed and dance like a girl at a stripper bar.”

Slowly he climbs in the bed and starts to do an embarrassed dance. I order his arms above his head and he begins to dance better. He looks hot up there and I turn him around to see his arse. Giving it a slap a then push him to his knees and then lying on his front. I knock his legs apart and then climb on top of him.
I find lads love to feel their man on top of them and this boi is no different. As my cock rubs against his cunt he groans and pushes his head into the bed. I hold down his arms and spit on him. He purrs with happiness.

As my cock slides between his arse cheeks the boi moans away and I speak abuse into his ear. When I decided it is time to come I flip him on his back and kneel above his head, my cock aimed at his face and chest. I rub my balls in his face and let him wank away. His inner fag is now truly released. Bending down I squeeze his nipples with one hand. I laugh as the boi squirms around.

Moving back slightly I feel my cum rushing out so I aim right in his face. My white cum is soon covering his mouth, nose and eyes. He also sprays cum across his stomach and chest.

Giving my seed a moment to stick to the sub’s face I help him up and guide him to the bathroom. He certainly proved himself a good little bitch.

You know a boi has truly accepted his position as your fag when post-meet he sends this text:  

You have slapped the lad’s face and arse. Spat in his gob. Made his lick your Nikes/socks/feet and underpants. Then spunked all over his face. Yet here he is asking if he did alright. If this newbie was in London I soon have him a true sub and always on heat for my abuse. 

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